Monday, November 30, 2009

At the bus stop when it was pouring with a crushed ego

Lace crop top:Cotton On
Denim oversized shirt:Tommy Hilifiger,mom's closet
Acessories:All random/vintage/swaps

I did have Monday blues today.
This is what long weekends do to you,you don't want to go back to your normal mundane life anymore. But we have to know,for those working. We don't work,no money to buy those clothes and shoes. heee I found these huge menswear shirt in my mom's room. So I thought I wore it as a tube dress over my lace crop top. Turns out it was a pretty good match.

And I forgot all about this pair of crochet tights I got way back from Forever 21. It was all the way under my closet and I'm glad to have re-found it. Going to wear it more often now.Can you all believe its December already tomorrow ? This year has gone way too fast,and I still have lots of things undone. Have you lived this year to the fullest? I know I haven't,its time to make and mend our plans and move on with them.

I can't share my piece of exciting news with everyone yet. But I do have another piece of good news to share. My lovely friend, Joelyne of The Sydney Girl has been nominated up for Star Central's Sexiest Woman of the Year. She's a sweetheart and a girl with a very big kind heart.
So she does need all your help and votes too.
You can vote once every 24 hours and voting ends 6th January 2010 at 12am AEST. Start voting right now!

Also,look what I got in my hands today?? Thanks to my sister who found it! I finally have the Fall/Winter copy of Couture Magazine. Ohhhh,finally~ It's the latest and most up to date guide and review of this season's trends, lines and fashion shows. Its my friend,Valerie Soh's magazine.
I'm so happy for her as her efforts and hard work has paid off. I can't wait for the next issue to be out as well.I heard it's in its finishing touches.
Off to read my magazine now,shhhh.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Misty skies among the starry bright night

inVestment shawl/top:swap with Glisters and blisters
Inner YSL top:online store
Leggings:random store in town
Canvas shoes:Cotton On

huge race track for today.

I took this long weekend to rest,so I've been a little slow in catching up with blogs. But i will today and trying my best to visit all of you:)

I wore my inVestment piece today again,its really so versatile with outfits and I really love the color of it. Thanks so much again Michelle for getting one for me. You really so sweet. I feel like I look like a hippie/yuppie today. But I guess its more on a hippie boho look. The weather was hot and cold today. Raining so heavily in the early part of the day and its so sunny now.

It will be madness next month with all the Christmas shopping. I know I have lots of gifts to buy and wrap,but its really so exciting. And the joy when people open their gifts up,its just so sweet. I have so many things on my wish list,will be putting it up here soon.
I also have a piece of really exciting and personal news to share with everyone. But not now,I will disclose it when the date gets closer.

Lastly,the Sew Delish Stella Ring Giveaway winner is Natalia of HoneyBunny In Wonderland.
Congratulations girl and you'll be receiving an email from Nancy of Sew Delish shortly.

Next giveaway coming up soon~
A personal Christmas package from me,more details soon.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

No turning back once its gone

Image Heavy!

As you can see,I'm doing a photo every hour.
You may have seen bloggers who have done this series,so I'm joining in now.
I have been trying to do this now,but I kept forgetting to snap a photo every hour.
So here it is now:)

7.30am-Rise and shine:)

8.30am-Checking on daily emails.

9.30am-Heading out of the house.
10.30am-Waiting for daddy while looking at this.

11.30am-Brunch at Toast Box. Yummy!
12.30pm-Daddy got himself some shirts at Giordano.
1.30pm-Arrived at my boyfriend's home
2.30pm-Packing all his cars. Actually,I was sorting out all the mini screws for him.
3.30pm-Enjoying my fix of Sticky hard candies.
4.30pm-Gorgeous sunset.
5.30pm-had a cup of fruit punch,a favorite.
6.30pm-Minced Meat Noodles for dinner.
7.30pm-Guess who? Its the boy always loving the camera. Check out his cool glasses.
8.30pm-Sour candies. Red and green,reminds me of Christmas!
9.30pm-Time to head home.
Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What's on the other side of a rainbow ?

Blazer:swap with Yiqin
Tee:Cotton On
Pants:somewhere from mom's closet
Bowler hat:online store
Shoes:Cotton On
Accessories:All vintage/random

Pssst,is this way of writing text easier to read? Or the one I used to write in before posts?

Today is the start of a long weekend. Hurray,I'm super happy now.Because tomorrow is a public holiday,no work tomorrow:) Instead of heading out all the time,it will be
good if I stayed indoors and work on some DIY projects that has been postponed forever now.
Lots of rest and maybe I'll go catch New Moon as its sneaks all over here.
Or maybe I shall wait and not be with all the girls going gaga. No offense,I guess I'm one too.

Weather was so warm today,in the end pushed my bangs slightly to the side. Cool breeze on my forehead makes me feel more calm. This is the swap blazer I did with Yiqin yesterday.
It was suppose to be a swap of two,but she forgot all about it and only brought one. So another swap it will be.

The sky is going darker as I'm blogging this. Perfect weather for home movies and blogs catching up. I need to take time to watch more movies. Be it at home or in the cinemas,I do miss that. As for all of you in the States,its going to be a long weekend too right? So excited for you all with the food and gatherings. I want a huge turkey at home,maybe I'll get my mom to bake one.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone all around.
Things to be thankful for:
  • My good health and all my loved ones too
  • Being able to wake up each morning and be contented with what I have
  • My family
  • My wonderful and ever supporting boyfriend
  • All the sweet emails I get everyday
  • All the wonderful friends I've made through blogging
Don't forget to enter the Stella Ring giveaway here if you haven't.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Out with the past and in with the lost ones

Denim jacket:Cotton On
Maxi Dress:Forever21,swap with Patty Ann
Accessories:All random/vintage

Took these photos early in the morning before I head out for work.
Rare chance I will say,but its good.
I was afraid that I might not have enough time when I got home today.
But I took photos after work as well,so there's a mix.
And if you've noticed,all the text now is in the center.
Guess its neater this way,I don't know.

2 pieces of clothing shown before on the blog,but simple items
put together can make one great outfit! And if you see,my hair looks straighter today.
Love hate relationship with my hair everyday.Here's the thing. If I wash my hair the night before,you'll see the next day my hair has its messy natural waves.
If its washed in that morning before I head out to work,its look fairly straight and flat.
Funny thing,but I love my hair so much! Don't want to cut it ever. Of course not till it reaches the floor.

Met up with Yiqin and Dottie today and we had much fun!
Lots of yummy food and chit chatting.
We had so much food that we all forgot to take photos of it,except the mango ice again! Love it so much. And I did a blazer swap with Yiqin,will be wearing it tomorrow.

Last day of the week for me tomorrow and its the long weekend. Yeahhhhh,Happy Thanksgiving to all too~ Don't forget to join the Stella Ring giveaway here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Down with a heart bursting with much love

Wolf tank(not seen):online,strayedheart.lj
Windbreaker:long time ago from Hong Kong
Accessories:All random
inVESTment scarf:Swap with Glisters and Blisters

My scarf version and Michelle's top/shawl version

I was busy in the 2nd half of today at work.
Filing many documents up,and I was so sleepy the whole time.
But its finally all done nicely.
So happy now at work I can fully concentrate on my own things now.

I'm wearing my new inVESTment piece in a swap with Michelle of Glisters and Blisters.
Its a scarf/top and you can wear it in many ways.
Coincidentally,both of us are wearing it today.
So here's both our versions.
Ohhhh,I have the blue one while she has the white one.

Thanks so so much girl for getting me one too,you're so sweet!

Headed for a waxing session at Honeypot today.
Girls,if you need to get all hair free.
They are really the best place to go!
Honeypot makes their own in house wax and its in a gorgeous
girly pink wax.

I'm not writing this because they told me to.
But its that they are indeed the best around.

Thanks so much to Blue Is In Fashion This Year for the feature
on my wolf tank along with other awesome bloggers.
You should surely check out this blog if you have not.
And also head on down to spot me here as well.

Don't forget to enter the Sew Delish Stella Ring giveaway~