Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ribbons left untied behind where strangers came in

Maxi patchwork dress:Heritage 1981(F21),swapped with Patty Ann
A.Wang Inspired jacket:online store,Modparade
Accessories:All random/vintage
Christopher Kane for Topshop tote:limited edition
Shades:online store

Bohemian is something I love too.
Its something like 60's hippie style,but slight different.
More patchwork dresses and repetitive patterns.

This is actually the first maxi dress I own.
Don't have one at all in my closet.
Let's not count the one I wore a few days ago for Halloween.
That's too precious to wear out everyday.

The dress I'm wearing its actually one I got from my swap!
I swapped a package with Patty Ann of AlphaBetaChic.
And she sent me in all 3 different items.
A crop top and another maxi dress with I'm in love with.

Thanks so much girl and it fits really well too:)

Here are some blog awards i got,sorry I'm always slow on this.

Kisses to Maria,Lululetty for passing on to my the "Over the Top" award!
I pass this on to Stijlkind.Big hugs to Sher, Beneath the Crystals Stars for the "Lovely Blog" award!
I pass this on to Pretty in Leather.

And lastly,huge thanks and kisses to Starr of A Thought Is The Blossom
for giving me this kreative blogger award!
She has amazing vintage style and I would die to go
on a thrifting trip with her:)
And she's always such a sweet person!

I will tell seven things about myself and then I will pass it on to everyone!

1.I hate lizards!
I don't know why,but I think that their body is like kernel corn.
Not sure why I think this way,but yucky!
And weird thing,I'm not afraid of cockroaches.

2.I have a weakness of any kind of canvas tote bags!
Yeaaa,true! Be it handmade or not,I always want to get one.
Just seeing a canvas tote bag,makes my hand reach out and grab it.
This still continues and I think its a okay habit to keep.

3.I have to sleep in complete darkness.
Not a single light can be turned on. Or else I will take ages to fall asleep.
Or I'll get so irritated that I'll get up,shout for 2 secs and off the light.
Back to sleep.

4. Valencia is my real given name.
I know its a state in Spain,and I would love to visit one day.
Its given to me by my parents and when I asked why,
they actually had no reason why they chose it. Guessed it sounded nice. heee
Anyway,the meaning of my name means 'brave'.

5.I love chocolates but will only eat dark chocolates now.

To me,its healthier and I love that it has more cocoa in it than the rest.
I don't want to eat others which has been mixed with milk etc.
White chocolate is something that stays far away from me.

6.I treasure each thing/item so so dearly.

Even a mechanical pencil that has been with me since 12years old.
I can't bare to throw it away even if it spoils.
Even like a hair clip that is given years back.
The pencil though is still in perfect condition.

7.I have 10 ear piercings!
6 on my left,4 on my right.
I don't wear them all with ear studs though.
Haven't had the time to find for everyone of them.
Won't close any of it :)

Will get to the rest of other awards soon ~


Tink in My Closet said...

I'm so in love with maxi dresses it's not funny! I love the patterns + colour of this one! It looks so cool teamed with the fitted jacket too!

michellehendra said...

lovely edgy


katrina said...

Your jacket is GOD! I love it, leather and jean go quite glamorous..:):)


Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

clothes swap are most fun. i love that blue cropped top and maxi dress, i'd buy them if they're on sale! i just did a post on maxi dresses, incidentally. i was just reproducing much of granny's day out's photo contents, though. can you tell me how much you bought those teal shoes from etsy? they're pure love.

oh and thanks for leaving me dustbunny's contact details, girlie. much appreciated.

kurarin said...

I love canvas totes too, I must have at least ten i think :P

I have to sleep in complete darkness too. Even worse, I can only sleep an hour after I speak to another person.

My classmate in primary school was named Valencia and that was why I first got attracted to your blog haha.

Annachiara said...

My darling!!!! wow...you're very hippies style...love it...love your dress... you're wonderfull!!!! Thanks for your besutifull comment..and your support on my blog!!! You're my treasure :-)

Jacqueline said...

wow, this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! I love the hippie/bohemian look. The dress is gorgeous on you Valencia! xoxo


Original Sin said...

your jacket is heaven!!!!!!!

Love the look!

- yuri

Big Daddy said...

Oh i am still loving that coat, and i love all your accessories! There is so many and they all look so right!

Big Daddy said...

Oh ps i just saw you comment about swapping for the blazer, i am up for swapping. just email me what you want to swap for and such!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I can see Nicole Richie or Mary-Kate Olsen rocking this outfit - it's quintessentially bohemian; which I absolutely adore. You look heavenly! :)

Congratulations on the awards, darling! Well-deserved. I love the fact that you don't like lizards, but are fine with cockroaches. I am the complete opposite - cockroaches creep me out! :)

Sophie said...

love the sunglasses

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

What a lovely maxi dress. I was just thinking it wasn't your only one because of the one you wore the other day, but you quickly nixed that thought. I would be scared to wear it all the time too!

I love hearing the meaning of your name, but I can't believe there was really no reason for picking it. Seems like they would have some little story of how it came about! Sometimes I don't believe the story my parents told me about Starr. I want to believe it was influenced by Ringo Starr from the Beatles, but they tell me that that's not it!

Dark chocolate is my favorite kind!!!

Keith said...

Great photos. You look fantastic. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

Thrush Vintage said...

I love that dress! Really lovely outfit, and I completely adore the pairing of it with those sunglasses.

Sophie said...

Oh I love this dress. It looks so good on you and the colours are gorgeous. Love the keys as well.

Your seven facts were really nice to read, its always nice to know a little more about lovely bloggers like yourself. And congratualtions on all your awards you deserve them!
Oh I also saw you on ...continued, Love the way you styled the T shirt. xo

Leproust Vintage said...

I adore the bohemian feel of this outfit so much!

Thank you for your well wishes! :)

Thank you for adding me to your blog roll; I added you to my blog roll too!

Taylor Sterling said...

fun look!!

rebecca said...

love bohemian. but it has to be done right coz it can sometimes look tacky but you look amazing!
its so cool that you have 10 piercing. i wanna get a few more but im just waiting to finish school coz they dont let it x

Julls said...

love the long dress ! really awesome :D

Melissa~ said...

I love your Boho style, you look like a modern fancy hippie, LOVE IT!!
And is good to know more about you!

Thanks for visit my blog valencia!

Tights Lover said...

You look great...I love the dress.

congrats on the award!

Ilse said...

oh that's so cool! clothes swap lol. looks great on you! haha with the Wang- inspired jacket. congrats with the big bunch of awards you got heeehee

Dylana said...

I love your bohemian maxi dress! I used to live in Valencia here in the valley of Southern California! haha


melly said...

You do maxi dresses so darn well, how tall are you!!

I had this period of time whereby I was crazy in love with Spain and browsed through tons of photos of the main cities. Valencia's so beautiful, you're lucky to have such a name. It rolls off the tongue nicely with your surname!

Eggy said...

ohhh congrats on all your blog awards! well deserved! i love LOVE the maxi dress you're wearing and the stars one.very boho chic, but you mixed it up from looking too much. and don't worry i'm deathly afraid of cats and cannot sleep with any light as well. considering getting more ear piercings....and i love your super unique name!


Maria Confer said...

You looks so boho chic!! Love long dresses.

Congratulations on your awards.

You are the cutest girl!! Love all these fun facts.


Maria said...

Gorgeous look. Love it love it love it!

thesydneygirl said...

it was lovely reading all those things about you - some i knew some i didn't :) like cockroaches - i am so scared of them haha ewwy. and i must sleep in darkness too, most of the time.

you look gorgeous in that dress you swapped with patty ann. so lovely!

and the bag looks awesome.
big hugs to you! love you lots!
chat soon <3

Style Bird said...

I love your dress!

Maggie said...

10 ear piercings??? That is hella crazy! hahaha
I want another set of piercings too! I only have four and that is two on each year! :D

I absolutely loved your dress!!! You look fab! :D

Neno said...

i love your dress..
is the jacket combination between leather and jeans?
woooww,,uber cool :D

daisymay said...

Love that dress, its very cute! Doing a swap is so cool, maybe we could do one one day?

Fiorella said...

I love the dress you are wearing!

E said...

I love how you styled your new bag! And canvas bags are such a great accessory - you're making me think I should get some more!

Britty said...

love the look it's sort like David Bowie
i hope you have a great day!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Both maxi dresses are gorgeous. And your Christopher Kane tote bag is awesome!

CharmaineLi said...

you look very hippy-chic in your maxi dress! Wonderful! And thanks for all your lovely comments and I apologize for not being able to get back to you asap with school and all.. i have the worst time management.. anyways i linked you :)

.mackie said...

you're so cute. i love your style. the bohemian/hippie look is awesome. loving it =)

valencia is such a cool name!

Meho said...

I'm really loving maxi dresses at the moment too.. this is so cool. and i couldn't help but fall in love with your Polaroid in an older post.

Thanks for your comment :)

Meho xx

Phyllis said...

love the maxi dress and all your wrist candy! =)

Shantee said...

im so in love with ur a.wang inspired jacket! and ur so lucky to get that limited edition tote bag!!

lovely maxi dress to. if only i can find some here T.T

Yofany said...

aww. lovely1 :D

Zhcsyra hp said...

whoaa.,.u looks so cutie darl :))

michelle_ said...

i thought i have commented on this before . but i think something went wrong wit my internet and the comment was never posted :(

oh well . i'll comment again . haha .

love the jacket wit the maxi dress. and really love ur red sunnies :D

cant wait for our mini-swap !!

Emilie said...

Love your bohemian look!

Emilie from http://whatshappeninginmyfashionworld.blogspot.com/

agatiszka said...

Just love this blue blouse!!

Jyun said...

I like your dress colour. Maxi dresses never go out of style. In fact, I think they are quite romantic.

FashionJazz said...

Congrats on all your awards, I never knew u had so many awards : )Thats so cool! Luv ur outfit, very chic! : ) xxx

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Love the key necklace and gator tote! Fab Fab.



denise said...

gosh i love that jacket. you got it in singapore??? where???? my cousins are coming over next week and i want itttttt!!!

Freja said...

I LOVE that outfit. !!!

valencia is really a beautiful name I think.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


Anonymous said...