Monday, April 12, 2010

Throw yourself overboard at sea and swim away

Drape front blazer:h&m
Romper:City Plaza
Wedges:Gift from Joelyne

Sorry for lesser updates last week,as currently due to the fashion blogger contest which comes out on Friday. I always leave the post up so everyone would be able to see it. Back yes,I'm still very much into blogging. Its just that I really need to push myself to get back on track with all comments and blogs.
To be honest,I've been lazy and really restless lately. So I need to boost myself up and get back on my feet. So much to catch up on really and I miss it a whole lot.

Enough of ranting,this outfit was taken awhile back when I went with the Tangs fashion show with Sarah and Yiqin. I do love all the clothing in general,very spring and something I would throw on on any day. The models all had long flowy hair too,just lovely.
The romper I'm wearing was quite a steal and I do love the repeating white patterns against the black piece. Rompers or playsuits like some would call it is appearing more often in my closet as given the weather here lately,its just perfect and comfortable too.


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WildFlower said...

Love the print on your romper! Adorable. Your hair is so beautiful, you look great. Good luck with the competition!

princesspolitico said...

that romper is just marvelous! the print just POPS in these photos. i hope you win!


thesydneygirl said...

you look absolutely gorgeous!!! love the whole outfit. you're so stylish miss valencia ;) big hugs love you lots mwaaaaaaaaaaaa


valencia! i love your wedges! and also your blazer!

btw, where is city plaza? sounds familiar duh! :x

and also your batman ring! cool eh!

all the best


Victoria D. said...

romping around. cute!

Meilinda said...

nice outfit dear.
n i love your blog!♥

Panda said...

Gogeous look,
love the print on that romper!
Panda x

Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

Great outfit; those shoes are especially great :)
Lucy at
(a new blog!)

Jes said...

Cute romper hunni x

Anonymous said...

love the romper!

Maria Confer said...

Your romper and shoes are beautiful.

Lulu Letty

amalie said...

love your romper and shoes!

Shantee said...

the romper is so cute :D and have u lost weight? u look slimmer here!

projectvee said...

cute romper! haha and that belt is quite amazing.

Julls said...

I;ve just bought a playsuit like yours and it's almost like yours !
+ CLuj Fashion week starts on 14th,CAN'T WAIT !

Samantha said...

You are just the CUTEST thing. I love the romper & belt! And the last look from the fashion show is like how I want to dress all summer.

Annie Spandex said...

You look amazing!!

t a l i s h a said...

totally adore the draped blazer and your cute romper!! so perfect for the warmer climate.. :)

kyki said...

Okay. So. TOTALLY adoring your romper! Wish I was ballsy enough to buy one of my own to wear, cuz yours looks perfect and cute! :)

-kyki xo

Maggie said...

I LOVE that romper, darling!!! You look so goregous in it :))) You're so beautiful...:D

daisymay said...

I love your romper!! So cute! Im after more playsuits this summer. I still haven't recieved your parcel :-(

Melissa said...

gorgeous outfit! loooove the wedges!


L.P said...

Hey! I just want to say that i really love your blog, its so fun to read and i loove your clothes. Here in Sweden, we a almost a completley other wearing of clothes so its fun to see your clothes:) And i have a little question but you dont have to answer it if you dont want to.. What do you work as? Anyway, have a great day and keep up with the good work! Loove your blog:)