Thursday, April 22, 2010

One jump and you know there's nothing left behind

Cardigan:hansel(work uniform)
Romper:Dirty Pretty Things
Tights & Oxfords:Topshop
Accessories:All random

Can you guess why I'm wearing green today?? Because its Earth Day today,in support of that I'm wearing my green romper again. Have to be honest and admit,I do wear this a whole lot! Just too comfortable and I do love the color green. So Happy Earth Day everyone:)

I nearly gave up taking photos this morning due to my camera not taking the self timer. You may think it looks like I took my photos elsewhere new today. Nope,just opened the main wooden door so you see the outside too. Actually,I feel outfits look better this way.
It's Friday tomorrow and the weekend is here. Not really excited,more packing to do with the new bedroom. Wish me luck ~


valonia irene said...

hey , still remember me? I'm back in this blogging world hhe
by the way, that's a lovely shoes :)

Panda said...

Lovely outfit and pictures, i love those shoes so much :D
Panda x

Vinda Sonata said...

hi valencia. how're you? that's a gorgeous outfit. you look luvly in green <3 love the loafers, too!

Cara said...

Happy eartth day! you look lovely.

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Beautiful photo!I love the background door. It has a pretty pattern. I love green so happy to see you wearing it today. x

alyssa said...

i love this outfit!! especially the shoes! and how you chose green to wear today for earth day!

Melissa said...

loooove your piled bangles and braclets! gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

i love the entire outfit. too cute!

Jen said...

yay for earth day! i should've thought of wearing green...darn. but i'm loving your shoes! :)

Violet said...

love the romper... happy earth day

glad you did not give up on taking pictures

Vi from Cali

daisymay said...

Pretty shoes!! And I love the romper!

Dylana Suarez said...

I love all your rings and baubles you have on!

ediot said...

hi lovely girl! hope youre doing great! i love you accessories. and the dress is so cute!take care

xx ediot

princesspolitico said...

hey beautiful! i like the color of your lovely green dress :)


michelle_ said...

i love it when you take these photos with the natural light shining in and with the door open !
makes the photo looks good :)
you should do this more !!
i love green ! is it a coincidence that you're wearing green on earth day, or did you just randomly choose the green dress ? haha

Nora said...

i love the green! fit you well. =))

hugs and kisses,
Fashion Fantasy Land

Veren Lee said...

great outfit!
do u mind to exchange link?

veren .a little princess.

projectvee said...

pretty pretty shoes <3
and yay green. it's a nice colour on you, dear :)

Anonymous said...

aww you're too cute!
love the green romper and i sooo love the detailing on your oxfords

thesydneygirl said...

that first photo is amazing! love the whole outfit, the colours and the background. Your expression also!!! mwa xxx

stellectism said...

i really love the nautral lightning of those shoots girl! this outfit is one of my faves. you look eally good in this piece! very simple, yet chic green dress!

ps.: let's meet upppp! but i can only do it in June as i'll be going overseas :( tk care babe!

Erica Leigh said...

i love rompers! yours is a great color. and i like that you wore green for earth day ^_^