Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things close to my heart I'll never forget

(Tie dye inVestment piece,black bracelet/necklace,shell bracelet,white bracelet and tiger tooth necklace)

I was home almost all the time during the weekend.
I went for a facial yesterday with my sister,but I forgot my camera.
So no outfits for this weekend,really so sorry!
But there will be tomorrow onwards of course.

Also,replies to comments and blogs tomorrow as well.
I still have more baking to do!

Today,was spent baking cookies at my boyfriend's home.
His mom makes the most delicious homemade cookies ever!
And I helped to make them too,always so much fun:)

And actually we're selling them too!
Its SGD$12 for one bottle,so place your orders with me:)
For those overseas,hmm I'm not sure if I can send them over to you though. heee

Okay,I've been telling you on this swap that I did recently.
I finally got to open my package last night.
Michelle of Glisters and Blisters and I did a jewelry swap.
She is really such a sweetheart and I'm happy I've got to known her.
A shout out here:I love you! Thanks so much and I loved everything~

She actually also included in the package the tie dye inVestment piece.
I was really dying to have one like hers,so it was really sweet when I
saw that I have one too!

Lastly,here are some tags and awards I recently got.
Thanks so much again girls!
Thanks so much Lauren of Lauren Loves for the 'I Love Your Blog Because You Make Me Smile' award.
Choose a song:Lifehouse-Storm. Its one song that I love so much
I'm passing this on to Faridah of Fairydah(ever sweet girl) and Sher of beneaththecrystalstars(another sweetheart dear to me).

Thanks so much to Adela of Love Couture Luxe for the 'Haute Mess Award'!
I'm passing this on to Erica of Sweets and Hearts and Yi Qin of Qin at the Disco.

Thanks so much to Michelle of Glisters and Blisters for tagging with 7 white things in my room! Such a fun tag to do:D

(roses from my boyfriend 2 years back,Ikea Lamp,Angel Ty beanie)

(Vintage pair of earrings from Erica,Hair Straightener)

(Vintage polka dot dress,Hand cream)

Lastly,don't forget to join Sher of beneaththecrystalstars birthday giveaway!
She's giving away a Angel Wing Ring.
Happy Birthday to you Sher:)
Wishing you more happiness and joy to come.
Do hope I'll come and visit you sooon.


Sorry for such a lengthy post.
Now lets all sock up the sun and enjoy the last day of the weekend.


Jocelynne said...

Ohhh those cookies look so delicious. Too bad you won't be able to send them overseas to me! Oh well. Congrats on the awards girl :) Cool swap items!

Natalie said...

have a good weekend! and the pictures of the cookies r making me hungryy! i enjoyed seeing ur favorite things :)


michelle_ said...

Impressive cookies ! I'm making bitterballen at my bf's house today !
Told you that we have many similar events coming ! Hahaha..
Glad you liked my stuff although I think u gave me ALOT more stuff .
I feel like I owe you something now :(

And loved ur white stuff u tagged ! Cool hair straightener !
Mine is in boring black and silver :(

Hope u have a nice sunday..
And good luck selling those cookie jars !
I'm buy lots if I were in sgp ..

Valeriesoh said...

hey darling!!

I have been super sick and crazy in the last two days, trying to finish up the editorial deadline but it seems like no one is cooperating!!!

on top of it! my blackberry died and kinda gave up on me and it was sooo sad because I was expecting an email from my bf, so I couldn't read it !!!

how are you lately? been two days since we spoke!!! ooohhhhh dearrr... miss you!


Britty said...

The cookies look so good! and i like the rings and earrings

Anonymous said...

The cookies look yummy! everything on here is really cute. i love the vintage earrings, Ikea lamp, and the tiger tooth necklace!

you have good taste.

katie d said...

ooh cookies!! I love ALL the jewelry, and the photos :)


Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

what're the types of cookies she's seling? which is her best :)

the 7 white things tag is very fun. nice ear studs and vintage dress.

Sher said...

Aww sweetie, thank you for the award and the shoutout!! Love you lots and lots! Yup we must meet up one day hehe!

Oh the cookies look so yummy, you're a good girlfriend! i'm sure the bf's mom will be so happy for all the help!

Yay for more jewelry! I think you will make them look good cos anything you wear always looks perfect to me!

Oh the white things in your room are so sweet,especially the teddy and the roses! I can't bear to throw away the old flowers my bf sent me too:P


Sophie said...

Ooh those cookies look so amazing and tasty! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, I enjoy relaxing weekends at home. Love the white items you have tagged, the dress and earrings are gorgeous.
Thanks for your sweet comment, and brilliant questions for my Q&A I will be answering them soon! xo

A Decadent Thing said...

awesome cookiessssss!!!!
i always say i wanna bake, but all talk, and no action haha

Annachiara said...

love your post my love!!!!!i'm hungry after this photos :-) :-)
love youuuuuuuuuuuuu forevr darling :-) :-)

Jenny Cindy said...

Yum, those cookies look so cute!

yiqin; said...

The cookies look amazin! Seeing you on wed <3

daisymay said...

Those cookies look amazing!! Pity you can't send them over to the UK. Nice swap loot!

kurarin said...

wow you certainly baked up a storm. those biscuits look good (:

Faridah said...

Aww glad to hear the jewelry swap went well and how nice of her to include that gorgeous tie-die number. Thank you so much for the award sweet one!

simone! said...

I think those cookies are slightly too cute to eat. Shucks.

F i K a said...

awww..those cookies look soo delicious :D..

and the swap package you received from michelle are great!! I love the tie dye iNvestment piece!! Lucky youu girl..

anw,,do you still keep the flower from your BF 2 years ago?? woow!! actually I'm trying to keep it too..but, after about a year, I decided to throw it..because it becomes so dusty :(..

Karolina Joanna said...

cookies looks so yummy!

Jacqueline said...

The cookies are calling my name!

Talisa said...

I loove the pictures,soooo cute:)

Julls said...

yummy yummy yummy !!!!!!!!

Victoria-H said...

Thaaank u dear !! :)
We went to Napa last sunday- it's a really beautiful place in northern california- with bunch of vineyards and stuff ! really pretty !
Staying at home is very wellneeded and nice at times ! I'm a homie too most of the time ^^

Pierrot le Fou said...

oh my those cookied look AMAZING! yum yum!x

MJ said...

I wish I could soak up the sun - not that much of it around here! Those cookies look AMAZING.

Melissa said...

Those cookies look sooo good! I have that angel beanie! It was the first one I got out of my vast collection and it was a christmas present from my nan! Called Halo isn't it?

Congrats for all the awards!

JULIA said...

you are just tempting me with those cookies.

BadRomance said...

Thankyou! your blog is amazing :)

Maria Confer said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend Valencia Lia!!

Yum, those cookies look so delicious.

Oh, wow. I love all the jewelry Michelle sent you!!

Marcia B. said...

OMG u just made me die and go to heaven, thinking about how good those cookies taste, dammmn. Come to canada please or i can meet u in NY LOL

Melissa~ said...

that cookies looks so yummy!!
Love your lamp btw.
thanks for your comment!

.mackie said...

those cookies look so delicious!!

you got such great accessories =)

Clara said...

amazing pics.
it made me hungry; x

Sarah said...

Those cookies look so yummy! And the tooth necklace... Yummy.

STARR said...

I wish I was more motivated to bake like looks so good :P

Clau! said...

Those cookies loos so yummy ;)


thesydneygirl said...

heyyyy girl!!! if i was in singapore i would so buy those yummy cakes! they look amaaaaaazing!!!

maybe you can teach me how to make them haha <3

and i love the jewellery swap. you got some lovely items! im just so naughty. i really have to get myself together and send you're goodie bag :(

love you lots!!!

Phyllis said...

that tigertooth necklace is sick!! and a jewelery swap sounds so fun, great idea!

Jenna said...

Those cookies are so cute, and they look delish.

ryder said...

favorite things: the pictures of the cookies are making me hungry!and i just had cereals. not fair.

FashionJazz said...

I luved seeing all your things hun! Those cookies look delish : ) Hope u having a good monday xxx

denise said...

oh man those cookies look soooooo good :D looks like so much fun!

melly said...

How sweet of you to have kept that bouquet two years later, aww you guys!

Bubu said...

i love the sweets photosssss, great... mmmmmmm

Patty Ann said...

cooooooooooooooooookies yummy, and i love all those accessories. i was actually secretly hoping someone would tag me in the color things!!! yayyy! thanks!

Tink in My Closet said...

Baking is just the best isn't it!!

Erica Leigh said...

COOKIES!! those are so pretty. all colorful and dainty.

yay! you posted the earrings i sent you. i'm glad you like them! i love collecting vintage earrings. i'll be sure to send you a couple more for the next swap.

lots of sweet things that you have. i love that you still have roses that your boyfriend gave you 2 years ago! so cute.

thanks for the award too! i will post it in my next entry. :D

laaaaalaaaaloooove!! <3