Monday, May 31, 2010

Skin crawl moments don't happen to me

Drapey jacket:h&m
Leggings:Cotton On
Shoes:Minnetonka moccasins

Fishtail braid I did 4 days back,and braided them yesterday again!

So so sorry for not blogging for almost a week! Ahhhhh,so busy with the renovations at home and doing up my new room. Nope,it's not ready yet. I'm still in the midst of picking out furniture and small items to decorate my room. I want to make it look cosy due to the small space I have to work with.
The theme you might ask,it's a retro hippies vibe,you all know me. I love love the 1960s so I do hope I can create the same thing with my room. Anyone out there knows any key elements or ideas for my room?

Anyhow,I've been into fishtail braid lately and it's such a easy yet different way to the normal braids.It's not really clear in the picture above. But for anyone who's curious and wants to try it. Here's the video I followed on youtube:)
P.S you realized I'm not wearing accessories. It's because all of them are now kept in boxes.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glorious food,oh how yummy ~

Had a pretty relaxing weekend where I had lots of rest and stayed home to watch movies. But on Sunday,went out to celebrate my love grandma's birthday. We ordered a huge cake for her and it sure was yummy! Even the inner layer of the cake was filled with fruits. I ate quite a lot of those red eggs and like you can see,buffet was superb!

I've finally reached 300 followers!!! It did came up slow,but I'm so happy. Thanks so so much to everyone who has been reading and more awesome posts to come~

Saturday, May 22, 2010

No one knows what goes on in one's mind

Black one piece:American Apparel
Shorts:Cotton On
Accessories:All random
Hair bow:Gift from Erica
Shoes:Bought from Valerie

I feel all girly today,but it's part of being a girl. I tend not to be over girly all the time,just feels odd and people keep looking at you. Whichever the case,I feel comfortable in what I'm wearing. 

I don't have much to write on today,but I can't wait to enjoy my next week as I'm taking quite a few days off from work and well deserved rest for me is good! What can I say? Make the most out of your remaining weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diamonds are not only a girl's best friend now

To compliment a simple dress without much accessories is fairly simple. Have you ever thought of earrings? Don't belittle something as small as this,it really helps us girls go a long way looking gorgeous.They are in fact the one accessory we often neglect about. But then you might think a pair of earrings that will last and looks good at the same time will cost you a hefty price. Fret no more! Over at My Jewelry Box,you can find all sorts of affordable earrings that will suit you on any day.

Look at these gorgeous gold earrings below,aren't they gorgeous!

This simple pair of pearl earrings would go well with daily wear and won't take any attention off from what you'll be wearing.

For cocktail dinners,why don't put on this pair?

And last but not least,maybe a gift to your mom! Even though Mother's day is long over,it's not to late to tell her how much you love her?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A poem made into a song would make me smile sweetly

Shirt:Cotton On
Body chain:Custom made,Winnie

When in doubt,just pair a patterned leggings with a plain white top and you're good to go! Like I've said,it beats having the normal black leggings you see everywhere around. Anyhow,I've been working and working lately. A holiday on the beach would be lovely,anyone who's willing to let me do a resort review?? Just kidding,I'm a dreamer for sure.

No rest for me this week till Saturday is over~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I want to feel the clouds with my bare hands

Shirt:vintage,Ralph Lauren
Scarf:Alexander Mcqueen
Accessories:All random
Shoes:Minnetonka Moccasins

I'm back from my short break from blogging. Feels super good to be back of course! Had a pretty alright weekend and meet up with my dad on Sunday. Spent the whole afternoon catching up and also he bought some goodies back for me from his trips.

I got a new pair of havaianas from the upcoming World Cup collection that my dad bought from Brazil and a shirt from Texas. I do like what it says on it :) Apprently,the Brazil team filp-flops are sold out. Hmm,who do you think will win this year? Oh yes,and a pair of shorts for myself too! I need more of such,the weather these days are so warm. I'm also trying to dress up with style yet being comfortable at the moment.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Never take no for any answer

Drapey front jacket: h&m
Tie dye bodysuit:Swap with Chantele

Can you just see how happy I am now? My camera is back in full force again,yeahh! Thanks to Sarah for passing me the charger,even though it doesn't fit well. I guess some of you can related to how it feels when your own camera charger goes missing. Say bye bye to mobile phone photos~

Oh yes,now I can take better photos again. I'll have to wait till my tattoo has fully healed before showing everyone again. She looks kind of disfigured right now with all the skin peeling.So on to the weekend instead,I doubt i

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I can heard the thunder everywhere I go

Shirt:vintage Ralph Lauren,thrifted
Shoes:Minnetonka moccasins

Have I been boring everyone lately with my posts?? I want to post so much better looking photos,but my dumb charger! Thinking of a way to get my mom to buy me a new one. She has said no,but I will try again to ask. Sometimes I can take up to an hour just pondering over what to wear out. Hence,it gets me leaving my house late.

Threw this on in 5 minutes and just headed out. Yup,one of those 5 minutes outfits I had on again. This week will be over in no time~

Monday, May 10, 2010

What lies beneath is never known to others

YSL shirt:online store
Accessories:All random
Shoes(not shown:)Jooks

Recently,I've been more into pants than wearing skirts. I mean dresses not counted,but pants or like the ones I'm wearing today has got me hooked on them. I've been thinking lately,how do those designers like in USA or Europe get so famous?? Surely because their locals support them that's the first thing. So likewise,I myself have to support local designers here too. That's one way to help the brand grow I guess.

 I finally bought this pair of harem pants/shorts from the local label,Nicholas. Some of you must have heard of him, I love all the drapey clothing that they have. What's more,the shop is just next to where I work. Going to surely buy more local brands now :)

Still no luck with my camera charger,my mom keeps claiming she didn't throw it away. Oh well.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday ~

Due to my missing DSLR charger,all photos were taken by mobile phones. Sorry for blurry pictures!

Dress:Custom made,Sweets and Hearts by Erica
Bag(not pictured):Baggu
Shoes(not shown):Jooks

This photo doesn't do any justice,she is so much more beautiful when you actually see it!
My skin's still very swollen,so she may look a little funny to you.

I was pretty tired towards end of dinner.

Close your eyes,kids~

It was such a blast yesterday celebrating my birthday. It was a whole day of events and I got so tired last night didn't even had the mood to blog. My beautiful dress was made by my lovely friend,Erica. She was sweet to add in few more goodies when she sent my dress as well. Thanks! Headed for brunch during the day with my love where he surprised me with a bouquet of pink roses that had couple bears and a heart balloon.

Next came long hours of tattoo session. I got the classic pin-up girl tattoo. Some parts of it hurt so badly that I was crushing the cushion that became so crumbled. I had a hard time photographing her by myself,so do bear with me when I take better photos with my camera. I need my missing charger back! Back to the point,the photo doesn't do justice. She is so much more gorgeous up close.
Dinner at Tony Roma's was super yummy and we all ate so full till there was no space left for cake. Without my DSLR,I realized I didn't snap as much photos. I'm sorry on not being able to capture more outfit shots.

Thank you to everyone out there who wished me Happy Birthday,you all made me one happy girl! Big thanks to my family and my love for celebrating with me too. I'm never complete without you :) I love you!

P.S Didn't put up the photo I took with my mom and sis as we were all looking rather weird. heee