Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 3:Geeky chic

Denim Bralet:Topshop,$39.00
Crochet long sleeve cardigan:Bossini Style,$59.00
Vintage men's pants:Blogger's own
Crystallized skull ring:Chamelon,$5.90
Gold curved ring:Diva,$13.00
Gold beads rope necklace:Diva,$23.00
Red frame glasses:Uniqlo,$19.90
Cream white oxfords:Topshop,$79.00

Style choice/decision: Geeky chic. I love how men's pants can play up an indie vibe to the whole look and can be worn day or for a night out. 

All looks will be up on Tampines 1 Facebook page and in Straits Times URBAN. So what are you waiting for,start voting now!

To vote from Tampines 1 Facebook page:
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To vote from Straits Times URBAN(Singaporeans only):
SMS your vote to 77877 in the following format by 22 April 2010,midnight:
Urban1 space Code of favorite blogger space IC no space email address space name
For example: Urban1 C S1234567Z Agnes Han

I'm contestant C,so VOTEEEEE! 


♥ oi! said...

cute look girl!

Amanda Lee said...

i LOVE the look! looking stunning doll!


Ljubica said...

you look adorable!
fabulous outfit! the pants are amazing!
good luck huN!


Wow, Valencia you look great! I love that denim top. x

kyki said...

Jealous of your oxfords! I've been looking for a white pair for AGES.

-kyki xo

Shop T.O. Live said...

I like so many things about this outfit - the denim bustier with the pants is a great look, and the red rimmed glasses are a fantastic splash of colour.

thingsIlove said...

Great outfit!

amalie said...

great outfit! love the bralet and shoes!

alyssa said...

how awesome is the detail on your sweater!

Mat said...

love this outfit, the trousers esp

Violet said...

is the corset jean materiall.. i love it and the men's pants are perfect with it

Vi from Cali


chic and cool, I have to say!

Becca. said...

nice outfit!
you look stunning.
check out my blog, enter the prada giveaway


Melissa said...

love this look! you pulled it off beautifully! hope you win!


p.s. i voted!

Ddays Of Our Lives said...

Your glasses are great, love the colour and the shape!

FashionJazz said...

U are gorgeous girl!!! xx

denise said...

LOVE THIS. The geeky look is me everyday with my retarded glasses -.-

Elizabeth said...

i like this style a lot!

Ilse said...

hey girl, voted for you off course!! good luck good luck ♥

Yary and Sary said...

love the pants!
you look very very cute girl(:

Castor Pollux said...

hey, nice style!
totally love that pants, wish i can have one :(

Castor Pollux

Shantee said...

ahh i love everything abt this outfit :D gd luck girl!

Jes said...

Yum! x

Vero said...

So wonderful! Amazing!
I love this outfit!

Melissa~ said...

amazing outfit!!!
Love it, I'll try it someday.


MELODEES said...

omg looking so sexy !!! woehoe! I love it haha

.Maree said...

those trousers are super cute!! I swear, everytime i come to your blog, i see the coolest, eye-catching, vintage items ever, on you! :D

Marine K. said...

I LOVE ? your picture's