Monday, November 2, 2009

From the spot where your prints are scarred deep

Plaid shirt:vintage,from Valerie
Inner top:Topshop
Leggings:Random store in town
Accessories:All random/vintage
Polaroid camera:mine,given to me by my teacher

I was piled up with so much work today.
Due to being awhile as I was sick,lots to catch up on.
And Monday blues was hitting hard on me.

A 70s diner girl or those 80s kids with the 4 wheel roller skates?!
Ohhh,bring me to the right one.
And I bun up my hair today,don't normally do that.
But it looks pretty good,my sister says.

Made my own lunch today.
It was pasta,so I didn't take a photo.
But it was yummy!
Thinking of what to cook for tomorrow.

But when I got home yesterday,
a huge package came for me !
I was so so excited,I did my happy dance. heeee

It was my package from Valerie of Marley and me.
As you all know she's clearing her closet.
So I gave her my budget to spend and she packed me this lovely box.
Filled with lots of tops and gorgeous skirts.
Also hair accessories too!

Also as you see,my Christopher Kane for Topshop tote !
Ahhhhh,I'm in love with it so much.
Its limited edition and I adore and I'm lucky to have it.

Today,I got another package again !
A swap package this time,its always so fun.
No doubt about that at all,but photos tomorrow ~

I think I'll record my happy dance down ~



Cool look! & that tote bag from CK is amazing~!

Liya said...

loooooove those vintage heels!!!

Ruta said...

i am madly in love with your plaid shirt.

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

i'm so happy you finally got your photos big so we can see all the darling details of your outfit! the bun looks great.

man, i'm so jealous of your packages! i love that you didn't know exactly what was coming and that it was more of a surprise when you opened up the box. loooove surprises!

also, i went back and watched your video again. you are so dang cute! it was such a neat idea to take us on a tour through your purse. :)

have a great day!!!

Emilie said...

Love your plaid shirt!

Annachiara said...

Darling!!!!hi!!!favolous photos...i love your outfit...your shirt... Thanks for your beautifull comments're a treasure :-) Love Any

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Wow deep title hey
love the look and I am jealous of your polaroidddd!

Jacqueline said...

I love that plaid top and also the vintage shoes are so cute. You always look so pretty in your photos! Isn't it the best to get a package in the mail? I LOVE IT! I am expecting one today also! Take care and I am glad you are feeling better =) I miss your food photos!


daisymay said...

gosh your lucky you got such nice things in the post this morning! I didn't have anything fun today, but shall be waiting for your awesome parcel and my prize to arrive. Thanks again!

Big Daddy said...

Oh my gosh that package she sent you is insane! Looks like so so much good stuff, i am jealous of that gator shirt!
Ps. I love that plaid you are wearing today-the proportions are just right!

Maggie said...

That Croc bag is crazyy!! Love it! :D

katrina said...

Great outfit, i love love love everything vintage + that polaroid camera, WANT!


Taylor Sterling said...

great oitfit!! Loving it! xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

1) I'm obsessed with that plaid shirt. It is absolutely perfect. I have yet to find a plaid shirt that I'm smitten with.

2) Your sister is right - your hair does look quite nice in a bun. I like the fact that it's slightly sloppy. It makes you look like an artist in the midst of creating.

3) Packages are one of the greatest things in life. I'm waiting for a few myself at the moment. I hope at least one arrives today!

Glad you're feeling better, darling! :)

Amy said...

You look so cute!! I love those shoes and your plaid skirt is just darling.

Ooh I LOVE getting packages in the mail and that is so fun that you didn't know what exactly was going to be in it. It looks like she sent you some really great things. I can't wait to see how you wear them all.


Katie said...

rad camera, love the shoes too

Melissa~ said...

I love Christopher Kane, how he use animals and all thta. He made a incredible collection of dresse with monkeys, I dream with one of them.
Love your outfit and that polaroid, I love it!



You look great in plaid girl! and that nude dress below! wow!!!!
Just fab!!!!

Tights Lover said...

Great picks. I'm loving the flannel shirt!

Dylana said...

Plaid shirts rock! And I love all your lovely bracelets! And let's def. try to meet up when I get to Singapore. Not sure exactly when we are heading there, but will be sure to let you know once the time gets closer!

Flashes of Style said...

I loove your plaid! You look great as always :)

Leproust Vintage said...

What a neat and happy package!!! I love all of the different prints!

Vicki said...

Love this outfit!! heels are to dye for! what esty shop did you get them from? if you dont mind me asking :) xx

ak said...

you look so cute and love the polaroid camera

Sophie said...

Oh you look so pretty as always. Love how effortless but stunning this outfit is! And your hair does look lovely up. xo

E said...

Oh you lucky girl! That CK tote is fantastic! And I love your green shoes in these pics!


Hi,I totally love the style and the colors, very avant-garde.


dy of ghost said...

those are great shoes, love'em :)

Victoria-H said...

haha thaaank u ! :D Yea my leggings was... bright ;D
Nice shots ! ANd oooohh love the polaroid ! :D

STARR said...

Your heels r so cute and that topshop shirt looks fun :)

Sher said...

Hehe, I love receiving parcels too, even those I paid for lol! Feels like a kid getting pressies again:P

Love your loot from Valerie, you must wear them out soon for us to see!! The Christopher kane tote looks amazing and obviously one of a kind!!

Oh and the polaroid camera is lovely! So sweet that it's a gift from your teacher!!


Nubiasnonsense said...

Your tote looks awesome how very cool!!

Love the color of your shoes also

La Couturier said...

omg i still need to see the christopher kane collection for topshop! i'm terribly behind, i know ):

gorgeous pictures!

bisous, xx

Karen said...

Love your camera! And you got THAT Christopher Kane tote - I'm so jealous!

Your blog is fantastic, I'm now following! :)

Zhcsyra hp said...

love ur coolest long sleeve-shirt <333

Faridah said...

Valerie from Marley and me is so awesome! What a great idea. I might try this package idea. Your hair looks so so so good up in a bun! Very cool. I like your relaxed outfits. Always so effortlessly chic.

.mackie said...

I really like this look. you looked so relaxed! loving your flats. such a nice color. thanks for the comment ;)

The Petite Sisters said...

I like your casual look in the top pictures! :) This style fits you so much!

yiqin; said...


......Continued said...

Oh such an awesome bag and outfit!
Just to let you know your outfit is up on ......Continued, yehhhh!
Come and check it out!
Oh and do you wanna do a link exchange with ......Continued?

Tink in My Closet said...

Awesome tote you are very lucky!!

joanne said...

oooh, I love this outfit a lot!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

cool camera!

and I really dig this outfit too

jess s//

thesydneygirl said...

beautiful! those shoes look great on you! :D and i love the whole outfit.
big hugs xxx

mango said...

i love those flats! great color on you!

Kristin said...

You look killer in plaid and those heels are beautiful. Love the color!

Heather said...

Love Polaroids!

Nice blog!