Monday, August 31, 2009

Tell me your sorrows and I'll tell you mine

Black leotard:American Apparel
Skirt(cut out from old dress):random store in town
Film necklace:Local flea market
Accessories:All vintage/flea market buys

My ASOS package is arriving really soon.
But 3 out of 5 items OOS on my list.
So means not having my beloved floral playsuit,skirt and a scarf :(
Sad,but it's fine !

At least I have 2 new items coming in.
Will post up photos when I've received it.

This skirt is actually cut out from an old dress that I didn't like anymore.
But didn't have the time to sew all the trims.
So its frizzy at the top of the skirt.

Ohhh,recently been lusting over bags that are black in color.
And those like slouchy bags.
Don't mind swapping bags with anyone who has a black bag.
I'm serious,no kidding !

Lastly,do keep those questions coming:)
More questions girls !!!
Don't stop.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Awards and I need a little help here ...

I know I've not put up a outfit post since Friday.

So sorry,but tomorrow would be one !!
Bet you all are all awaiting for that :)

Two lovely awards from fellow bloggers !!
Big thank you to Laura from Buttons and Ribbons and Maggie from Moonstruck.

This is from Laura ! Thanks girl,you're really so sweet! Look at my previous post for details.

And the 2nd award is from Maggie. Thank you very much ! There are three rules for this award:

Rule #1. link back to the person who gave you the award.
Rule #2. List 10 honest things about yourself. Give the award to 10 other bloggers.
Rule #3. Give the award to 10 other bloggers.

10 Honest Things about myself:
1.I'm afraid of lizards. The thought of their tail just scares me off.
2.I'm allergic to prawns !! Not all seafood,just prawns.
3.I've been a ballet dancer for 9 years. But I've stopped for about 5years now. Would love to get back to that:)
4.Valencia is my real name. Alot of people think it's a name I gave myself. But it's given to me by my parents and it's in my Identification cert. and card.
5.I LOVE to eat and think of food all day. Oops!

6.When I'm watching a movie,don't quite like when people sitting beside me keep asking questions.
7.I tend to spend quite alot on shopping.
8.I don't like people whispering and not lettin
g me in on it.
9.I need a pen tablet !!
10.I would like a pen tablet !!! heeee

The 5 bloggers I give this award to:

-Lisa from Lisa Likes

-Maggie from Moonstruck

-Erica from Sweets and Hearts
-Patty Ann from alphabetachic
-Laura from Blooming Leopold

I know its supposed to be 10 bloggers,but can't think of who else to pass to at the moment ! So I tag anyone else who is keen on this and pass it on !

And if you're wondering why my last two things about myself is this same.
That's what I going to talk about next:

My wish list!! A Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet !!
That's what I've been craving for recently .
Saw it 1st on lisalikes and James,the lovely owner of bluebirdvintage.

Can add little cute drawings to photos.
Which I so want to add on to my own photos.

And I can use it as a mouse and to practice my drawing skills.
Which are not that good.
I can add my own distinctive touches with handwritten notes, sketches, signatures and doodles.

So if anyone of you would like to help out,I may just be able to get it !! I know this sounds like funny,but it'll be great if you all could help .

To my fund for pen tablet !! It's really up to you :) But please do ! BIG THANK YOU <3>

*This is a paypal button. You can click on it to donate. heeee

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary at On Pedder

Most of you by now would know who Hello Kitty is

Hello Kitty is one of the best-known fictional characters produced by Sanrio.
Designed by Ikuko Shimizu, the first Hello Kitty product, a vinyl coin purse, was introduced in Japan in 1974 and in the United States in 1976.
This simply drawn animated character has grown to become one of the world’s most identifiable brands.

This sought-after feline with her trademark bow, has through the years worked with many artists and designers in the worlds of design, art and fashion.

And now for all you Hello Kitty fans !

On Pedder, the Hong Kong-based designer accessories boutique, has partnered with Sanrio and Hong Kong-based creative agency AllRightsReserved for this ground-breaking project.

Launching an exclusive capsule collection by some of the industry’s most exciting accessory designers which is due to launch this Fall Winter season.

Many established and cutting-edge designers were commissioned for the Hello Kitty project, partnering brands include American Apparel, Anne-Claire Petit, Bugaboo, Casio, Christophe Coppens, Havaianas, Judith Leiber, Les Bijoux de Sophie, Linda Farrow, Milk on the Rocks, Repetto and Vabene.

I believe some of these names do ring a bell in your head.

On Pedder

The full collection is going to be unveiled for the first time at the On Pedder Takashimaya Shopping Centre,Singapore on 17 September 2009.
It will be open to the public and items will be available for purchase on the launch date itself.

I love this whole collection !! Really girly and feminine. The details in the Hello Kitty added to each product is all nicely crafted out and matches it item perfectly.

Bring your friends,family or your children down ! There's somthing for everyone :)

So mark this date on your calendars and head on down to bring home your favourite kitty !

Here are some of my favourite items I'll be eyeing on from the collection.

Annie Claire Knitted Hello Kitty Plush
American Apparel Hello Kitty T-shirt

Linda Farrow Hello Kitty Sunglasses

Les Bijoux De Sophie Hello Kitty Necklace
Les Bijoux De Sophie Hello Kitty Necklace

Bagaboo Bee Hello Kitty Baby Pram

Haivanas Hello Kitty Flip Flops

Repetto Hello Kitty Ballet flats

Special thanks to Denise from Media Flair Communications for letting me in on this!