Thursday, November 5, 2009

Empty city with crumbling walls

Shawl:Circle scarf,American Apparel
Tee:Cotton On
Leggings:Random store in town
Braided headband:Diva
Accessories:All random/vintage

This is my 100th post! Wow

If I ever needed to pick a scarf from the ones I have.
It will have to be the American Apparel circle scarf!
I have it in grey and I use it often.
As you all know,it can be worn many ways.

The weather this morning was pouring so heavily.
Didn't want to wear too much,so I used my scarf as a shawl.
And I love the drapey back that it had.
Shoes and socks got soaked so badly.

So I replaced them with those 'Eskimo boots' I call them.
Got them on sales last year at Topshop.
They are so so comfortable to move in:)
Or just dance in!

Noticed some photos have lines on them,
its actually an effect my sister with trying with the flash.
Turns out great and I love the outcome of it.

My new nails done today,looks like m&ms chocolates.
I guess they do,but I love yummilicious colors!
Time to stock up on some new nail colors too.

Its Friday tomorrow and guess what ??
I'll be announcing the next giveaway!!
And pssst,there will not be 1, or 2 but 3 winners in all.
Stay tuned!


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

Cute as ever! This looks like the perfect outfit for a rainy day. Love the nail polish and the boots. Tell ya a little secret, I've never been inside a Topshop or an H&M. We don't have any here in Arkansas! Oh yeah, I haven't been in an American Apparel either...none here! I've ordered stuff online but never actually been to the store. This batwing bolero/shawl thing is really awesome.

Congrats on your 100th post.

Re: You and your sister should go on a outdoor photo adventure sometime. Yall work so well together, I'd love to see what yall would come up with!

yiqin; said...

LOL so fast 100th post already!! OMG

Maria Confer said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!!

I love how you're wearing the circle scarf!! So cool.

Very awesome lighting. I love the shadows.

YAY, so excited for you to buy a bow!!

Annachiara said...

hi my darling!!! love your photo...are very beautifull!!!:-) love your're always wonderfull :-)
kiss kiss my darling :-)

michelle_ said...

congrats on your 100th post my dear Valencia :)
you're so good that even in your 100th post, you've reached like sky-high number of followers ! i didnt manage to do that :P

i love ur MnM's nail polish ! how much does it cost for a manicure in SGP ?? i heard it's quite expensive there..

I got my nails done on my own too . maybe i"ll blog post it too sometime :D

i love ur AA scarf by the way . the draping is amazing . and it's very multifunctional which makes it even better.. is there AA boutique is singapore ?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Congratulations on 100 posts, darling! Here's to another 100 fabulous ones!

I cannot believe how heavenly your shawl is - and that it's actually the Circle Scarf from American Apparel; I think I may need to scoop it up myself in a few different colors. And your nail polish? Pure heaven! :)

kurarin said...

grey is the best colour ever (: i always wanted to get that scarf but never got around to it!

now that you mention it, your nails do resemble m&m s.

the flash effect is interesting, what camera is your sister using?

Talisa said...

Your nails look amazing!!! The colour really pops .I love your headband:)

Karolina Joanna said...

I loove your scarf <3

Jacqueline said...

ahhh, I love that nail polish you are wearing! I want some. What a gorgeous color. That shawl is amazing too. I can see how versatile it can be! Looking forward to your next post! xoxo

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

happy 100th post. i thought you've already hit that yonks ago. i thought you're wearing a cardi which i have as well. nice one. i seldom shop online so it's new to me.

the lines in the photos - did you mean like shadows? cos i'm not sure i got you.

.mackie said...

your outfit is super fun. i'm loving the nail color and your accessories!

Julls said...

Ugg boots mania ! Aren't they the most confortable thing you wore ?

and damn,we have the same colour on our nails.Love the sky blue nail polish !

PS: Can't wait for the giveaway !

_nina_malvada_ said...

nice combination...

the nail polish is my favourite..

(happy 1ooth post!)

mango said...

oh i've been wanting a circle scarf from AA! it look cool. great outfit


I totally love this style, do you marry me?? Lol


hannah elizabeth said...

i really want the circle scarf too! can't wait to hit up AA once i'm in the states :)

i love your slouchy cardi, and your accessories are perfect xx

daisymay said...

yay another giveaway! Loving the circle scarf!

Roz said...

I really like all the vintage accessories here- and that shawl really suits you. Great shade of grey.
Congratulations on the 100th post. I'm not even at my fiftieth yet!
Thanks for commenting..

Sophie said...

Another gorgeous outfit! I love the scarf worn as a shawl it looks so good! And that colour of nail polish is truely amazing! Congratulations on your 100th post as well, thats fantastic! xo

Style Bird said...

Great look..I LOVE your nail polish!!! xo ava

Anonymous said...

I think everyone agrees! We all love your nails!! :D

ak said...

ah cant wait for the your baby blue polish i obssess over essie's shelter island

misscindee said...

hey Valencia,

CONGRATS on yoru 100th post!! woo hoo =)

Thx for the supportive words babe. yes i did create all the photos in the posters. im quite happy it turned out bcos it took me a few late nights and a few tears to complete. working with spandex is not very fun. lol*

I luv the headband with the red bow on it in your previous entry. it looks good with your bangs.

cant wait to see what you're giving away =) hope you're staying warm and dry cos if you're recovering from ur cold it will definitely not help. hope ur feelin better and not sounding like an old man anymore keke

misscindee said...

oops. typo. photos=costumes* in the posters

Melissa~ said...

Love your rings and the color of your nails.
Cool efect in your pictures!
you look great like always.
Thanks for visit my blog!

Tights Lover said...

Congrats on the 100th!!!

Love the scarf!

Erica Leigh said...

yay! i'm back (in the blogging world that is).

god i've missed your posts!! you've already reached your 100th. how cool is that? congrats!

i'm just scrolling through all your pictures trying to catch up with everything you've done/worn haha.

i'm so excited for christmas! we should a christmas gift swap too. that would be so cool. i can't believe it's already november. where did the year go?? everything has gone by waaaaaay fast.

oh, and i'll totally make you a a giant blue hair bow! i'll send it to you when we do the makeup swap. do you want dark blue or light blue or blue-blue? lol. i have lots of shades! :D just let me know.

loooooooove you!

Tink in My Closet said...

Nail colour is rad!!! Love the laidback cool of this outfit!

daisymay said...

Thanks for the comment! Loving your blue nails!

Britty said...

you look so comfortable!
love the sweater it's great

nancyy. said...

congrats on your 100
i just found your blog
its so cute

♥ loving it! and i will follow :)


nancyy. said...

hello again no worries haha
i just realised my computer froze before i could follow you
so now i'm
ACTUALLY follwing you



denise said...

oh yay so exciting! i love the aa circle scarf but never got one myself cos i just have too many other scarves haha

Samantha said...

gorgeous lady miss, i love your style!

Annie said...

love the headband, and i'm dying over the circle scarf! i have wanted one for ages and really must get around to buying one, they seem so amazingly versatile.

myrrh goldframe said...

yayyy!!! great tubular shawl, baby. d'u remember i also have a similar one. a grey circle shawl i wore it..everyday. =DD. i'm loving your great nail color. and still feeling surprise.. of your previous fact.. you got 10 ear piercings. Hurrah!!!!!

melly said...

M&Ms indeed, now I'm looking at my deep purple nails and feeling blah.

ryder said...

everything you r wearing looks great. more than that! but i wuld love to see you in high heels on this combination. u would shine.

Kléo said...

cute boots ! and your jewels are very beautiful :)




Great look too!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend! x

thingsIlove said...

Congrats honey!

Your nail polish is awesome!!! WANT WANT WANT!!


Ljubica said...

such a fun nailpolish colour!!!!! i want it!!

Big Daddy said...

Oh i love how your wore the circle scarf, looks so drapy and beautiful! And not to mention the amazingness of that nail polish color, but wowie!!

Shantee said...

wow that circle scarf looks interesting! and i always love ur nail colors. yummy :D

Beth said...

Awesome photos, love your outfit!
And I totally know what you mean about the M&M colour of your nail polish! LOVE your rings btw.

Posh said...

Wow, your nailpolish is AMAZING!! Nice outfit too, cozy boots!

Anonymous said...

Bad Ass scarf.

Natalie said...

I love ur headband!! i've been headband searching all week, but can't find the one i want. urs is awesome. and thanks for the comments girl :)


jessie said...

mm soo comfy looking. woot for you 100th post! ha and i read for some reason that you were a greek goddess with big love and cat ears. confusion. but i got what you meant :P

Steffani Alix said...

comfortable but stylish, i like :)

Ash Fox said...

love those blue nails! congrats on your 100th post!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Congrats on your 100th post and love your nails!

Victoria-H said...

Fierce :D
Nice headband ! have a great weekend

Neno said...

Congrats on your 100th post :D

I do like like your style, looks so effortless yet chic :D

Maggie said...

Great outfit, darling! I love the colour of your nails :) And your heairband is amazing...
Kisses from Germany :*

Anonymous said...

i love the outfit and the nail color! awesome!

thesydneygirl said...

love your nails girl!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
hope everything is okay at the doctors! :)
big hugs to you <3
love you xxx

Patty Ann said...

hahahhaah i totally laughed at the picture where you are playing with your hair!!! hahahaha so so sooooooo cute and i love your hippie hair band!