Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 1:Boho Chic meets Big City Girl

This is my 1st entry for the blogger contest I'm currently in:
Please do help vote vote VOTE!

This is the original entry I sent in:

Lace Bib Floral Top:Topshop,$69.00
Side pleats brown skirt:bYSI,$49.00
Flock bow seam tights:Topshop,$19.00
Coral Gold butterfly earrings:Topshop,$16.00
Brown headband with peacock feathers:Diva,$16.00
Red ribbon bow ring:Chamelon,$3.90
Purple plastic ring:Chamelon,$1.90
Red Scarf(worn as bracelet):Chamelon,$3.90
Black cutout heels:Blogger's own

Style choice/decision:Boho chic meets big city girl. Florals are still big this season and with the huge bows runway trend,tights are the way to go!

All looks will be up on Tampines 1 Facebook page and in Straits Times Life newspapers(3rd last page). So what are you waiting for,start voting now!

To vote from Tampines 1 Facebook page:
Choose my photo here and click 'LIKE' to vote for me! You need to log in to Facebook and vote and become a fan of Tampines 1 first.

To vote from Straits Times URBAN(Singaporeans only):
SMS your vote to 77877 in the following format by 8 April 2010,midnight:
Urban1 space Code of favorite blogger space IC no space email address space name
For example: Urban1 C S1234567Z Agnes Han
I'm Contestant C,so please start voting!



I'll vote for you! You are so cute. xo

Panty Buns said...

Love that Lace bib floral top. I agree with Fashion Snag. You're cute.

Melissa~ said...

Oh my! you look stunning my dear!!!
I want that thigts and that skirt.


Amanda Lee said...

i LOVE the look!


Mish Dish said...

I love the lace bib top. Good luck! xo Mish

Elizabeth said...

this outfit is amazing. i love the colors!

Vinda Sonata said...

gorgeous outfit Valencia, good luck for the contest <33

John Malvin said...

Great combo of grey black and lace. I also like the little pop of red on the wrist.

Lenne said...

Hello! I voted for you! :D Like how you matched the skirt to the top.

projectvee said...

like like like! :)

myrrh goldframe said...

wish you luck for the next fab s'pore blogger, dearest Val! yayyy!! vote for you! <333333333333333

michelle_ said...

you're too pretty to be true in this picture !
its good to see u in a monochromatic outfit in times (whereas for me, its good to see me in colors from time to most of my outfits are neutral!) ahhaha..
i love ur skirt very much.. and ur legs look miles long love !

Joellen said...

Loves it!

Panda said...

Beautiful as per usual!
Panda x

Pixie Dust said...

You are so gorgeous and you're style is amazing!! I am so glad I came across you're blog, it's amazing :)) I've just become a follower and I cannot wait to read more and more :)) I hope that you'll have some time to maybe check out my blog too? :)) Of course, if you like it, don't hesitate to comment or perhaps even follow as well ;)
Also, I was thinking: would you be up to swapping links for the blog roll? :))
Have a great day doll xxxx

Nana said...

love those heels<3

Maggie said...

You look great.

Dylana Suarez said...

That op is amazing!

Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

love the skirt!

FashionJazz said...

Im so voting for u!!!! U look stunning babe! Mwah xx

Nora said...

CUTE! great outfit! already voted for you.



Clara said...

amazing look
love your shoes

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

love your look :)

visit my blog:


Ljubica said...

beautiful outfit!
i love everything about it!
"boho chic meets big city girl" is the PERFECT name for this look
good luck hun!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

love the skirt.

Maggie said...

Darling, your dress is AMAZING!!!
Many kisses for you :***

Diane said...

Good luck! You look great!

I especially love the shoes!!!


fadetoblack said...

ooo i loves the photo girl! you are too cute all the time ;)

F i K a said...

perfect outfit for the contest!! good luck!! :)