Monday, November 9, 2009

Breaking out of one's bubble breaks those chains away


Navy one piece:American Apparel
Skirt:Topshop,borrowed from sister
Heart tights:Topshop
Necklace:Hong Kong
Shoes:Cotton On
Christopher Kane for Topshop tote:Limited Edition

Today was a day off from work for me.
As I had a doctor's appointment.
But don't worry,its a normal one and everything went fine:)

Was wearing out my heart tights at 1st.
But the weather then was so warm then decided to take it off.
Lots of blog catching up will resume tomorrow.
But good thing I had time yesterday for some~
Full force onwards tomorrow:)

After everything was done,I had time to head out.
Went out with my love to Bugis street today.
I really wanted to head down to the street market
for some cheap finds!!

And I did found something.
My sailor white striped tee/dress.
I'm so happy as I've been wanting to get one
and seeing it on so many other bloggers too.

Didn't take a photo of it,but will be wearing it tomorrow~
Ate yummy food there too.

The weather was so so cooling today.
Dark clouds at first and it made shopping easier.
Headed for some dessert,my favorite mango ice!
And mango with meat floss crepe. Yummy yum.

Lastly,don't forget to enter the blog giveaway here!
3 winners in all ~


michelle_ said...

Yay for the heart tights ! Boo for the heat !
Love ur low v neck top there . Howd u wear ur undergarments with such a bare back ?

And ur foods made me hungry straightaway after I woke up from my nap !
Ahahaa . Want those eGg tarts very much !
They r my fave dim sum desserts !
And the mango ice cream thing sure looks delicious !
Is it actually mango ? Or is it sumtin else ?
I kno there's a similar mango thing like that at far east plaza. Always go there if I go to spore :)

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur tights soo much!!!! Hope u had a stunning weekend hun and ur food pics look delish!! : ) xx

Chasing Cherries said...

Your outfit is so cute!! I finally have my own heart tights too :D I absolutely LOVE them... and they look so cute on you...
AND YOUR TOTE!!! I'm jealous... I want one too!! Lucky girl ;)

Fashion Pix said...

Those heart tights are so cute! I really need a pair of those.

The food looks very yummy btw!

Sher said...

Hi sweetie,

Oh so glad everything went well with your doctor's appointment. You look really pretty to meet the doctor hehe!

And you're wearing the hearts tights!! I hope my bf finds it in the uk and buy it for me before he comes back *fingers crossed*

And you're eating all my fave food too, yummy yum! I love anything mango:)

Can't wait to see your sailor dress! I love nautical themes in clothing!!

Carrie said...

Great outfit, sweetie. I really like the colour of your skirt and your bag is amazing!

Anonymous said...

OOh lovely outfit!! I love those tights (and I am on a mission now to get ones just like them) and the color of your skirt is gorgeous!! So glad to hear that you had a wonderful day off! :)


Azalea said...

Oh my, you were just THIS CLOSE to my school area haha :> And am sure that you would have noticed by now, a few shops there are selling the wolf tank at $10! 0.0

Anyhows! love the colour of the skirt! and yayness to Topshop's heart tights! You look fab as always babe ^^ (ps: my jaw literally dropped when I saw a schoolmate of mine carrying that tote bag)


Liya said...

looooobr that blue skirt and those nailssss

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every picture. you look amazing ass hell!

Thorhildur said...

cute. like your blog alot

Jacqueline said...

Great food shots. The mango ice looks delicious! I cannot wait to see your sailor striped tee/dress. I am so glad you found something you wanted! I love those heart tights you are wearing and I like how you paired black with that brighter blue. Love that color combo! xoxo

BetseyJ said...

I love how you line your upper lid. I am half japanese and have a very similar eye shape to you, but for some reason my liner never looks as great as I'd like.

Shantee said...

ooh i love your one piece with the low back! i drool over tops like that hahah
i miss Bugis! i wanna go over and grab all the $10 clothes lol ur making really hungry looking at ur pics :( and its midnight already. boohoo.

Big Daddy said...

Your eyes look so pretty! Love this skirt and necklace. Looks like you had such a fun day!

Ilse said...

yay love yer tights. and zhe foodie foodie <3
seriously, my boy has this craving for mango as well!! oh didn't we talk about that already? it's genetic love for mango!! weeee

Melissa said...

Oooo...i love your skirt and tights! I love mango ice cream too, food looks delish! I'm now craving egg tarts and mango ice cream :)

Great blog! Going straight to my favourties!

The Petite Sisters said...

awww~~ i love your eyelines!!! The navy blue top is very very very pretty!!!

Clau! said...

Great oufit! Love the thights and the color of your nails ;)


dy of ghost said...

i like your skirt and nail polish :)

Julls said...

The skirt is so cute,as well the thights.And I love the way you did your makeup !

Adorableeee ! :D

Patty Ann said...

omggggggggg im so horrible, i have barely had any time to visit your blog!!!!!!!!!!!! okay wowowowowow omg kane bag!?!?! i didnt even know they had that. okay i totally wanttttttt

ANDDDDDDDDD i was wondering if you could do a tutorial on your makeup!!!! i really really like your eye makeup.

rebecca said...

love heaut tights! and that sailor dress, im so jealous! i had one when i was three and i still remember it! it was my prized posession! ever since ive been looking for one! x

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Cute tights; I like your blue nails and winged eyeliner too!

Anonymous said...

Wow you look so stunning in those photos and I love your outfit - you always combine such cool things and make it look so good.

Sorry I've not commented sooner. I've been so ridiculously busy with the shop that it's taken up all my time. Just catching up with your posts and I see amazing outfit after amazing outfit.

Have you bought that moter bike yet? Perhaps a Honda or something?


beautifulnemo said...

I'm glad your doctor app went well:)

Did I tell you I also have that tights? yeyyyyy I finally found them some weeks ago:)

Anddd I love all your pics! You are so pretty. And I'm hungry now, I think I'm going to dinner lol.

xxx dear

Sophie said...

I love this outfit darling! So cute, the tights and that skirt look so well. Also, Love that bag! Once again, all you food looks so tasty!
Can't wait to see your new dress tomorrow, oh also I have given you an award on my blog. xo

Style Bird said...

I love your skirt!! Food looks yummy! xoxo ava

Aurora said...

god, imagine to have your eyes..

mango said...

oh i love your outfit, and that skirt the bold color is fab on you.

oh the food you post looks so delish! lol, i definitely want to visit china one day to eat all that yummy food =]

Maria Confer said...

Ok, now I'm really hungry!!

You look so gorgeous!! You're seriously such a pretty girl!!

Adore your whole outfit. The tights, bag, skirt, top are all perfect.

Sorry for the delay with the hair bow, I've been waiting for some material to arrive. Very soon!!

simone! said...

I'm SO in love with your outfit. While I'm not a huge fan of Christopher Kane for Topshop on a whole, that bag is just pure love.

Lilee said...

great outfit! I WANT YOUR BAG!

jessie said...

you're too cute. i hate you <3 did you have your grapefruit? :P YOUR food images are making ME hungry.

valncami said...

aw you are just adorable. i love your blog! and that necklace is so pretty, i want it!

wanna follow each other?
come visit our blog :]

xo, camilla

thesydneygirl said...

hi gorgeous Valencia!!!

your photos look amazing lately! they always look good, but i like how they are bigger now and clearer.

i love your makeup - especially your black eyeliner.

big hugs! love you lots <3

daisymay said...

Yay very excited about my prize arriving!! Plus my other half was sitting next to me when I was reading your blog and practically drooled over the last few of your food photos!

melly said...

I find that this crocodile image works better on the bag than the dress! Very nice.

You were hanging out in my old hood! I was living in Bugis for a year. Do want to see what this white sailor dress is!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

what a beautiful skirt! That dessert looks fabulous, I wish I had one to eat right now!

check out my giveaway, win a studded handbag.

Polished Sense said...

Outfit is so much fun. Loving the blue skirt and your bag! The combo is fabulous. And that shot of the yummy dessert (looks like orange ice cream) Yum!


lisa + cathy said...

i wish i could wear heart tights! but in this hot weather absolutly not. you really have the most cutest bubbly face :D and that mango ice-cream looks yummayeeeeee

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

what's that last dish? i lived near bugis for a while. wanna see your shopping haul. i get overwhelmed in BV so i'm hardly inclined to step in there at all, not even for cheap finds. lol.

xtinagirl said...

Hiyeee :) Thanks, I love my job! It's super fun!

And I seriously love your bangs. Time to enter your contest! Enter mine!

Phyllis said...

omg omg omggg mango ice!! ugh. i miss night market food soo much! you look so cute - love your tights

GiKo said...

cute outfit again!

Yuka said...

cute tights! and i love the color of your nails!

Fashion Nicotine said...

Love your bag & tights

Yofany said...

i love your bag! awesomeness! xDDD

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there V,food looks delicous and must have that striking bag of your it is divine!!Say hi and welcome my lovely and exciting guest blogger for today Starr won't you.There is a new guest post on every day over @ My Passport to Style, up until this Friday! Sharon xxxooo

F i K a said...

really love the blue skirt and heart tights!!
looks really great on youuu!! :D

bravegrrl said...

i want your tights and bag!


What an intelligent mixing of colors; the bag is awesome


Miss Daisy Chain said...

what a gorgeous nail colour...youre soo pretty