Monday, January 9, 2012

Updates + Life + YouTube + Healthy Lifestyle change


Hi Everyone! 
You all must be wondering what have I been up to and disappeared for months now.. First and foremost, I still love fashion and it will always be a passion of mine. 
As for fashion blogging, I've decided to give it a break for now. I'm not sure when if ever I'll be coming back to it but the blog will still be here if you would want to see past blog posts.

Moving on, life has been awesome. Year 2011 has been one of the greatest years for me. I've stayed on with my new job since early april and my bosses are the most amazing and gracious people ever! Also, in October 2011 I went on a whole new healthy lifestyle change and a diet and lost over 12kg. It feels so amazing to be fit and healthy again. I was not obese but was on the heavier side for a girl and one day I just decided enough was enough. Seeing those numbers on the scale going up made me felt sick and decided I need and want to be healthier!

Moving on, that inspired to start a youtube channel to share my views with everyone on eating right and being healthy. I've just only started this so I'm still learning the ropes and it's only a few videos for now. You can click on here to see more if you like. For now, I'll be posting regularly on youtube and so if you're still interested in following me.. You'll know where I'll be.

Lastly, I do hope this is not the end.
Happy 2012 and cheers to new beginnings!