Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The flow of the river is never changing

Tie dye fringe dress:Swap with Chantele
Scarf(worn as cardigan):American Apparel
Bracelet:Forever 21

Retarded photo my sister snap of me!

I thought I was running out of clothes to wear for good when I found this dress just around in my house. It was from a swap awhile back and I've not worn it before till now. It was kind of irritating at first due to it riding up but after awhile,the dress stayed where it's suppose to be. We all have wardrobe mishaps at time,don't we?

I'm trying to find a better way to blog faster while having a full time job. So I took outfit photos this morning before I left for work,it felt much better and I love natural lighting. Guess I'll do that from now on. At least getting the photos up early in the morning,gives me ample time to blog it later in the day and I won't be rushing every night after work. 
Things are slowly picking up with the blog and I am slowly getting back into the mode of being really active. Been irregular at it for almost 2 months surely needs me to adjust to it again. I'm getting there,yes I am.

Oh yes,a big thank you to everyone who voted and support me with Tampines 1 Next Fashion Blogger Contest! The final results will be out next Monday and I'm pretty excited. Whatever the outcome,I'm glad I had the exposure and much fun with it. Fingers crossed though:)


princesspolitico said...

i'm loving the color scheme of this outfit... you look so CHIC! this dress is to die for...


Shantee said...

love the tie dye fringe!
all the best in the competition!

han q said...

cute dress :)
hope u win the competition :))

Minette said...

fabulous fabulous fabulous dress! <3 and.. great hair! *_*

Elizabeth said...

hope you win! great photos as always!

CLARADEVI H. said...

Gah, those are rad!
I think it has the loveliest bright colour i'd love to see with my eyes...
pretty blue, lovely you.
It's been awhile since the last time I commented, and you still amaze me with the way you rock all the simple outfits into one perfect look!

love love love,


Love the lighting in these and also love your dress! x

daisymay said...

The dress looks awesome on you, love how you styled it! Im trying to get back into normal blogging too have been one and off for a month but finally getting my life a little straighter!

the style spotter said...

love your blog! cute outfit :)

Violet said...

good luck in the contest!

love the dress it fits you perfectly. I usuallywrite the blog early in the morning and then take/upload pictures in the afternoon... then i add in any commentary about the look. but your way sounds great

Vi from Cali

Victoria-H said...

pretty u ! Love the matching bluuuee

June Paski said...

love ur dress, it have fringe details ?


thesydneygirl said...

ADORE the blue in these photos! <3