Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pick a name you'll never label yourself

Denim jacket:Cotton On
Shirt:vintage,found randomly at home
Accessories:All random

A very piece of good news I want to announce but I'll keep it till the end of this post. Sorry for the slightly blurry images too, was using the shop's camera.

I thought this jacket was gone for good around the house when I saw it this morning! Hello there,my denim jacket. Are denims still in trend? Do you follow trends? I tend to sometimes to be honest but I try to stay away from them. Colors of the red range came all on with my outfit today,it occurs that I do wear a lot of the same color range at one time recently.
This week ends early for me,taking Thursday off and Friday is a public holiday here. It will be an extra long weekend for me!

I've been having a new batch of clothes and accessories due to the recent fashion blogger contest I'm in. Will be slowly wearing all those out when the contest is almost over.
Yes,the 1st look comes out in Straits Times URBAN this Friday,2nd April!
So get ready to start voting. More details will be released on Friday via my blog and twitter!

So the very good news is that my feature on Cosmogirl Indonesia is out! I was pretty shocked as I didn't know anything about it until a fellow reader told me. 

Big thank you to Rani from Cosmogirl Indonesia and also to Michelle who offered to help me scanned the pages in and did the translation. I'm so so happy I got to be on pages of a magazine,it's my 1st one and maybe more to come~

(click picture to enlarge)

The article is in Malay,here's the translation below in english if you need.

CG : Hey Valencia ! Tell us how you started your blog?
I'm inspired by many fashion blogs - reading blogs inspires my daily style from years to years. One day, I thought I should make one too even though I never thought that people would actually want to read it. And from then, I never regretted starting a blog.

CG : What do you write in your blog?
My blog consists of my daily outfits, fun photos, and some my own life. Basically, my blog is more focused towards personal style and fashion.
CG : who is your fashion inspiration?
The Olsen sisters is my main inspiration. I really love how they make their outfits look more stylish. I also want to be apart of the 60s and the hippies era !
CG : what other things inspire you?
Nature - things like feathers, trees, and anything else that's handmade sometimes inspire me.
CG : What's your signature style?
A mix of vintage styles with a touch of modernity. Dresses, leggings, and pants are some of the items that I wear on a daily basis. Other than thay, I never leave home without piles of accessories.
CG: You will never be seen wearing....
Fishnet stockings is really not for me. I will never wear that even if I'm paid ! They don't give me good vibes.

CG: Who's your favorite designer and brand?
Betsey Johnson. She's so good in adding colors in her collections. For favorite brands, I don't have any but vintage shops and ebay are one of my favorite places to shop. You'll never know what gems you can find there !

CG: What is your most "Must Have" outfit?
A really good structured blazer,a vintage loose blouse and a pair of pow wow leggings! Meaning they have to be bright or patterned. 

CG: How do you predict this year's trend will be like?
I guess florals would continue for some time. Surely we will be seeing many bright colors used in clothing,more abstract prints in long flowly dresses and more outrageous shoes collections!

CG: What is the meaning of girl power for you?
To me,it means that girls can take charge too! Even if its something that is huge in one's life,we girls can surely pull it off. We are not to be belittled by others and girls can surely have the brains and beauty too.

CG: How will you apply it in real life?
To empower other women around that we are people that can make things happen. Knowing that we can dream big and success in life.

CG: Who is the most powerfull women for you? Why?
My mother. She is such a strong woman bringing my younger sister and myself by herself this past few years. Even though it means going out of her way,she always wants us to be happy. So mom,you're the best!

CG: If you were a SuperHero, who would you want it to be?
Catwoman! I love the sexy silhouette and the all black outfit. Also because I'm so in love with drawing cat/winged eyeliner and Egyptian history.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For the shopaholics~

(sorry for the small photos,couldn't get them any bigger yet clear. Click on them to see details)

What is one thing girls always need in their closets and can never get enough of?? Clothes that's for sure. At To.Build.Castles.In.The.Air,you will be spoilt for choices! Ranging from dresses to gorgeous tops,dresses and many more. Here are my top 5 picks from her shop:

If that's not enough,these adorable earphones should make you want to plug them on each day with your Ipods!

There's also a point system:

Points system scheme:
For every $20 you spend you will earn one point. One point is equivalent to $0.50, and you can use it the next time you purchase from us.

Head on down here to get your hands on these before they all run out~

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bring all moments back to where the heart is

Drapey jacket:h&m
Tie dye bodysuit:Swap from Chantele
Wedges:Bought from Valerie
Accessories:All random

Yesterday's outfit:

2 outfits in one today,both with my new drapey front jacket I bought from h&m. Thanks to Denise,I managed to get my hands on this! So I couldn't resist wearing my green romper out again but with just a different jacket. Can't help it,this jacket is such a beauty. The weekend was filled with lots of home spring cleaning and also snapping photos for the 2nd outfit of the blogger's competition. I ended up with loads of mozzies bites but the photos turned out awesome. Credits surely go to my sister who helped me.

Rain poured and poured all of today,what better wear to add drama with the jacket again. I know,it is a staple for my closet now. It's going to be a really short week for me which ends on Wednesday,taking the rest of the week off and just to sit back relax and rest,it feels good~ 

Ohh,many of you asked on the galaxy projector I bought shown the the previous post. I actually bought it through a spree from this person's site here. I'm not sure if there will be another one,but you'll never know:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mountains and seas will never scare the storms away

Velvet blazer:Gift from Starr
Romper/playsuit:Dirty Pretty Things
Shoes:Minnetonka moccasins

Camera on low battery and sudden shut down while I'm taking photos these few days. Those are some irritating moments that ends each day. Aside from that,my photos came out weird for this outfit. But I do love my new romper I bought from Dirty Pretty Things. The bright green mint color stole my heart and it is so gorgeous! Colors just keep invading my closet and it's a good thing to see so much colors around. I guess different colors do make a difference in making you feel happy and at ease too.

My new galaxy light projector came yesterday and it brightens up any dark room around the house. So beautiful to have your very own galaxy at home. Today's a day of hunting down my next outfit for the blogger competition,so wish me luck!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Take me higher to a place where no one knows

Knit top:vintage,thrifted
Pants:dad's old ones
Accessories:All random
Wedges:Bought from Valerie

Going to sum this up really quick as its bedtime for me. Yes,I do sleep early everyday. Pants pants my comfort to run to and playing around with accessories is what I love to do on a daily basis. Aim:To grow my accessories collection even bigger and bigger.
Work is busy daily and I do keep blogging of course,but replying to comments is a little harder but I'm trying my best! Any questions at all,please do follow me on twitter or ask a question on formspring. Also yes,been busy with the Tampines 1 fashion blogger competition too.

 Going well so far,the 1st week's outfit will be out on Straits Times Urban/Tampines 1 facebook page on APRIL 2nd! So do help vote for me:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I went pass a tree and carve your name deep within

Top:vintage,local flea market find
High waist shorts:Mango

sorry for the poor quality,was taken from my mobile phone.

Quick outfit post today and I didn't manage to get much nice shots. This rainbow top seriously never fails to make my day happier. I think the happy effect also affects the people around me and for sure you want happy vibes around you all the time. I've been busy with work and the blogger contest,running around getting the outfit right and hoping to get good photos from it. All goes well for now and I'm just so excited to be in it.

Oh yes,I'm still keeping my ban on spending too much. A little proud of myself and I did my very 1st DIY attempt yesterday while I was at work. I followed Behind The Seams tutorial here. Do try it,so easy to make and a great layering piece.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sipping ice chilled tea by the beach watching the sunset

Mustard blazer:Vintage,thrifted
Inner top:Gmarket
Accessories:All random
Shoes:Minnetonka Moccasins

New playsuit/romper I bought.

Yes,I wanted to blog yesterday but each night I get home late,all I think of is heading to bed. 
Had great fun yesterday meeting up with Shantee! She was here for the weekend from Malaysia and we went shopping,chilling and lots of walking. She was such a nice person and really down to earth. Minni, Shantee's friend and Yiqin were there too! Now,on my agenda for my travels is heading back to Malaysia to visit. Will have to work on that and make it happen:)

Shopping,lots of girly talk and to end off the day,dinner at Ashton's. Super yummy and really affordable western food. I can't believe it was my 1st time dining there,have to go back there often for sure. I bought a romper from Shantee's online store and also a new pouch for my ipod nano. Finally,a photo of my new gadget too,thanks my love! Have a great Monday,no Monday blues as we know the weekend is so near ahead.