Monday, October 5, 2009

Aiding myself with droplets of rainbow

Accessories:All new + old
Headband:won in a giveaway,gla.MAR.ous

After trimming his fur really shortFull length fur:)

My bangs they have gotten so long
that I hid in the office toilet today to trim them.
And it was so much better,no more pricking into my eyes.

I love this dress with the color blocking at the bottom.
Its really so beautiful,one of my favorite dresses.
I paired it with my new sequins zipper headband
which I won awhile back on a blog giveaway!!

It arrived on Saturday and I wore it out today.
Lots of people complimented on it,so it must be pretty:)

You can purchase the one that I have on,called Pamela at gla.MAR.ous
Thanks so much to Nubia from Nubiasnonsense too.
Head on down and when you checkout,do remember to enter NN126 to receive 10% off your purchase!!

Some of you also asked about my dog.
He has a unique name,Dollar.(named by his previous owner)
We had him since he was 5years old,he's 12 now.
I love him so very much.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all my 73 followers,including those lovely comments.
Wow,more and more people are reading.
I do hope that number grows.
Thanks again!

A 2nd blog giveaway coming up in a few days' time:)

Lastly,The handbag Amnesty Celebrity Auctions starts today!
Please do give your support and head down to help spread the word.
More details here!

Plus the exciting Dear Diary 5 Day blogging event in hope of raising awareness of the importance of regular cervical smear testing.
Details in my previous post,just scroll down and do add the button in support of it :)

2 Events for a very good cause~


F i K a said...

what a nice headpiece do you're so lucky girl!!

anw,,wanna exchange link? :)
I'll link you after I write this comment :)..

Zhcsyra hp said...

woooh,.awesome ur belt nd the accesories ,.cool gladiator :))

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, thanks sooo much for your support of this event!Sharon, please enter our shoe competition, fingers crossed for you! Sharon xx

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, please do email, me with your shoe photo as well, its good luck! Sharon xx

lilylove said...

Your dress is amazing. And you look like a glam gypsy girl in it ♡


Jacqueline said...

wow, the headband is gorgeous! I love your dog. More photos of you with your dog would be really cool =) So sweet!

Valeriesoh said...


hahah... you should come to hong kong, it's super fun!!

I just got done styling the photoshoots and spending so much time doing that!

I would like to explore singapore more! so you will plan an amazing schedule.

my job has it's perks, meeting lots of industry people and freebies!! yay!

The blog is pretty exciting! help me spread the world in singapore so we can throw a red bull party there! yayayaya!

I love your dress today! it's super cute!!

How was your weekend?

Eliza said...

how lovely, you look so adorable :) i have the same headband as you! much love <3

Sher said...

Oh you always have the best vintage dresses! And the headpiece is truly stunning, you're such a lucky girl!!

Aww, Dollar is so cute and adorable, I wanna pat his head:)

Beth said...

Gorgeous photos, you hairband is amazing! Love the embellishment.
Oh and that dog is super cute ;)

......Continued said...

Love your outfit!
So super cute!
And a massive thanks for being the first follower on my new blog!
It's so great that you love the idea too!
Yeah it's open to anyone from all over the world!
Keep an eye out as the first item will be going up soon!
Thanks for your support!

Mila said...

Beautiful headband!LOVE your dog

yiqin; said...

I love that you wore the dress wit sandals :) I need to wear sandals soon to show off my toe nails ^^ Meet up next week!!

smokylash said...

OWW I love your belt , i search the same !I love dogs ! They are so cuteee !!! You love dogs ?
Thank u for your comment, it's nice !


(sorry but i'm french, my english is not perfect :s but it's not a problem to appreciate your outfits ! :) )

kpeach said...

so pretty and colorful! xx

Sophie said...

This is another gorgeous outfit. I love your vintage dress and the head band is so cute! Dollar looks realy sweet as well.xo

Den Lille Motespire said...

Love the dress!!

Victoria-H said...

thank you !! yes I have an obsession with going to concerts nowadays ! its so much fun, and I looove these guys ! :D
omg what an amazing dress ! Really nice and oh my what a cute dog !!! :)

Ilse said...

beautiful dress! and wow red hair isn't a regular colour to dye your hair in, whenever you have a black hairdo! very cool. I don't know when I'm gonna dye it yet, for now I'm pretty satisfied with my white-blondish-ness as well :P but my daddy says that my hair will turn darker over the years, just like his.. we'll see :>
and yes I have a lot of asian friends..! even the boyfriend is a Canto hahah

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. You are so cool and I love your style. You look especially pretty in that outfit.

Dollar your dog is just adorable- so so sweet! All I really want in life is a dog but we can't get one in our current flat.

Polly x

STARR said...

the dress is so pretty!

nameeee here!? said...

got my jab today
i like your blog ♥

Chasing Cherries said...

Cute outfit girl! Love it!

thesydneygirl said...

hi beautiful! you look wonderful in that pretty dress!!! and your pom is so so cute!!! <3 back to workkkk! xxx

Ash Fox said...

i love your long dress. the hair clip is a lovely touch. very island inspired.


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! I love love love your dress! It's gorg.

Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

nice blue! :)


Michael said...

I love the waves the dress makes! Because it's blue it also reminds me of ocean waves.

Maria Confer said...

Thanks so much for posting the button and spreading the love!!!

Your dress is so lovely with the belt and I love your hairpiece.

Melissa~ said...

I've never try with a long dress. I don't know why:)
Looks awesome in you BTW!

Thanks for visit my blog, always!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

that hair clip ... <3
the color of your dress... <3 <3
your cute little pup <3 <3 <3
love it all!


E said...

That dress is gorgeous - even more so how you belted it! And your dog is ADORABLE!

JustGwen said...

I am loving your style. And this lil dog is so adorable!!!!!!


Big Daddy said...

Oh i love that headband, anything sparkly and in the hair these days is a must!

Liya said...

oooo that headpieceeeeeeeeee

and very unique dress
looks amazing

Leproust Vintage said...

The headband looks great on you! I absolutely love your story about hiding in the bathroom and trimming your bangs!!! That is awesome!

Delectable Swank said...

I love the color of that dress! I also know what you mean about bangs, I can't stand to have them in my face.

Eggy said...

you are too cute. i how you mix and match everything. diggin that belt! and your dog is so precious. way too cute!!!!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That hairclip is so pretty!

Patty Ann said...

cuteeee dress!!!
and omgggg
i want to pet your doggie
omggg he's 12???
he looks like a puppy
so fluffy!

zoe. xox said...

Thankyou for the commentsss :) I love the dress, th e whole outfit! Headband is gorgeouss x

hannahlizabeth said...

love the long dress! i need more of these.


Anonymous said...

oh your dogs are so adorable, and that colour dress looks so beautiful on you ♥

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there V,we have received your shoe entry, thanks for stopping by My Passport to Style and for all your fabulous support of this 5 day event! Still time for others to enter over @ My Passport to Style, please keep up the great work and spread the word and the button on twitter,FB,Friends Connect and among the blogging community! Sharon xxxx

Vestimentum said...

love the dress! very nice and colourful. Cute doggy!

Den Lille Motespire said...

I do too :) Unfortunately I don't have the nose piercing anymore, I managed to rip it out in my sleep :( I think I had it for 3 months or something

Totty Dubois said...

I love that outfit! Great use of colours xxx loving theblog also xx

MELODEES said...

love the headband, cannot wait for my give away present :D !!! Heee ( valneciastyle lol)

mom & son said...

i love this dress on you.
what a scoured on ebay ha.

your pet is soo cuteeee!

camerafilmroll said...

I love your headpiece!!