Monday, October 26, 2009

Doors left ajar with you waiting on the other end

Denim Jacket:borrowed from mom,Tommy Hilfiger
Dress:Le Sac dress,American Apparel
Accessories:All random and some vintage
Shoes:custom made,online store

Finally got my photos larger and I'm so happy:)
Is it much better than before now ?

Have you ever bought something and seldom wear it?
Even though its really gorgeous,it just sits in your closet.
It goes here for my Le Sac dress I got from American Apparel.

Its a really comfortable and beautiful piece.
But I just don't seem to reach for it every time.
I should now more,don't want to hide such a lovely dress:)

Borrowed my mom's denim jacket today.
I love it that it fits so perfectly and its not loose or oversized.
Work was nothing much today.
But I was really excited to get home today.
Special HUGE shoutout to Joelyne of The Sydney Girl:)

What's everyone doing on Halloween ?
Costumes ?! Trick or Treat ?! Parties ?!
Even though its not huge here from where I'm from.

But I'll still be dressing up and doing my own photoshoot
at home
to share with everyone!

I'm going to be a vampire!

But I'm not sure what kind.

A modern one or like those in the olden days ?

Lastly,the blog giveaway is ending this week. Do enter
here if you haven't.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pink dress! It look adorable on you!

I am going to be a lion tamer for Halloween... my bf and dog are going to be the lions. LOL Not sure what I am doing yet though- probably just watch scary movies and give out candy. Can't wait to see the photos of your costume. =)


Julls said...

The dress is really nice.And the red bracelet is AWESOME !

Betsey J said...

i Love the chloe lock bracelet!

E said...

I love your jewelry! That blue ring in particular. And I love the soft pink dress with the contrast of the denim jacket, as well.

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur jacket with ur dress, goes really well and I see what u have done with ur pics, thanks for the advice, will let u know if I have any luck! : )


Jacqueline said...

I love this outfit on you! It looks really good. I am in love with that ring on your right middle finger and the big blue one on your other hand. Gorgeous pieces =) I am not doing much for Halloween because of this swine flu thing. I have not gotten it yet and I don't want to catch it =) Take care xoxo

Valeriesoh said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkn I seee the ring!! awww... my friend would be soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!! I am so tired! just got your email and was like hey... I should check out her blog! I loveeeeeeeee it....

do become a vampire... that's what I did for the photoshoot.... awesome right???? yay!!!

Barbro Andersen said...

Bigger pictures look great! So does that dress on you! Pink is so adorable, and the way you combined it with denim really makes the color pop out!

We don't really celebrate Halloween, though I wish we did. I'll just eat candy, then :D

Thank you, Valencia Lia! It's so inspiring to hear that you like it, especially the boots - since I feel a bit ambivalent :)

Annachiara said...

Darling!!!! I love this photos... :-) The dress is magnific...and the rings are wonderfull!!! :-) Lovely Any

Talisa said...

Much better with the big pictures:)I love the dress it looks really cute with the jacket!! I know what you mean by hardly wearing somthing that is actually nice,I bought this cute american apparel jumpsuit and I never wear it...kisses

daisymay said...

The jacket is lovely and your new ring looks stunning.

Halloween, shall be spent working in the pub, but at least i get to dress up which will be fun. Its a choice between Columbia from the Rock Horror Show or Minnie Mouse, I know thats not very halloween ish but its still fun. I cant wear my usual bat costume coz the wings would get in the way on the bar and my devil costume is just boring now.
My other half though will be a scary pumkin man like last year though, I will have to post pics of that after halloween coz it is awsome! I get to paint him!!

Plus thanks for commenting on my blog too!

Sher said...

Yay for bigger pics! Oh, that pink dress is just so lovely!! Do wear it more often! And your rings are way awesome!!

Wish we celebrate Halloween here....
A vampire sounds interesting! One of those olden days one would be fun:)


Shantee said...

eik love that denim jacket! and yay to bigger pictures = more of ur pretty face hahah

and i cant wait to see your photoshoot! sexy vamp :)

Taylor Sterling said...

your dress with the jacket are awesome!

Maria Confer said...

I adore that pale pink color on you!! Looks gorgeous with your dark hair.

Love all your bracelets.

thingsIlove said...

Cute dress darling!

Marta said...

i really love your look! it's great :)
and the boy on my blog is Jon Kortajarena, he's a spanish model


I am always so crazy about a denim jacket...I love the way you matched with this cure pink dress!!

Melissa~ said...

Is a little bit difficult dress like a modern vampire, like the vamps from "twilight" or "true blood" they dress like us :)

I love your outfit! specially your jewelry,
and I have a question. How you made your photos bigger?

Kisses !!!

Adeliet said...

OMG! I've always wanted to buy the sac dress!!! I love it! Now you make me wanna own one! :P Hope to see you soon darling!! Am gonna plan a real cool surprise for you when we do! xoxo

Love to you, Adela

Ljubica said...

i love your jewellery, the big blue ring is fabulous!!

Dylana said...

Love the dress with the jacket!

ak said...

you make the denim jacket definitely cool..and gorg blue ring..cant wait to see what u put together for a vampire..clearly my obsession haha

Friend in Fashion said...

Loving this look - pink + denim is a fav of mine - love how you've accessorised :)

visit me @

WildFlower said...

Yay the pics look great at this size, now we can see the detail of your fab outfits better! I love this combination of the colour of your dress with denim. Its almost sort of 70s or something...I love it! So fresh.

Liya said...

such AMAZING jewelry

and that colour looks gorg on you

kurarin said...

i can see why. the dress is quite eye-catching but it's perfect for weather like this when you just want to grab something out of the closet and go. it's insanely hot these days. i'm glad you decided to wear it more often, you look lovely.

Kristin said...

I've been wondering about that dress. It looks lovely on you! And that gigantor ring is super fun!

Victoria-H said...

thank uuuu !! ^^
Oh cool with vampire- and nice, are u gonna have like a party or something, or just like dress up for yourself ? =)
Hm, is photoshop easy to use... well, it depends how good you are with those kind of programs.. like I like sitting and playing and trying stuff on it, but I have friends that finds it superhard.. so I guess it depends on the person.. :P
Love, love, love the dress ! so cute !
And I have no idea what I'm gonna be for halloween. I totally wish I knew hehe...

cassandra noƫlla said...

i am the saaaaaaaaame way with my dress. i have that same one but in blue. i need to wear it. dang i forgot all about it. i have so many clothes i should start posting up my outfits . but man that just takes time i do not haaaaaave.

what are you being for halloween ?anything?

ah okay i will recommend books.. #1 - the Guernsey literary and the potato peel society. that is my first major recommendation. report back when you are thru. haha

yes i will vlog soon, once i get my speakers on my computer working.. promise.

so jealous you have tropic weather year round.. we get every single season .. and everything that comes with it. sigh. but i love california. it is the best place on earth.

and YES! those leaves really did come in those colors.. i didnt change a thing. i just picked them off the tree. have you never seen leaves those colors before? i will totally take more photos of leaves for you when i see awesome kinds.

Cris said...

WOOOL *__________*
the dress with the jacket,t
he dress is really nice NICE NICEEEEE:D




I love the dress but I don't find that "strong blue" jacket the right mixing for that dress
now following you via rss too ;)

Link me, follow me

Nora said...

love your jewelry! i always wanted to try putting on a lot of bracelets and rings but i always feel funny in them.

and for halloween i'm going to be going to a friend's house party. it should be fun..and safe. haha.

hannahlizabeth said...

ooh i absolutely adore all your bracelets!

and you wear that AA dress well.

definitely a party for halloween! i'm going all-out this year, gonna be epic!

agatiszka said...

Love your dress and the huge ring!!

michelle_ said...

you look very adorable Valencia (as always). the pink looks good on you !! and the denim jacket is perfect to make the girlie pink look tougher .

i want ur bracelets so badly !!! mind if we switch some stuff up ?? haha .. jk lah..

have a great wednesday tommorow :D

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I want that lock bracelet! Its fab!


Brigitte said...

this is probably my favorite outfit of yours. i love the accessories.

SCISI said...

i so love all your jewellrey:)xx

areta said...

I <3 it !

sam. said...

i wish i could borrow from my mom!