Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Down with a heart bursting with much love

Wolf tank(not seen):online,strayedheart.lj
Windbreaker:long time ago from Hong Kong
Accessories:All random
inVESTment scarf:Swap with Glisters and Blisters
Harem pants:etsy.com,Babooshka

My scarf version and Michelle's top/shawl version

I was busy in the 2nd half of today at work.
Filing many documents up,and I was so sleepy the whole time.
But its finally all done nicely.
So happy now at work I can fully concentrate on my own things now.

I'm wearing my new inVESTment piece in a swap with Michelle of Glisters and Blisters.
Its a scarf/top and you can wear it in many ways.
Coincidentally,both of us are wearing it today.
So here's both our versions.
Ohhhh,I have the blue one while she has the white one.

Thanks so so much girl for getting me one too,you're so sweet!

Headed for a waxing session at Honeypot today.
Girls,if you need to get all hair free.
They are really the best place to go!
Honeypot makes their own in house wax and its in a gorgeous
girly pink wax.

I'm not writing this because they told me to.
But its that they are indeed the best around.

Thanks so much to Blue Is In Fashion This Year for the feature
on my wolf tank along with other awesome bloggers.
You should surely check out this blog if you have not.
And also head on down to spot me here as well.

Don't forget to enter the Sew Delish Stella Ring giveaway~


michelle_ said...

first comment from me !
i already got the preview of the look, but still excited to see it posted up here ! weeeeee :D

i think we make a good match :)
just wondering what's your astrological sign ? hahaha..
i kinda believe in that stuff..

oo i know honeypot . many of my pals go there to get the hairs off . how is it compared to 'strip' ? u know the one at paragon and suntec city

Maggie said...

Thank you, girl! I'm going to look for that nail colour. Maybe I'll find it ;)
Your scarf is so adorable! And you're such a sweet girl :)))
Kisses :*

Julls said...

The scarf is really really nice !

Annachiara said...

my loooove...you're WONDERFULL!!! love the blue scarf :-) is magnific!!!! do you like blue hehe??? Magnific outfit :-) love it :-) love youuuuuuuuuuuu
kiss kiss my darling :-)

Anonymous said...

cute. i love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Love love love this!! Like I said to Michelle, this is such a great collaboration and I love how you both played up this scarf so different, yet so great! You look awesome, sweetie! (Ok, enough exclamation points...sorry, I am just excited about this post lol) :)



Anika said...

Gah!! Love it all! Your hair, the fab scarf, the harem pants, everything!

Love it...so perfect.

p.s. diggin' the nailpolish too :)

Madlene said...

I love your shoes

daisymay said...

Loving the inVestment piece the blue tiedye is so so nice!

Maria Confer said...

The scarf is gorgeous!! I love it.

Also I covet your harem pants and yellow nails.

You always look so cool Valencia Lia!


Sher said...

Oh, the scarf is so gorgeous on you! And how great that you can wear it in so many ways!!

You look fantastic in the harem pants, I tried it out once and I looked like a dork haha! I think it's not for everyone:P

Congrats on the features, you're totally fabulous!!

Oh, so cute that you have a bow on your door:)

Carol said...

Love your harem pants!!

Melissa~ said...

That scarf is so freaking awesome!!! Love it Love it!
your entire outfit is awesome.
Thanks for your sweet comment valencia! Kisses <3

Ellevictoire said...

the texture and flow of that scarf is amazing! and the color makes it look like a soft waterfall :)

Mila said...

Those black strappy shoes look GREAT!

Style Bird said...

Love your outfit..and Michelles! This is a great idea! xoxo ava

Penny said...

Your heels are amazing (:

Anonymous said...

The last pose seems like you are staring at something with amazement. Nice!!

Anyways, get some rest girl!

BadRomance said...

Thank you!! I love your hair as well.. makes me kinda miss my black hair ;p HAHAHA! Nice pictures btw


Sophie said...

Oh darling you look lovely. I adore this outfit! You and Michelle both look so well in your inVESTment pieces, love it! xo

KATIA said...

You look amazing! I can't even explain it. Your hair, the colors, the fits and silhouettes= perfection :)

Liya said...

i always want your outfitttttttttts

love that scarf espesh


Dylana said...

Your scarf is just so beautiful! I love love love it! What a unique way to incorporate tie dye into one's outfit!


CharmaineLi said...

i love how you paired a funky scarf with all-black! Love it :)

Moomby said...

i absolutely love the way you both wear your scarves! killer heels too!

Jacqueline said...

I love what you did with that scarf!



Annie said...

I am so in love with the scarf! And your harem pants are amazing.

Big Daddy said...

Love the all black with the tie dye, so classy and fun! And you are working those harem pants girl!

Erica Leigh said...

the scarf top is very cool! i want to see the other ways you can wear it. :D

if only i knew a good waxing place around here. ehhh i just do it myself (but it takes longer!!).

congrats on the feature! i just checked it out and there are so many neat things on there.

looooove you!
sorry for the comment-bombing. so many hehe. but i know you don't mind!


Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

fierce outfit. i like both versions. hthanks for answering my question about the cookies.

Natalie said...

the scarf is soooo CUTE! and i love ur hair, so pretty! :)))



somedaynewyorker said...

Love the tie-dyed/acid washed scarf. It adds so much to the outfit.

Valeriesoh said...

hey darling,

I am dying... hahhaha.. getting super tired.

It's 3pm.. but I am going to sleep.


love you, val

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I love the scarf; it's so pretty!

Lilee said...

i am loving that scarf!


Insaaaaneeee look!
Your hair is to perfect! This looks so good on you!

Great great great!!!

Niviarsiaq said...

great scarf. Seriously! It reminds me of the whole Pronza Schouler ss/10 look, which I loved! So this is automatically awesome!

Shantee said...

the scarf looks amazing! love the tie dye effect :D
i havent tried waxing professionally before. let me know how it goes :p

and congrats on the feature! still loving the wolf tee :)

F i K a said...

what a great collaboration!! I love how both of you wear the inVESTment pieces!! both of you look great!!

can't wait to see more pics of you experimenting the piece ;D..hihi

and congratz dear for the feature :) :)

MJ said...

Great great scarf thing. Inspired me further on my drapey jersey mission!



Hello girl!

it is always a great surprise to come here, this look is amazing! Love the terrific scarf!
you are the best!

miriam said...

your scarf is amazing!

Freja said...

I LOVE YOUR OUTFITS<3 so beautiful!!!!

and about the eggpicture, it's not mine actually. I've stolen it from another blog! teeheeeeee

and the little boy is my halfsisters halfbrothers son, a bit complicated, but I hope you understand what I mean!

xo !!

City Love said...

Gave you a shout out on my blog. Love that scarf.

Patty Ann said...

oh heyyyyyyyyyyyy valencia, i love this post. and i have an idea that i think you would like since you really enjoy surprise packages!!! i will send you an email about it!!!


Heather of Heat Storm said...

such a fun tye dye scarf! what nail polish are you wearing? xoxox

Andrea said...

wow! love your light, airy deconstructed top so...