Monday, April 5, 2010

A prayer that goes out unheard is kept in one's heart

Shirt:Ralph Lauren,vintage
Bowler hat:Online store
Bag:Cats Socrates

To explain the absence from blogging during the weekend is that I wanted to let everyone know to vote for me for the blogger competition I was in and that I actually blog 5 times a week,so I took the weekend off. Watched many home movies and kept laughing over each one. Maybe I should just blog more when I can.

I cannot seem to get colors out from where I wear daily. I want to inject at least a color each time I get dress up and I do enjoy it every time.New pair of blue jooks and a canvas tote bag too,just small additions that make a difference in a outfit. Finally got my nails painted nicely after awhile,classic red never goes wrong.

If you haven't,please do continue to vote for me. Full details in blog post below,many thanks!


Tali said...

Really cool outfit,I love the combination of the colours:)

Panty Buns said...

Love the colour of those tights and your long beautiful hair. Pretty rings!

Kiki said...

Love how the leggings and shirt compliment each other. It's an unexpected combination, but it totally works! <3

-Kiki xo

M. said...

oh my god I'm alittle in love with that blue ring, it's so so gorgeous! Where is it from!?

lovelove, M.

Taylor Sterling said...

girl I love the purple!!


The purple looks so good on you! I love your rings as usual. xo

Carmen said...

Love the purple leggings!


Ilse said...

hi girl!

I love the colour in your outfits, don't remove them haha. and off course I voted for you!!! hope you'll win!!! keep us posted haha :D

beautifulnemo said...

My dear Valencia, hi! How are you??? It's been such a long time since I commented you! Hope everything's ok... tell me pls! :)
Send you a big hug from Madrid


¶ Michelle said...

superb! I love your tights & checkered top ;D oh and also the hat, the hat tops it's off!


t said...

Those leggings are a great colour! :)

denise said...

you are always SUPER colourful and its great! so lively and fun :D

smokylash said...

How are u ?

I love this outfit like always.
This Ralph Lauren Shirt is beautiful !!


amalie said...

cool, never thought a red shirt would go with purple leggings... but you totally pulled it off! and great ring!

Taru Tuomi said...

that's HOT

Anonymous said...

love this, tights are my favorite!

thesydneygirl said...

Pretty rings! Sending positive energy your way to win the competition! The bad thing is you can only press 'like' once ;(


princesspolitico said...

loving the unexplained splash of red with your purple leggings! how modern!


Neekoh said...

Hot rings, mama!

Live Love LA

michelle_ said...

yep i think to not schedule my blog timing.. i just blog whenever i have time ! cus im afraid that i may not have the time to blog again once im busy :D
if u dont feel like posting the post up soon.. just save it as draft, you can always post it up ANYTIME when ure in time crunch and u havent update ur blog for ages :D i like to do that quite alot of time :D

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