Friday, July 31, 2009

You are my dancing queen

Extra long leggings:Topshop
Scarf:Alexander Mcqueen
Sunglasses:H&M(*excuse the tag)
Braided headband:Diva

Its Friday !! I always look forward to the weekend . Able to rest without having to wake up at 5plus every morning .

Friday is dress-down day in the office . This is what I wore, love headbands and the 60's when all the hippies were hanging out

If time could relive itself, I would choose to be born in the 60's . I love being a hippie if I could.

The heels I'm wearing has been with me for about 4 years now . It was just a simple pair of shoes that I DIY-ed during prom to save some money from buying new shoes .

Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to:Pose for your outfit photos

Okay so sometimes we get lost or look funny in our photos . We're not sure how to pose,where to look,what to do with our hands etc etc etc.

I've create a few easy steps(to help us al
l out/or to pose even better than before)
All photos are taken from people like us, fashion bloggers ! Normal everyday people :D

tep 1: Location !
Do pick somewhere that the background has good lightning and brings out your photos better.
Like the outdoors,while you're getting your laundry done or the side of the road.
Step 2: Where do we look ? Which direction ?
The side
look away,looking down,looking at the camera.
Oh yes, if you're looking to side,always show your good side. hee
Step 3: Hands hands !
Those hands
I realized that even myself have problems with my hands. I sometimes get lost where do I put them.
Place them covering your half your face,do the hair flip(guys watch out!),hands behind your back and few more below. Step 4:Always pose with your bag !
(or a bottle,drink,chips etc)

I believe that other than just your outfit,its always fun to have another object to pose with.
Don't let out your bag when taking your shots.
Or you could hold a bottle of drink,chips,balloon,umbrella and so many others :)Step 5:SMILE :D
A smile is an in expensive way to change your looks


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green tea with mint melts in your hands

Dress:years ago from Hong Kong
Knit tights:Forever21
Bowler hat:online store
Bag: $2 value store

Not that of a pleasant day . Because the outfit I wore for today,my dress I mean, keep coming up or let's say flip up

What was worse was I had to go collect an food order for the office today outside and hopped on to a van.
So as you can imagine,my dress went really high and I nearly showed my undies for the world to see. haa

But I cannot really be bothered. Love what I wore today .
Oh yes, and my mini wonder woman lunchbox my sis got for me on her trip from uk . Adorable

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marshmellows and warm coffee with you

Dress:Le Sac Dress,American Apparel
Outer Jacket:vintage,thrifted
Bowler Hat:Online store
Accessories:all vintage

Understand totally when its tiring when no one helps to take your photos or you may seem mad running to and fro when using self-timer for your shots.

It does seem alittle funy,but tiring too. Anyway, I've got it done :)

Wore my tucked away dress I bought since the beginning of the year,decided to finally wear it out.
Ohhh yes, my bike shorts !

Wore them out today. Intended to use them as a lining just in case my dress flips up. But looks rather good with the outfits .

Pssst, like you've said erica . Girls like us have to wear heels more often !

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blue plus blue equals ?!

Accessories(taken off):vintage

Managed to self-take my photos today . My phone self timer function works really well .

Thought it wasnt going to be good,but gave it a shot and the photos turned out not bad.
Damn the rain was pouring so badly today,had to wear flip flops all the way back home. Which I left my shoes in the office :(

Took some shots in the restroom, I know alittle gross. But the toliet in the office smells really nice .
Cannot wait to pair my outfits with new bike shorts. But maybe over the weekend as I can't wear them to work .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The reason I'm so happy

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts ! This weekend didnt have much plans of heading out .
Partly the changing of
hot and cold weather. So cuddled up with my love and enjoying each other's company .

I'e fnally got my bike/cycle shorts .So happy, set in my mind many new ways of wearing it . Above are inspirations to my new shorts !

Promise a new outfit post tomorrow :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

I think of you all the time

I realized that I've been blogging the day after the event happens. Ohh well, sometimes because I'm busy with the online store with my friend, which can be found at redblinkinglights

And sometimes its because I always sleep in early. I'm a true
believer of sleeping early and waking up early(like 7am-ish)is good for your body and skin too ! Which is important for us girls .

So had dinner yesterday out with boyfriend's family as it was his
mom's birthday .Happy birthday Auntie !

Didnt take any outfit photo, cos was in leggings and a threadless
top .

But I saw the most amazing motorbike, and its vintage !

Ohhhhh and Jane from seaofshoes has offically launched her shoe line with Urban outfitters . So means you can purchase them now from the website !!

I love the lace up boots ! Lovely~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nudes/dresses/heelss !

That's what I'm craving for at the moment ! More nice nude dresses and more dresses . Lots of accessories to add on and shoesss !

Wants !
Wants ! by Me on

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Overwhelmed by all bright lights

(Topshop knit top,Supre matte leggings,grey flower baggu,cotton on shoes)

After work yesterday, it was a girls' night out .
To the new ION orchard .
It was alright, not that great except for the new Topshop store .
Flooded with so much more dresses,jackets and shoeeesssss !
I've wished I took more pictures there but was afraid that the sales person might chase me out or something :(

Bought 3 pairs of ear studs . Lovely :) And got 1litre of apple juice for just a dollar !