Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Out with the past and in with the lost ones

Denim jacket:Cotton On
Maxi Dress:Forever21,swap with Patty Ann
Accessories:All random/vintage

Took these photos early in the morning before I head out for work.
Rare chance I will say,but its good.
I was afraid that I might not have enough time when I got home today.
But I took photos after work as well,so there's a mix.
And if you've noticed,all the text now is in the center.
Guess its neater this way,I don't know.

2 pieces of clothing shown before on the blog,but simple items
put together can make one great outfit! And if you see,my hair looks straighter today.
Love hate relationship with my hair everyday.Here's the thing. If I wash my hair the night before,you'll see the next day my hair has its messy natural waves.
If its washed in that morning before I head out to work,its look fairly straight and flat.
Funny thing,but I love my hair so much! Don't want to cut it ever. Of course not till it reaches the floor.

Met up with Yiqin and Dottie today and we had much fun!
Lots of yummy food and chit chatting.
We had so much food that we all forgot to take photos of it,except the mango ice again! Love it so much. And I did a blazer swap with Yiqin,will be wearing it tomorrow.

Last day of the week for me tomorrow and its the long weekend. Yeahhhhh,Happy Thanksgiving to all too~ Don't forget to join the Stella Ring giveaway here.


Anonymous said...

Hey! you look amazingly pretty! and that dress is very cute :)

Jacqueline said...

I love long dresses on you! You look amazing in them. I also like that dessert. So yummy! You have gorgeous hair yourself =) xoxo

michelle_ said...

Looks like we both are going casual today .
Another similarity !
I'm also wearing minimal amount pieces on my latest outfit post too :)

Oo ur taurus . I'm gemini . Usually side by side astrological aren't similar, bt sumhow we are :)
Hehehehehehe ..

I can't wait for the blogger meetup pictures !
I need to get some sleep too now..
Your blog is the only one I stopped by b4 I go to bed..
I'll do the rest of blog hopping tomorow :)

Hope u hav a great day :)
Last day of d week tomoro..

WhynotJustine? said...

Very cute dress!
Love ur rings


Mila said...

I love maxi dresses,yours is gorgeous!

Annachiara said...

hello my darling!!!! i love youuuuu with long dress :-) it's woonderfull....and you too :-) love the the everything!!! Gorgeous post my love!!!!
Kiss kiss darling :-)
love youuuuuuuuuuu

Sooo L.A. said...

adorable outfit! i love your dress, sooo cute and boho!how funny we were both wearing our denim jackets on the same day! hehe. thanks for your sweet comment girl!


daisymay said...

yummy desert again!! Love that dress too

melly said...

It's the maxi dress again! Oh you know you kill me with how good you look in them, every time you have one on.

Julls said...

The dress is incredible !

F i K a said...

aww..those denim jacket again!! I love it!! and it looks great with the maxi dress :) soo casual chic ;)

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Love these new photos!!! Got new camera sweetie? :)

Raquel said...

Lovely dress! Great pics!


Martynique said...

i love your jacket, blue ring is lovely !

candybox said...

Hihiii girlyyyy :) You look lovely and comfortable in your dress! <3 it.


Violet said...

this is very boho chic i love the jacket and accersories

Vi from Cali

Aurora said...

oh my, all that asian hair -u gotta love it.

Pierrot le Fou said...

you look very laid back but elegant chic :)

i'm so jealous of your long pretty hair

through being cool said...

I love ur dress alot :)


Penny said...

I love all your rings! They're super adorable.

Style Bird said...

I love the maxi look so pretty.

Leproust Vintage said...

This maxi dress looks so bohemian chic on you! I love this look!

DEV said...

Such a lovely outfit! x

Patty Ann said...

awwwww omgggggg i love you you totally rock!!! i'm so happy you are wearing the dress!!! and i got your email, yes i have the same address! what is on your wishlst for xmas?????????? i want to get you something too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patty Ann said...

RE: i just sent you a real email too! i haven't seen velvet leggings, but they sound so cool. i'll check to see if they are in stores. i havent gone shopping in a while. and is a one piece like a leotard??? sort of like the ones at american apparel? or do you mean like a jumpsuit???

also, i love all the stuff you gave me!!! sorry i havent' worn it yet, but i really do love them!!! i'v been such a bad blogger, and i've actually been posting old pictures that i took a couple months ago ahhahahahaa but shhhhhh!! you can't tell anyone!!!

Andrea said...

i really like your hair! it gives me ideas for my own hair when it grows out from the short bob i sport now. :)

Cris said...

I love maxi dresses *_*
is perfect :)


Miri said...

I wish I could wear maxi dresses! But they always make me look so short! You pull the look off so well =)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love your dress! I have a similar process with my hair, I always just let it air dry and do as it will.

Denise said...

gorgeous! i love that maxi dress on you. Now you got me thinking on why i don't have dress like that. I think it's time i find one.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Zhcsyra hp said...

im in love with ur awesome skirt linda :))

cassandra noëlla said...

that long dress is magnificent. and that food looks yummy..

i've been dormant in commenting and blogging for a bit. has to do with busy schedule and a bit of lazy. hahaha . but HEY! im back.

cassandra noëlla said...

p.s. -- i loooooove the photos of the cookies in the blog below! they are great. i love it. i want some cookies. send me some. YUM. i love cookies so much.. and photos.. so photos of cookies is a double.

Sher said...

Oh, I won't be bored even if you've worn this before because it's so pretty! And I kinda like your hair like this! Of course it looks good with messy waves too!

so how long have you not cut your hair lol? It is very long already!! I trim every 2 months now because I can't stand the split ends!!

Aww so sweet that you met up with other bloggers again! And the mango ice still look as delicious as the first time!!

Can't wait to see the blazer you swapped:)

Yay for looooong weekends, gonna go shopping tomorrow, yay!!!


F i K a said...

Re: yes yes yes..I always love to spend my time with Delon :)..
and about the cage shoes..actually my customer can customized the heels..coz it is custom made..I made it only in 5cm because I don't really like to wear high heels in my daily life ;)..anw, I plan to make another cage shoes with higher heels :D..hihi.. don't read any of the twilight saga novel? Actually I love to read the novels and also want to know how the director will make the story came true in a movie :D..hihi

love youu too :D

Julls said...

Well,I've bought my bag from Bershka,a really nice store.I guess you have it in your city too.
It's designed by José Castro and it is really cheep.Like,less than 5 $.

More info here :

And My leopard scarf is from SH.
Love you.

Faridah said...

That maxi dress is gorgeous! It's so refreshing to see a maxi dress on blogs. That mango dish looks MMMM MMMMMMMM! Awesome photos as always.

The spray is a dry shampoo that I love because I can't stand it when my hair even has the littlest showing of greasiness. It's called Batiste Dry Shampoo. So handy to have in your bag! Just spritz at the sign of greasiness.

FashionJazz said...

Wow long dresses look amazing on you!!! : ) xxx

Lypchîc said...

wow!!!I love your blog!!! you have a great style!!!!!
I'm following you now =)

Ddays Of Our Lives said...

Love your jean perfecto jacket!!



I want your jacket!!!!!

jeane said...

Gostei do look e vc sorrindo fica mais linda!!!!

jeane said...

Gostei do look e vc sorrindo fica mais linda!!!!

Sophia said...

i love these photos. you're so pretty :o)

same deal with my hair. how it looks totally depends whether i washed it the night before or the morning of. it's kinda fun and unexpected that i was, i suppose. i'm also way too chicken to do anything else with it except the same haircut i've had since i was in elementary school!

you update so often, that's blogger dedication. big x.

Carmen said...

You look so cute in that first photo. I love this look, your jacket is fab.


Shantee said...

i cant believe i still havent got my maxi dress @.@
love how u paired it with the denim jacket dear :D

thesydneygirl said...

sooooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3

Erica Leigh said...

that mango ice looks so good! i want some. too bad we don't have that here...but i think i could maybe get that in LA somewhere. chinatown hopefully?? ;]

hehe, i know what it's like to want to keep your hair as looooong as possible. but the stylist i had last time accidentally cut more than i wanted (wahhh!) and i'm growing it out again. my bangs are another story. they're crazy and uncooperative.

i love your first picture! so happy. i like smiley outfit pictures. the maxi dress is very pretty. i'm like the only one who doesn't have one yet. they're usually too long for me. :(

haha, i can't believe that all of you got so distracted from eating/talking that you forgot to take photos! too bad. actually, that would've happened to me too, i'm sure. ;D