Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sit by your window and make your very last wish

I see small shadows under the bridge

It's the very last day of year 2009!
Time does pass so fast sometimes without even you knowing. I'm posting up today my favorite outfits since I've started the blog back 5 months ago. My New Year resolutions would have to be good health for myself and loved ones,get a job I really love and to just to be happy in my life.

Wow,I would never have thought that this blog would bring so much attention in such a short amount of time. I love how the blog is moving along now and I do wish for more good things to come out of it. Even though now I'm busy still adjusting with work,I do want to really spend more time back to blogging daily in full force.
Like to everyone of us who blogs too,we would understand. Like for the people around us who blog(on other topics etc) or doesn't have a blog,they don't quite understand what is the reason why we just love blogging so much and you really have to keep up with it.

But the biggest applause have to be surely all the readers that come by each day,even though when I was so busy with work and couldn't reply back much. It is really very encouraging and cheers me up each day. So thank you!

Tears and joy in year 2009,but more joys and success in the year 2010~ See you in 2010.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Never know what can come up against those strong waves

YSL oversized shirt:online store
Harem pants:handmade,etsy
Bag:local online store.
Accessories:All random

Today's a day full of many goodies! So finally got to meet up with Joanne and Yiqin for yummy dinner and some shopping. We had so much food and finished everything pretty fast! Will always want to head back to Crystal Jade to eat again. There after it was time for shopping~

Headed to the Forever21 at 313@Somerset,but I was really disappointed. The store was too huge and all the clothes were placed according to no categories or anything. Of all the 4 floors,I didn't manage to see anything I really love. Finally,I saw a ring at ION and Joanne got it for me as a Christmas gift! Thanks so much.

Guess what came for me today as well? I've gotten a Christmas package from Starr of A Thought Is The Blossom. We both sent each other a Christmas package. She's really so so sweet and a blogger with such amazing style. I love love those accessories she got me from her personal collection and also a blazer and a dress! Thanks girl,it made my day complete now.

Last day of the week tomorrow,lots of people are either have a day off or half day off due to New Year's Eve. But not at my workplace,its a full day. Oh well,time better be passing fast.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Does shooting stars really make wishes come true?

Crochet pullover:Topshop
Denim cutoffs:DIY
Beret:borrowed from sister
Rings:All random
Floral flats:Dirty Pretty Things

I've been sick these few days,including yesterday. Hence it explains why I've been blogging a little lesser this week. My apologies,but daily blogging resumes today onwards:) Thanks to everyone for your well wishes! I'm feeling all good already.

I've just got back to work today and had so much work to catch up with. But it's getting better now,I'm handling work much better. I totally forgot about this lovely crochet pullover I bought from Topshop months back. Perfect with my denim cutoffs and floral flats too. And don't you just love artsy hats like this one? I borrowed it from my sister,it was a gift from her friend.

Look what came knocking on my door too? I received a Christmas gift from my lovely friend and blogger Michelle of Glisters and Blisters. I was so excited to see what was in it and indeed I loved everything she sent me!! A anchor necklace,pouch and velvet tights! Ahhh,I've been wanting something velvet for so long now. So I was really happy when I saw those tights. Thanks so much girl,always the sweetest!

3 days till year 2010! Are you all ready for new beginnings and surprises in your life?

And the Winner for the Cinnnamonymph delights feather earrings giveaway is
Jen of Jennifhsieh
Pssst,do get back to me with your email address asap,thanks!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Floating on clouds into the land of no return

Do excuse my retarded face now,was pretty sick when taking photos.

Oversized shirt:Ralph Lauren,thrifted
Leggings:Random store in town

As I was taking photos for the outfit,I'm actually pretty sick already.
I really had no choice but to go see a doctor straight away. I had high fever and also cough. But I'm feeling better already now.

Decided to wear out my converse sneakers today. It has been ages since I wore it out.And I paired it with an oversized men's shirt which I thrifted. Any clothing that is oversized,I really love it! So that's why I always dig up clothes from my dad's closet.

Wow,I've reached more than 200 followers now! I'm really so shocked and happy. It does mean a lot to me that you all do enjoy reading my blog and in a way its a nice Christmas gift to have too. Huge shout out to everyone who reads and comments,thank you sooooo much! I couldn't have done it without you all.
Next piece of good news is I've got featured on the September month for Indie Style Media 2010 Calender! So so happy I got chosen to have my picture in the calender. So I do need everyone's support to purchase one for yourself too! Click here to get your own now!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The rain drops that tingle down my face always brings a smile

Windbreaker:Many years ago from HK
Maxi dress:Swapp with Patty Ann
Bag:online store
accessories and rings:random/gifts/swap

It's the day after Christmas,so HAPPY BOXING DAY!
I couldn't blog yesterday as my love has gotten pretty sick and I had to take care of him and made sure he was okay. He even went with me to my cousin's place for Christmas even though he was so sick already.So thanks so much love,I really appreciate it.

So what did you all got for Christmas this year? Did you get anything off your wish list? Well,for me I didn't. But its alright,I got pretty good gifts this year as well,which I'm so happy about plus a feather ring from my sister. I'm expecting a few more gifts to arrive,so I can't wait! I also had time to catch up for breakfast with Joanne.Had such a good time chatting and munching on yummy eggs and hash brown.
Gathering at my cousin's place was really good too,another round of yummy food.
I had to wear my maxi dress again,I'm so in love with long dresses now too! So this is an outfit I wore before,but to know that I always wear my clothes more than once.

I guess we all will be gaining a few pounds this festive season. But no worries,the important thing is we had a great time with family and friends.And the year is ending in a few days,yet another countdown begins again!

Sorry that I'm still a little behind with catching up,I've been doing the best that I can and with the festive season,I do need more time with my family too. So I hope you all will understand. Regular blogging resumes of course. Happy Holidays~

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where the rhythm of the heart stays

Sorry for the blurry photos.

Military blazer dress:vintage,ebay
Wet look leggings:Supre
Scarf:Alexander Mcqueen
Shoes:bought from Valerie
Feather headpiece:borrowed from sister

This was all taken yesterday. Had a lunch buffet at work and the food was just sooooo awesome! In honor of Christmas,I wore my sparkly red wedges too!
It's Christmas eve today!
Christmas tomorrow I can't wait. Yes,I'm excited! I'm curious to know what presents I'll get and more yummy food to come. Did all of you got what you wanted on your wish list? You still have a bit of time left to drop hints to people. This will be a long post with photos of food porn! Like I said,do try not to drool too much when reading this.

Had a half day off from work today and spend the time with my love just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Simple things like this are more than enough to make me happy.
Long day ahead tomorrow with so many things going on,I will try to squeeze in time to do a blog post. But nevertheless,I want to wish all readers a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ! Enjoy the food and your presents:)

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who stole a piece of my blueberry crumble pie?

Poncho and knit tights:Forever 21
Inner tank:local store

Now I can say I'm excited for Christmas! Its just 3 days away.
There's going to be a Christmas lunch buffet at work tomorrow which makes me so happy. Because I always love yummy food! Bringing along my camera so I'll be busy snapping photos and eating at the same time. What are your plans this holiday? I bet there's going to be lots of yummy food with good company. I'll be heading out to gather at my cousin's place with everyone else to gather and just catch up.

Talking about catching up,I'm still at my best effort to keep back up with everything. I do hope everyone would be patient with me. I just realized that its just 4 more people away to having 200 followers with this blog! Wow,I'm so so happy. A big thank you to everyone who visits and comments! Do know that even I'm keeping back up with everything I still read each and every comment.

I'm starting to really love ponchos,oversized capes and drape front jackets. I want to have so much more of these in my closets. So I had to wear my poncho from Forever 21 again! I love that it does keep me warm and its pretty lightweight. Like this new mall in town,313@ Somerset. They have 4 storeys of Forever 21! I've not been there yet,but I can't wait to go.

I would love to do another Q&A post! So just hit me with any questions,it will be so exciting:)

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