Thursday, November 19, 2009

Upon the wishing star,I wish for you to come home

A.Wang Inspired Jacket:online,
Accessories:All random/vintage
Hair bow:Lululetty,

Happy Birthday to Valerieeee ~
Its my younger sister's 16th birthday today.
What little did I know that Fika from Sweet Escape,
her younger sister shares the same birthday as my sister too.
A coincidence indeed.
Happy birthday to Fika's sister too:)

I want to wish my sister more smiles and happiness each day.
And also to enjoy her upcoming prom as well.
I love you sista!

The shoes I wore today was soaked wet in the rain.
So I changed to my pair of heels for the photos.
A simple black dress with the A.Wang inspired jacket.
I simply can't get enough of it!

A package came in the mail today for me and look!
Its my new velvet hair bow from Maria of Lulu Letty.
She's a huge lover of bows,just like me.
Even though I don't have them on all the time,but I adore them.
Was really excited when she started selling them at her store.

Its so soft and is just so lovely too.
Do head down to her etsy store for more bows.

credits:here and here

Psssst,Happy Thanksgiving Day in advance:)
I'm not sure when is it though.


Macy said...

I'm just gonna throw this one out there, but you have my dream hair, not even kidding. It's the most perfect length!

miriam said...

happy birthday to your sister!

i can't stop fascinating over your bow and bracelets. fabulous!

Lauren said...

Hi Valencia,
Love your outfit!
Just to let you know I have tagged you over on my blog xx

Julls said...

the eye glasses are the best ! lovelove them.

and I love the eyeliner in the 2nd outfit.

Diane said...

Love the shoes! I saw them in another post some time GO. I follow your blog every day and I really like it. If you have some time, check out mine:

Sher said...

Oh yay, you got Maria's hairbow!! How lovely and wonderful!! It really looks so soft and dreamy too:)

And love your oversized glasses, they look so good on you girl!

Happy birthday to Valerie!! Give her a big hug for me:P

Maria Confer said...

Awesome! The bow looks so good with your gorgeous dark hair!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures and links, you are the sweetest Valencia Lia!!

Happy Birthday to Valerie, 16 is such a great age!!

Annachiara said...

My love love your outfit!!!! I love this colour :black and're wonderfull with these colours :-) love everything :-) magnific post :-) love youuuuuuuu forever
:-) you always wonderfull my love!!!!


Another great look!!!
This mix of blue and black is fantastic! Very inspiting!!!

About the bracelets from Brazil, yes, I have a few here! They give for free in Bahia! I actually got a beach bag last month with the bracelets prints!

Anika said...

Oooh, I love the headwrap chain in your last post. Delish!

And this outfit is of my faves of you. Love the black on black shine.

You rock, missay!

Shantee said...

ohh that amazing jacket! cant get enough of it hahah

and happy birthday to Valerie too! you both are so cute :D

ps: i visited the Modparade site and oh myyy, i think im gonna be broke if i live in singapore. i just love the blogshops there :)

F i K a said...

Heyy valencia *what should I call you sis? val?valencia?or what? :D*
..yeeaay..what a great coincidence!! our sisters share same bday!! happy bday again to your sis!! :D hehe

aww..that jacket is soo great!! you can wear it with anything and still look gorgeous!! I bet it must be one of your fave item now..isn't it? :D..hihihi

anw,,about the bag..I'm so sorry..i can't swap it..coz I love that bag too :p..hihihi
I have a great offer for you,,will send you an email,,ok? ;)

Nathalia said...

This is such a great outfit, thanks for the inspiration!

daisymay said...

You got a Lulu Letty bow! Ive been fancying one for ages just dont have the funds for one at the mo, Maybe after xmas!


I didn't, but i will!

all my kisses girl :))))

Kristin said...

I just got my Lulu bow too. Aren't they fab? Love your shoes!

Elizabeth said...

love the outfit. especially the bow and bracelets!

Karolina Joanna said...

happy birthday to her! ;)
I have birthday today too, but i'm fifteen :)

Dominika said...

great outfit!

WhynotJustine? said...

U're so cute love your red bracelet


Sooo L.A. said...

OMG Valencia, I LOVE your jacket you look adorable! Happy birthday to your sister too by the way!

You guys look great in those pictures.


Jasmine said...

Wow I love your style, you have the nicest clothes!

Becca said...

I adore this glasses! and the bracelets are stunning :)

Taylor Sterling said...

awesome! Great look!!

Beatrix Kiddo said...


".. happy birthday to youuuu..."
but in spanish




Patty Ann said...

omggg i love bows too!! i love yours, you look so cute!!

Smileyfreak said...

Love your bows and blue shoes and bracelets :) Great outfit. Happy birthday to your sis too

Sophie said...

You look so amazing in these photos! This outfit is so gorgeous. I love everything about it and that bow is fantastic. I love bows as well. xo

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! Love that cobalt jacket! AND the nail polish is fab.

LOVE the tartan bow :)


ak said...

ahh you're wearing the jacket..its soo cool. love the pics

simone! said...

Happy birthday to your sister! I just adore the first photo of you two together. So cute!

PS: As always - amazing outfit.

hannah elizabeth said...

you seriously have the most amazing collection of bracelets.

ps happy birthday to your sister!


Phyllis said...

so cute, im loving your etsy heels and hair bow!!

mango said...

i lAWV ur vest!

ps. i tagged you for an award <3

Nubiasnonsense said...

Hey sweets happy b day to your sis you both look so cute! love the accessories

Ashley said...

Love your bracelets!!

Thorhildur said...

hey girl i saw your feature in What I wore today!! did you find yourself a copy?

p.s love the big bow and the blue nailpolish

E said...

Ah! These fun bows are one of the few hair trends short-haired like me can do! I love them! I also love your denim vest!

Sylvie said...

Happy birthday wishes to your sister! I like your vest. And thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes; it's exactly a week from today, and I can't wait!

kurarin said...

gorgeous jacket and unique coloured shoes! you look lovely in the bow. please give my warmest regards to your sister!

Maggie said...


How do you put your eyeliner on? I love it, you should make a tutorial for putting on eyeliner like that!

Britty said...

happy birthday to your sister and you two look great
i really do like your arm jewelry!

The Petite Sisters said...

It seems that blue is one of your favourite outfit tones! hahah! always seeing you wearing blue! But you do look good in this colour!

Happy birthday to your sister and so envy that you can be with your sister all the time. My sister is still in Aus :(

Anyways, nice outfit! and I must say that I like the vitage yellow blazer you wore in the previous post! :)

Love, Trish

Victoria-H said...

You are such an inspiration sweetie ! All your outfits are so cool. and you guys have gorgeous hair !

Sher said...

Hehe, sure you can borrow the dress!! I don't think I have the occasions to wear it out much:P

Yup, the 2 pics were taken at the wedding gig we had last Sunday! So pretty right? I love the table arrangements too!! A beach wedding is so romantic, dear! You must let me know what your dream dress is like!!

Oh, I wish I can buy a lululetty bow too! But I have shopped way too much this month to make another purchase lol! The bf will kill me if he knows I'm buying again:P One more thing is, I've not really bought anything from overseas before! Yea, I know, don't be shocked!! I've always been scared of the shipping charges lol:P

FashionJazz said...

Happy birthday to your sis : ) U really do have stunning hair!! luv ur outfit too and have a lovely wknd xxx

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

(thanksgiving is next thursday, but i'll be doing mine on sunday. my parents won't be here on the actual holiday. thanks for thinking of us americans!!!)


you two are so cute together. you always have the most enchanting eye makeup. pretty girl with a pretty bow, maria's bows are amazing!

about the wolf tee......that is so sweet of you to offer! i know jake would love it. what size do you wear? i'll try to come up with something to send your way as well!

Style Bird said...

Love these pics of you..LOVE that bow,and your bracelets! xo ava

Carmen said...

I love the bow and geek glasses combo!! Your make up looks gorgeous hun!


michelle_ said...

This is a relatively simple outfit for you !
Haha . But I love it just as much as ur other outfits..
Ooo and I love that big ribbon on ur head very muchh !
I actually got a similar one like that I made myself ..
I made it into a pin so I can wear it on clothes AND on my head :)

Anyway so happy that I GOT UR PACKAGE !
Sad that I saw it when I'm running late for errands :(
Will open it tonight ! And post about it latest tommorow morning :)

Weeeeeeee..can't wait to get home now !!..
Uve got cute handwriting btw :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Cute dress; are those little studded details along the collar? And happy belated b-day to your sister!

Melly Mel said...

Hahaha you are darling. I love that dress too! It's so cute.

Crystal Ball said...

Oh wow! Your eyeliner is so neat. I have never seen it drawn on like that.

Jacqueline said...

I love how you do your eye makeup!

thesydneygirl said...

awww you look gorgeous with your sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that velvet bow will realllly suit you!! :D enjoy lunnnch! mwa

Erica Leigh said...

happy birthday to your younger sister!! how many siblings do you have anyway? just wondering! :)

LOVE the huge bows (of course)!!!!