Monday, April 26, 2010

Nothing can tear us apart despite the rocky road

Mustard blazer:vintage,thrifted
Dress:Black Clover(bought many years back)
Bowler hat:Online store
Necklace:Courtesy of ClubCouture

I'm really pleased with how the photos turned out this morning. Natural lighting is indeed still the best. So today started off really bad. Talk about Monday blues. To add on to this morning's blues,I misplaced my camera charger and now my camera's dead.

Good thing I snapped today's outfit before it totally went flat. Of course,that doesn't stop me from taking photos and blogging. I'll have to stick with my mobile phone for the meantime. Need my camera alive again. Oh by the way,my phone takes really clear photos. Wearing a new necklace I got courtesy of ClubCouture and its really so adorable. There's a small bird that has gotten out of its cage. I also selected a dress and will show it to you all very soon.

Tomorrow will be a better day,off back to hunt for that missing charger.



I love the yellow blazer on you! That is the perfect color. I wish yellow looked good on me =( x

Mia and Carin said...

cool bowler hat!

Elizabeth said...

love the shoes!


love your heels valencia!
pretty pretty outfit!

Dylana Suarez said...

that blazer is just too cool!

lalita tian said...

love your heels! u always look stunning :)

check out my new post

Panda said...

Beautiful photos.
Wow :o
Panda x

notjustmedical said...

That is an amazing mustard blazer! Looks fab with the bowler hat and those shoes!


Natalie said...

your blazer is gorgeous! i love the color :)

Melissa said...

gorgeous outfit! i love the colour of your hair!


Anita Putri said...

love the color blazer and nice outfit.

daisymay said...

Love this outfit. Love the jacket, and the hat oh and the shoes!! lol!

p.s. still waiting on my parcel, damn this bloody volcano ash cloud!!

thesydneygirl said...

gorgeous photos!!! love the yellow! had a long weekend so didn't have work yesterday. Hope you're well. mwaaaa
:) x

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Brilliant blazer. And yes, natural light is so necessary. 50% of the reason I photograph outside is b/c my house is so dark and poorly lit. :(

Erica Leigh said...

ohhh i need to catch up on your blog too! >_< but don't worry, i did vote for your outfits in the contest, and even though you didn't win, it really was good exposure! it's so cool that you got to be in the contest in the first place.

this outfit is awesome!! i love yellow and black together because it reminds me of bumble bees. and natural lighting is great for outfit photos! too bad it's always dark in my room. :P but whatev, i use the slow flash and it's similiar lol. your blazer is my favorite part of the outfit! and i can't wait to see the dress you selected! the little bird necklace is so cute!!

and yesss you got a little sneak peek of the dress. i hope you like what you saw, at least! ;D

yup i'm going to europe in a few weeks! it's with my school, so i hope it's fun. i'm looking forward to eating everything (of course) and shopping (i hope i can find cheap stuff!!). i'm just looking forward to the graduation ceremony so that school will be officially over, you know? then after europe: serious job hunting. bleh. :Pg

lalalove youuuuu!


t said...

That yellow pops in this outfit!

Shantee said...

that mustard blazer never fails!
btw, r those chained curtains or smth? looks really cool! hahah

Diane said...

Those sandals are gorgeous!!

Rach said...

Love that yellow blazer! Black and yellow is my favorite color combination