Saturday, October 10, 2009

Outside in a pinic with unicorns galloping around

Loaded with so many photos of food especially !
I bet you all would be drooling by the end . heeeee
Was supposed to go bowling today with my love.

My outfit was kinda blahhh today,so no outfit post:)
But I promised one tomorrow.
And it would be a full 7days of blogging for me in a long time for a week!
I'm so proud of myself.

But the place we wanted to bowl had a competition
And no lanes were available,so no bowling!!

We headed to Hong Kong Cafe for food.
We sure did ordered quite alot to eat for 2 persons.
But my boyfriend was full pretty fast but I ate everything up. Oops!

Mini car race today and I got first place!!
Won a $100 voucher to spend and bought many many things.
During the race,I had time to do a manicure and got my Jade green nails.
Just like the Chanel jade nail polish one!

This color is from OPI,but I'm not sure of the color's name.
It wasn't stated on the bottle.
But do check around other brands,I heard that are close shades!


MELODEES said...

I love your colour to, nice nails babe..

Panda said...

Hey :) Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I apreciate it as always! I LOVE that nail colour, It's so friggin awesome. Oh and that food looks tasty o so!
Panda xx

gorgeous blog, too!

michelle_ said...

Tamiya races.. my boyfriend used to play those when he was little..haha . he went to spore for primary n secondary school as well St.Gabriel's . have u heard of that school ?

i always LOVE foods in singaporee.. looks like ur peanut covered mochi n dimsum is good..

Jacqueline said...

Love your nail color. You look so fun to hang out with. Your hair also looks so nice and thick and I love your bangs. You are too cute! I would love to meet you =)


ak said...

that racetrack thing looks soo effin cool and i lvoe your nail color

Sophie said...

I love the colour of your nails! All these photos are so nice, it looks like you had a lovely time. Shame about the bowling but it looks like you had a good day anwyay! xo

Carmen said...

You're welcome for the award.

I love your nail colour and all the adorable pictures. All that food is makiing me hungry.


Shantee said...

wow that french toast looks scary! HAHAHA looks fattening :p and i want that mochiiiii.

love that u've been updating so much! hahah i dont visit a day or two and i already see like 3-4 posts.
happyyy!! :D

Maria Confer said...

You are way too cute in these pictures!! I adore your facial expressions.

melly said...

I have a similar shade, For Audrey by China Glaze! This sounds lame but it's such a refreshing colour, I'm always in a good mood when I have that colour on.

Talisa said...

Your nailpolish is sooo great!! Love the cute pictures of you,the food looks so delicous,yummie!!

Julls said...

Love your hair ! The color it's wonderful !
And food , omg , food porn !

zoe. xox said...

I love that nail colour!! <3

thesydneygirl said...

hey beautiful! wow! you won a hundred dollars.. woohooo! so you won a mini car race.. you must be realllly good!

and you really doooo love fooood!!! hahaha

love those nails! they look great.

hope you have a great day today. and yes i will take you lingerie shopping too when you come.

mwa love you lots!


KATIA said...

your photos made me smile :) .. and want to eat. Haha. Congrats on winning the race :) And I love that nail color!!

Kelsey Kaysen said...

really cute blog, check out mine if you have the chance

Freja said...

i lolve that pic of your boyfriend - he looks so bored haha.

love your blog!

lisa + cathy said...

haha you did blog alot this week! some posts i missed because you were updating so much, hahha GOOOD JOB.
very goofy faces today, haha

Anonymous said...

lovely photos! and yes, i was drooling :)

Diane said...

I think the OPI nail colour is called Hey! Get in Lime! Hahaha, I just used it on my nails and it looks like the Chanel dupe!! :)

Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

OMG the food looks delishhhh!!! Makes me hungry already.. :)

Melissa~ said...

That food looks so yummy yummy yummy, I would help you to eat.
Looks like a great day!
And I love the color of your nails.


Nubiasnonsense said...

You are def making me hungry!! The jade looks great on you

Michael said...

You know all the right spots to go out for food! MMM

Erica Leigh said...

wow, you have been a busy blogger! that's awesome!

yeah, i hate it when i wanna post but my outfits aren't blog-worthy. that's when i post on other things hehe.

you were right about the food post--i was pretty much drooling! ahhhh. so much delicious food. i practically gained 5 pounds just by looking at all of it haha.

congrats on winning 1st place! those mini car competitions look fun. i wish they had those around here because i wanna try it! and they're cute. okay, so that's the main reason i want to try it. the cuteness. i like miniature things.

the biker jacket from your post on thursday is great! i can't wait for mine to come in so i can wear it and take photos too. where'd your sister get it from?

LOVE you!! <3

KAELA said...


Anonymous said...

i'm hungryyyyyyy!! lol.

MELODEES said...

I know right!!! Dont worrie I ll be waiting here in holland lol

mom & son said...

cool post! look so cute in making funny faces.
yummy foods!
oh, i adore your nail polish.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Looking at all this food, it makes me feel hungry!

camerafilmroll said...

I love Xing Wang! :D

Ilse said...

lol @ 4th picture! you're too cute x3
Chinese food! dimsum love. I stuffed myself this very night with that delicious fooood
congrats on winning the minirace haha

and RE: yep he's a Canto! he's trying to learn me a few words. I know how to order a glass of Coke in Cantonese now hahaha so useful.
you should go for the ash blonde if you want to! I have seen Japanese chicks doing it, it looks muy cool! take a look at you should be able to spot some blondies over there.

gosh long comment

ps love that OPI stuff of yours

Ilse said...

oh and I forgot.. you might like the giveaway I'm keeping!!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Fun nails! OPI always seems to have the best colors.

FashionJazz said...

Awesome colour, the food looks devine and it looks like u had such a fun day! xxx

Patty Ann said...

omgggg the peanut crumbs with mochi snack thingy is so yummy, i don't know what its called, but i've tried it before. its soooooo soooo good!!!
and you are so cute!! i love your epxressions!
gahhh you put me to shame, i think the week you did all 7 days, i probably didn't have time to check my blog for 7 days!!! hahahahah i love your posts!

linnykins said...

Mmm, you're right, I'm practically drooling after those food photos <3 Yum.

You have really pretty hair! :)