Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sinking to the ground with all words lost in mind

Plaid shirt:vintage,package from Valerie
Wolf tank:online store,strayedheart
Denim cutoffs(not seen):diy bleached and cut
Shoes:custom made,can't remember where
Bag:custom hand made,ThingsIlove

Wolf tank with different shirt and my denim cutoffs.
Was actually heading to the streets in town
to get really some cheap shopping!
But last minute plans happened.

So I headed off to Vivo City,another mall near the beach.
Some how near though.
Shopping once in awhile on my own is really good.
I can take my time to shop and look and things.

Picked up a bracelet from Forever21 and my Topshop dotted tights.
Yayyy,finally found them.
They did have black ones,but I decided to go for blue instead.
Can't wait to wear it out.

Headed back to meet my boyfriend and for dinner.
Claypot rice with clams,woooooo ~
Food photos again.
Please do try not to drool,heeeee

The adorable little boy is the youngest of the 3 boys
from the Tamiya car shop I showed last week.

I'll be really trying hard to catch up with comments
and every one's blogs.
This weekend is really busy plus Monday's a day off.
As I'm going to the doctor's for checkup.
Don't worry,its a normal checkup.

Don't forget to enter the Thrush Vintage's giveaway!!(see post below)


beautifulnemo said...

Hola Valencia!

I love that tights! I got some knee tights from Oyshoo, they are some way simmilar to that ones from Top Shop. :)

All the pics are beautiful!

Oh and I always think to ask you but I never really mentioned it before, your nick is Valencia because of the Spanish city!??? Because that was my first thought but then I was thinking like "it can't be for that, she lives so far she hardly could know it!", but maybe I am wrong lol! :-) Tell me about it!! :-)

xxx from Madrid

michelle_ said...

Hey ! Morning to you too
I'm always in the habit of opening my tweet timeline everytime I wake up
And I happen to see a new post from u !!

I love this simple casual outfit. The tartan top works really good over the printed dress..
And looks like u got some wonderful shopping finds there !

I don't like shopping wit my boyfriend either.he always tells me to shop quicker
In the end, I might be in a rush and I miss some of the good items in the store :)
Shopping by urself is always the best !

Niviarsiaq said...

Shopping alone is my favorite. Sometimes I go with my sisters but I often feel pressured about time with them and I'd just like to relax and shop!

ps-I'm unbelievably jealous of the wolf shirt, so great!

kurarin said...

I always shop on my own. I really prefer to shop online as I hate crowds but I love to wander around sometimes. If I lived near vivo i could wander around all the time :P

ooh i saw those at topshop! can't wait to see them on you.

hey if you want anything more from anything of the wingtai stores and don't have a F3 membership, tell me and i'll get it for you!

KATIA said...

You look great! I love your outfit and makeup and your bag! And tights :) and bracelet. Haha and that little boys hair :)

Anonymous said...

amazing pictures!

mango said...

oh wow i love your bag and your plaid shirt =]
that food looks amazingly yummy!

Anonymous said...

The wolf is simply gorgeous!! Love the pictures! That child is adorable!!

Amelia said...

I love the 3rd picture! The shoes look really cute.

Valencia Lia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i think it'll look really good in English! but in old english letters.

Ash Fox said...

you look adorable and that food looks delicious!


Style Bird said...

Loving the pics..great bracelet and T shirt! xo ava

Clara said...

thanks girl!
i really love your bag.

Goodle. said...

Your wolf tshirt/dress is awesome! Gah i have tried to find a wolf shirt for long and gave up.. maybe i need to start my search again :)

The food looked yummy :D

Goodle x

Betsey J said...

ahh I LOVE that wolf top/dress!!!

Britty said...

you look great i love love love your bag
cihc and relax look sweet!

myrrh goldframe said...

hello my dear, ay!(my new nickname for you) =)

it's good to see the little boy again, he's getting more cute. =D

loving these simple today outfit. and hoping the doctor's check up will fine. <3333333

Shantee said...

love your wolf tee and how u paired it with the plaid shirt !

that little boy is so cute :D

oh, i also replied an essay to your comments. HAHA

issye margaretha kamal said...

hey valencia . your blog is cool . i love everything that you wore . you;'re so fashionable .

thesydneygirl said...

aww you look so so BEAUTIFUL!
my gorgeous girl! ♥ ♥ ♥

can't wait to see your new purchases!
love you lots!!!

big hugs

Azalea said...

The connection at cuzzy's house is incredibly slow but ugh anyway I realized that I really love your hair. Black and simple; It fits perfectly with all of your outfits. Lucky you!

And that wolf top, I've got myself one too. It's too pretty to miss isn't it!! Ah you gorgeous girl am looking forward to you wearing those new purchases!!


Valeriesoh said...

hey my baby,

love you sooooooooooo much ahahhahaha... your wonderful!!!

I have been clearing more closet and found 2 more plaid shirts that you may likeeeeeeeeeeeeee... ahahha

my friend send you mypackage already... look for it soon!!!


Sophie said...

Love this outfit. You always look so well! Love the plaid shirt over the oversized wolf T. Looks gorgeous darling. Oh I adore your new tights from topshop. xo

Marjolein said...

Lovely photographs and outfit!

Carrie said...

Great outfit! I really like your plaid shirt.

katrina said...

Greaaaaaaaat outfit, i love your t-shirt!:)


Karolina Joanna said...

lovely dotted tights <3

Annachiara said...

Hi darling!!!! Love your post...i very like it :-) :-) You're always magnific :-)
Thanks for your beautifull comments always!!!! You're my treasure :-)
Kiss kiss

Valerie.Y said...

Jie Jie i love you.
I'll try to get you an awesome gift for christmas, so.
Cheer up.


Tink in My Closet said...

Your eye makeup looks awesome sweets. Liking the flannel very much too!

V said...

i love this whole post. especially the tank, bag, and food haha.

looking good hun


Posh said...

You look great, really love the combination of the wolf tee with the blouse!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

MJ said...

LOVE that wolf T-shirt. I wanted one for ages, then forgot about it, now you're brought it back, damn you! :)

Polished Sense said...

I so love your look here...Love the shirt and bag (my faves) also the food shots are crisp. I'm hungry now :D

Happy Sunday,

Maria Confer said...

You look amazing!!

I so adore all your plaid shirts. Awesome wolf tee.

You're so lucky that you're close to a Topshop!!

Adore your new tights and bracelet.

Pierrot le Fou said...

mmmm that food looks good!

as do you :) i love this outfit


ak said...

been dying for a tee with a wolf on it..very cool

Melissa~ said...

Love your outfit! Specially the t-shirt and the hanbag.
Yummy food!
And I love that topshop thights, I need a paur of them, But I don't have topshop here in chile T_T

Thanks for visit my blog!

Violet said...

i like the wolf tee and that bag

i keep coming back to your blog would you like to trade links

Vi from Cali

daisymay said...

Im loving the outfit as usual. The wolf tee is very funky and looks great with the plaid shirt.

hannah elizabeth said...

that wolf tank is so rad!

and the clams look delicious i hope you ate every single one xx

Samantha said...

really wonderful photos, i love your wolf tank :]
i left my camera at my moms so i'll have photos of the clothes emailed to you by monday night.

michelle_ said...

thanks for your lovely comment .
cant wait for you to get back onto ur laptop and bloggin'

happy monday :D

.mackie said...

cute outfit. i like the graphic on the t-shirt.

the food looks sooo good. i'm getting hungry now =)

denise said...

oh awesome casual outfit. that little boy is soo cute!! And those clams..thats my favourite way of eating the black bean sauce..sooo gooood.

Becca Joy said...

Ah ha, telling me not to drool over delicious food pictures? Impossible! Those clams look soooo good.

Love your tote, its too cute.

Erica Leigh said...

yay, dotted tights! i've been going through a CRAZY tights phase lately and i haven't even worn most of them yet.

oooo we should swap a pair of tights! haha.

the bracelet is very cool (i always like chunky gold jewelry for some weird reason. it just seems more fun!).

your pictures keep getting better and better. i'm very impressed! :D

and i need to stop looking at your posts when i'm hungry. :/ your food pictures always look so yummy.

oh, and before i forget, i tagged you in my latest post (it's a music survey). i'd love to know what kind of music you listen to!

looooove you!


Yofany said...

love love love the outfit, you look awesome dear! :D

mango said...

oh you don't have an h&m near you! oh no!!! well now you know what to do if you ever visit the us or europe lol =]

Dylana said...

I really love your dress! You look so great! That food looks so good, too! The thing I remember I really loved the last time I was at Malaysia was claypot chicken rice. I couldn't stop eating it! YUM!

GiKo said...

You are looking beautiful on the photo's. The bag is really cool.

FashionJazz said...

U look so pretty in these pics and I luv ur whole outfit!!!! : ) xx

Patty Ann said...

omggg i totally LOVE the picture of you sitting on the fence. its so cute!!!! and omgggggg foooooood im so hungry!!!