Friday, November 6, 2009

Thrush Vintage Knit Hair Bow Giveaway !

Time for another giveaway~
The lovely Anne from Thrush Vintage has kindly teamed up with me for
this lovely giveaway.
She's offering up one knit hair bow each to 3 lucky readers!
In Cranberry,Cream and Saffron.

So each winner will get a different color knit hair bow.
Perfect to match with outfits or to add a dazzle touch to your hair.

Here's first a short interview I did with her.

1.A short introduction on yourself.
My name is Anne and I run Thrush Vintage out of Denver.

2.What started your love for vintage?
I've always loved vintage clothing, starting when I was in high school. I did a lot of thrifting then, and remembering what I gave away when I went off to college breaks my heart a little bit. Why did I ever think that giving away a 1960's yellow cotton a-line skirt with embroidered birds all over it was a good idea?

3.Do you have an absolute favorite piece?
I have many favorite pieces now, but the one dearest to my heart would have to be a 1950's black cocktail dress with a lace inset collar that makes me kind of swoon every time I look at it.

4.Can you describe your process for selecting items for your store?
When I'm picking an item for my shop, I consider lots of things. Sometimes something will just pop out at me and I'll know I have to have it for the shop, but my number one rule is that just because something is vintage doesn't make it pretty, and the ultimate decider is fit.

I want women to really love the pieces they buy from me and really love how they look in them, and cut is what really makes or breaks a garment.

5.What is your own personal style like?
My own personal style is probably best described as eclectic and relaxed. I try to mix vintage pieces from the shop with newer garments so that nothing looks dated, and love that I have a never-ending cyclical wardrobe.
There are only about five or six pieces I own that I refuse to give up to the shop.

6.Besides running an online store, what else takes up your time?
Running the shop takes up much of my day, and for me there's nothing better than owning and running my own business. I can take a day off whenever I feel like it, and I truly love running the store.

7.Where do you gather your inspiration?
I gather my inspiration from all around. Lately I've been watching Mad Men, and so have been adding tons of early 60's wiggle dresses to the shop and continually reassuring myself that no, I would not look good with bright red hair.

8.Any style advice that you would like to share?
My best style advice is to not get stuck in a fashion rut or allow any scene to dictate how you dress. And absolutely have fun with what you wear!

Here's how to enter:

Mandatory entry- Go visit Anne’s store- Thrush Vintage.Then leave a comment with a link to your favorite item, and why it’s your favorite. Easy!

For any extra entries, leave an additional comment for each that you do.
1 Entry - Heart Thrush Vintage on Etsy and leave your user name.
1 Entry - Heart any item from Thrush Vintage on Etsy and leave your user name, with the item title.
1 Entry - Follow my blog, Roll Up Your Sleeve, and gain an extra entry.
1 Entry - Follow Anne’s blog, Thrush Vintage
1 Entry - Follow Anne on Twitter
1 Entry-Follow me on Twitter
3 Entries - Blog, tweet, facebook this giveaway OR Thrushvintage’s shop and leave a link. Getting the word out gets you 3 entries! Go ahead and leave three comments. (You can do this as many times as you want.)

Do also remember to include your email address so it's much easier to contact you.
This is open to all international readers!

The winners will be chosen randomly via on 14th November.

Lastly,Anne is also really generous !
She's offering 15% off all vintage in the shop to Roll Up Your Sleeve readers through Nov. 15th with the promo code "roll up your sleeve" entered in checkout.


Valeriesoh said...

yay first comment.

first time ever! :)

daisymay said...

Oh fun another giveaway! I know I won the last one but ah well I may get lucky twice! I Love this dress so so much I heart this item and her shop my username is daisymay1. Oh and obviously I follow you. Will also blog the giveaway after I have had lunch.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Fabulous giveaway, darling!

I need the Knit Hair Bow in Cranberry - It's very Blair Waldorf, and every girl needs a splash of red in her life! :)

M.rolez said...

I love your sTyle ;)



This is so sweet!
Congratulations for the giveaway!!

Shopper said...

Great photos!

Maria Confer said...

Gorgeous giveaway!!

I love the unicorn sweater!!

Sophie Carmo said...

I love the hair bow, they are very nice!Muakssssss

Maria Confer said...

Here goes all my extra comments.

I heart Thrush vintage on Etsy.

user name: MariaConfer

Maria Confer said...

Hearted item in her shop: Unicorn Hearts sweater

user name:MariaConfer

Maria Confer said...

follower of your blog

Maria Confer said...

Follower of anne's blog!

Maria Confer said...

follow anne on twitter

Maria Confer said...

follow you twitter

wow, that was a lot of entries!

Sher said...

Great giveaway!!!

There are so many favourite items but I am looking for a pleated skirt so I choose this one!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

eee, these hair bows are so cute! i can't believe your making me pick just ONE favorite thing from her shop...they're so many goodies there. But if I have to, I say the anchor skirt or the 50's gingham full skirt.
I like this giveaway...LOTS!

Oh, I don't wanna leave me email cuz last time I did that on a giveaway I started getting emails from one of those money scammers in Africa that are VERY dangerous and financially bad news. You know where to find me if I win. :)

Sher said...

follower of ur blog!

Sher said...

follower of anne's blog!

Sher said...

followed ur twitter!

Sher said...

followed anne's twitter!!

Sophie said...

Wow this is a lovely giveaway, The knitted bows are so cute. I love the cranberry one and the cream looks really well with her dark hair, unfortunately i dont think it would look quite as good with my white(ish) hair! Anyway, I will be sure to check out her blog and follow it and I'm already a follower of yours!xo

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

the steam engine train case is my fave item in her store:

cos i just am a sucker for train cases and this looks cool.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

following you on twitter :)

thanks for your concern. i was a lil scratched on the knee. nothing major :)

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

tweeted about this giveaway.


Tights Lover said...

Definitely the Audrey Hepburn Slip:

I love vintage slips, and this is a great one with a lot of lace detail...very pretty. And who wouldn't want an Audrey Hepburn anything??

.mackie said...

bows are so cute! will definitely look at shop when i have more time.. but for now.. work =(

Annie said...

This is such an awesome giveaway! My favorite item in her shop is this skirt:

Annie said...

I follow your blog!

Annie said...

I follow you on Twitter!

Annie said...

Annnnnd I follow Anne's blog!

And my e-mail is

NINE said...

love those bows! xo nina

E said...

Wow, I love the knit quality of these pieces!!

Liya said...

too cute
i adore!
will go enter
ps linked you in my latest post...check it out :)

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

I love all your bowties and reading your answers! Tweeted about this, so one entry for me! YAY!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

C.Chico said...

yay giveaway! the hair bow is cute!!

michelle_ said...

great giveaway ! just checked her etsy shop out . and it's full of great treasures !

i'd want the butterscotch stilettos

i simply cant resist the juicy color !

michelle_ said...

also 'heart' the butterscoth stilettos darling ! my username is mkoesnadi

and am also following anne's blog :D
and am already a follower of ur blog Valencia !!

and following ThrushVintage's tweets and AM already following ur tweets too :) (username: m_koesnadi)


Annachiara said...

Hello dear! From today I will try to translate my post in English ... so maybe ... we could understand this better! Good day ... A kiss huge treasure :-)

BetseyJ said...

I love the steam engine train case.

I've been wanting to start using all sorts of vintage pieces for traveling.

dapper kid said...

Oh wow those bows are so cute! And I really do love her philosophy on fashion. If you're not having fun with it, you're not dressing right! Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)

cassandra noƫlla said...

woo more give aways.. i still need to work on getting our giveaway set up.. i am such a slacker oh dear.

Maggie said...

Sweeeet hair ribbons :DDD

Elizabeth said...

lovely bows!

Erica Leigh said...

oooo! how can i RESIST???

here's my favorite item:

i also hearted her shop (my username: sweetsandhearts)

i'm a follower on your twitter + blog (of course! :D), so that's 4 entries. sorry if it's weird that i put them all in just 1 comment. hope that's okay!!


Melissa said...

These bows are sooo cute!

1. I hearted blue garden mini dress (username: Melissa789)

2. Following rollupyoursleeve
3. Following Annes's blog

Melissa said...

4. Following you on Twitter
5. Follow Anne on twitter
( twitter username: Melissa2567 )

Melissa said...

6. Tweeted and Facebooked giveaway

Patty Ann said...

omggggggg cutenesssssssss! i'm already a HUGE follower of yours!!! yayayyyyy another giveaway!!


HoneyBunny said...

Love these bows! Especially the red one which would match my hair colour:))

And my fave item from the store is this dress! I love the look of it, the colour and that cute bow at the front<3

melly said...

I heart Thrush Vintage! Sometimes I wished I was more of a womanly dresser so I can pull off her clothes.

My favourite item out of all 16 pages would be the Sweet Mint Mini Dress [] because I've never seen anything like it before - it's simple, sweet and the colour's just such a dream!

So Thrush Vintage has been on my etsy favourites since forever - my username is greenlaundry. I've heart the Sweet Mint Mini Dress, I've been following Anne's twitter and now I am following yours too!

Phew! That was fun. And this is my email greenlaundry[at]gmail[dot]com