Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stay the same and never look back to what's lost

Yes yes, I'm back! Guess I'll say this is my comeback post. Headed to JB with my colleagues over the weekend and we surely did had a blast! Lots of shopping,food and I bought so much snacks home that I had to use my baggu bag to store everything.

They had Nandos in Malaysia too, I was totally excited when I saw it. Yes, the food was amazing and I know I'm such a food junkie! Food is surely on my mind all the time. So girls, are we ready for another trip?? Let's all make it a road trip to Thailand:)

As for blogging, work has consumed so much of my life but I'm ready to be back. I won't say I will surely blog as often back then, but surely at my own comfortable pace. I do hope there are still readers out there reading this space.