Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She doesn't need much but that joy in her life

Windbreaker:long time ago from Hong Kong
Wolf tank:online,strayedheart.livejournal
Leggings:random store in town
Accessories:handmade DIY/random
Umbrella:Aramis(fragrance brand)

First of all,you might have noticed that I've been
a little slow in commenting back and catching up your blogs.
The reason being weekends was slightly busy.
But normally by Monday,I would be back in full force.

Mainly its was dumb dumb office Internet connection was down on Monday,
and the whole of this morning too!!
It was perfect in the afternoon,but guess what ??
All blogspot sites were banned!
What a total turnoff.

So I do hope I can do something to un-ban it tomorrow or soon.
Do bear with me everyone.
I'll still of course be blogging daily and keeping up with everything,but only after when
I get home from work. Ahhhhh
Don't leave me and keep coming back yea! heeee

Finally a outdoor shot after so long~
My sister was home today so she helped with the photos!
Thanks so much girl:D
And the sky was dark,bought out the umbrella along too.

The grass patch was so soft,so I was tiptoeing all the way.
My legs look weird in some photos.
I saw a photo today on a site today
with this girl wear a black braided bracelet.

Something like the one I have on today.
I made mine with the American Apparel's scraps pack.
It sparked off an idea and I'm going to make lots more later.
To wear more on my hand tomorrow. Excited!

Not going to talk much now,on to your blogs and comments now~


Candy Kawaii Lover said...

I want your shoes!!! Pleaseee. :))

Faridah said...

The umbrella looks so cute in the photos! I love outdoors shots, I really need to start doing some more. I love your jacket so so so much. It's awesome! I'm hoping to find a really cool hooded leather/leather look jacket when I go to Thailand. I would LOVE to raid each others jewelry collection!

Serena from Style on a String said...

That windbreaker is really incredible!

Style on a String :: Because style has nothing to do with money.

Faridah said...

Wowie, that wind breaker could have fooled me!

I have no idea how we do this jewelery raid, any suggestions?

Emma Skye said...

Looking really lovely today (as usual). I really love your wolf tee-shirt and your shoes are really hot too! Take care x

Nerdic.. said...

Love your shoes and I'm still craving over you nailpolish!!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Bubu said...

Honeyyyy, oooohhhhhh thanks thanks and thanks!!!!!! my tattoo it‘s a cherry, what will be you tattoo and in what part of your body????

I like you blog, i hope speak more times with you because you are very very nice. KISSES MY FRIEND!!!

miriam said...

oh, i'm wearing a similar pair of shoes today!

Bubu said...

Ohhhh, very nice!!!! sans vous il n‘y a pas de moi!!!! Ouiiiii, j‘adore chèrie, tu parle francais??? I underastand but speak and write don‘t very well.

I love yout tattoo in your inner wrist, really amazing!!!!

Yesss, pleaseee i‘d like speak more times friend!!!


Bubu said...

Very funny your varnish colour.

Julls said...

Rawwwr,the wolf tee is the best !

Style Bird said...

Love this..awesome umbrella! xoxo ava

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit, super chic as always hun! The blue nail polish u were talking about, im wearing it now and yes its almost identical and yes I will post pics soon : )
Work has been hectic, so will email you soon about bloglovin : ) xxx

The Petite Sisters said...

You look more energetic in the outdoors! I love your shoes and your wolf tee! Are you originally from hk? coz you bought so much from 852! hahahaha

Bubu said...

The phrase means the same that the phrase in english, it‘s spanish. What language do you speak in singapur??

KISSES MA BELLE (my beauty in french)

Sher said...

Cool blue nail polish, girl! And loving the booties, perfect for rainy weather!

Sorry to hear of your internet problems, my office recently changed their internet system and they banned pics on blogspot. So I can only look through everybody else's blogs after work! Grrrr! IT's truly annoying! Hope yours work out tomorrow!!


Liya said...

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed your shirttttttt

awesome outfit as usual :)


Annachiara said...

My love...wonderfull post...as always :-) love your shoes :-) and your jacket!!!love everything :-)
You're a treasure with me and my blog... :-) love youuuu

Ash Fox said...

love those blue nails! the photo of you with the umbrella is stunning.

..thank you! i wish you could come!

cody said...

love your shirt (:


Adela said...

HELLO GORGEOUS!!! I love the tee and the nail polish! It suits your cool and spunky style as always ;) Love how casual chiccc you totally are! I'm glad we talked a bit today! Totally missing you!!! ;) Can't wait to meet up next week! Do you think we should do an exchange post of each other? I was thinking when we meet up, we could write a post about one another respectively on our blogs, such a fun idea to introduce you to my readers!!!

Love you and God bless!!!

xoxo Adela

Delmy said...

Love tee and your nail polish!

Stevie said...

Ugh. I need that wolf shirt. Also the color on your nails is gorgeous.

rebecca said...

i love braided bracelets! i have some pretty beaded bracelets that i often wear, i just feel weird without a bracelet on! x

Jacqueline said...

wowza, I love the wolf tee, your shoes, and your nails. You always pick the best nail colors. LOVE IT!



beautifulnemo said...

Awwwww I'll always come back darling.

Hope your internet problems will be solved soon.
Oh and I don't have it at work:-p
that's why I have only a few time to answer and read everybody's blogs:)


Ness said...

I love your boots

simone! said...

I've been dreaming of the AA scraps bag for ages - I'm finally going to buy it soon. ♥!

thu-hien said...

The boots I like!

Ilse said...

hi cutie, love this post! you really look cute cute cute, and I love your jewellery! I kinda want the AA scrap pack as well, you can do sooo much with it! and weow! your nail polish. my nails are electric blue today weeeehh that's kind of a match? haha
by the way I got your email. I contacted the other girl who won the handpiece but she didn't receive anything either!!! while she lives in the country next to mine lol. so I'm afraid that something really went wrong at the post office. sooooo I'm gonna head over to the post office tomorrow, and if they don't know what's going on I'm just gonna post a new headband, LOL. so perhaps you'll be receiving 2 pieces hahahahahah just wear them on top of each other whenever that happens!!!

talk to you soon dear, I need to update with 13665 people as well so gotta go <3

My Passport to Style said...

Hi V, adore the mocha brolly looks fab with your skin tone!Sharon xxoo

Mila said...

Beautiful outfit,love it!

Eri said...

I love the whole 80's updated rock chick look you're pulling it off beautifully.

I am very hooked on your accessories :)

See you soon.

Steffani Alix said...

great bootiess and nail color!

Lola said...

love your tee and boots!!


Dylana said...

I adore your t-shirt hon!


Maggie said...

Aaaawwww, you're wolf shirt is so amazing, darling! And I totally fell in love with the colour of your nails :)))) You're such a beautiful girl!
Kisses from Germany :*

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

no worries, i will keep coming to visit! i've gotten pretty behind on comments myself. it's so time consuming trying to keep up with all this when you work full time. i always wanna get around to everyones pages, but sometimes it just can't happen.

my b/f would probably kill for that wolf tee. he loves wolves for some reason. made me order him a similar shirt on amazon a while back! love your necklace, bracelet, and all those pretty rings! the nail polish goes so well with your shirt too.

sucks that blogger was banned, fingers crossed that's not permanent!

Maggie said...

Gorgeous!!! I love the fourth picture!! :D

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Wicked tee and awesome nails too!

Elizabeth said...

I love the shoes.

daisymay said...

Well thanks for taking time to comment on my blog, loving todays outfit very relaxed but still cute!

katie d said...

love it!! I love umbrellas :) I would totally wear this outfit too!


Britty said...

hahah i love the picture you look pretty in them and your outfit is chic rock =]

Alita Claudia said...

your jacket! yes, your jacket ! super coooool!

Erica Leigh said...

ohh i remember you aa scraps pack! i like that you decided to make bracelets out of some of them. what else are you going to make?? :D

your umbrella is adorable! i want one like that. i just wish it rained more often or something just so i would have an excuse to use one. then i could get a cute matching raincoat. and rainboots. hehe. i really like your windbreaker, too!

yay blue nails! mine are purple right now. i noticed that we always have weird nail polish colors haha.


little shadow said...

I love that top, especially how it matches your nails.

Flashes of Style said...

Aaaah I just love your t-shirt! You look so amazing darling :)

MJ said...

Awesome shoes - and the wolf is back! :)


Denise said...

I Am Denise Katipunera

cute t shirt. And i love your black booties. cool look.

have a great day!

I Am Denise Katipunera

michelle_ said...

awesome rainy day outfit ! :D
i love the fact that singapore has alot of grass fields unlike in jkt, we have dead grasses . :(

still waiting patiently for ur package . hohohohoho..

btw what camera do u use ??

Maria Confer said...

I so love your little leather jacket and blue nails.

So pretty!!


Patty Ann said...

totallllllllllly awesome shirt, these wolf shirts are so funny!!! i love them!