Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beautiful sunset but lost of its warmth now

I've gotten sick today,down with flu and fever.
Outfits will resume tomorrow.

(from top left:YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in #2,Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturizer in Warm Radiance,Julie Hewett Cheek and Lip shine in Peachie,NARS blush in Orgasm or Deep Throat,Laura Mercier lip stain in English Rose )

These are the few makeup products
that I've been wanting to try so badly!
Heard so much reviews on them,be it youtube or websites.

But some can't be bought here in Singapore.
So I need to save money to buy all of these.

YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick:This one is a must buy! Even though its expensive,the color comes out so beautifully and that its not too drying as well.

Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturizer:I want to do dewy makeup from now on. And I know that this is going to be the 1st step.

Julie Hewett Cheek and Lip shine:Love love any product that can be used in more than one way. For this,its a worth buying product.

NARS blush:I love love the 2 colors stated above. Loads of reviews on them(despite their funny names),I adore shimmery blush and been wanting to have them. But sadly,its not found here.

Laura Mercier lip stain:lip stains or lipstick ? I love both,but for something quick and go. I love this and Laura Mercier is being a hot fave of mine to own.

Rest time for me now :)


Talisa said...

I hope you feel better soon,get some rest:)The make-up looks really nice.

Carmen said...

Get better soon! *hugs*

Thanks for the congrats.

Omg well done for being with your bf for nearly 4 years.


Amanda K said...

Hope you feel better! Get some rest!

I do love Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer but yes, it's super expensive. Thank god for Sephora's F&F deal.

BetseyJ said...

oooh Laura Mercier is such a lovely line, really great quality stuff!
I love her face primer.

MAC has some really amazing lipstains.

Sher said...

hey sweetie,

so sorry to hear you've fallen sick again! must be the really crappy weather nowadays!!

oh the YSL lipstick shade looks gorgeous, well I will fall for anything pink lol!

now go get some rest, sleep early and take your meds:P


Style Bird said...

I hope you get well soon. xoxo ava

F i K a said...

get well soon dear :)
bed rest is the best medicine for flu and fever :) talking about make up!! very interesting..I'll try to find some make up stuffs that suit for me&my skin too..hihihi..I should learn much about this things..hehehe

Pierrot le Fou said...

aww hope you make a speedy recovery!xx

Anika said...

Hope you feel better soonest.

And I really want to try the YSL lippie out too. I saw the new black lippie (part of MAC's new 'dark' collection) and was soooo tempted.

But seriously, how often am I going to wear black right.

Have a great one

Maria Confer said...

Oh, I hope you get well soon!! Rest up and have someone pamper you.

Such pretty pink makeup! I love the saucy names. ;)

Jacqueline said...

I hope you feel better soon girly =) I hate being sick. Rest and eat lots of soup and crackers. Drink lots of water too. Watch lots of TV for me!


Julls said...

UU,nice stuff. And the last outfit post is great !

Get better darling >:D<

Cafe Fashionista said...

That Cheek and Lip Shine in Peachie looks lovely. I too adore products that can work in more than one way.

Get well soon, darling! :)

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i believe Julie Hewett's available in SG, gal. not sure if they're still having the promo.. sorry, aunty's memory's fuzzy. find out from Keith Png's Hide & Seek. i last heard that they'd be moving. this was last month.

Maggie said...

Get well soon, darling! The make up collection looks really nice ;)

Martynique said...

There is a beautiful shade of lipstick

Aoife said...

Get well soon, the make up collection looks great!


Always essencial!
This YSL pink lips are so cute!

Melissa~ said...

I love the nars blush name, great!
I'll try all too. YSL, always good, and i'm coriuos about Laura Mercier lip stains.

Hope you feel better dear!!
Thanks for visit my blog!

Barock and Roll said...

I have the YSL lisptick: I just love it! ^^

Anonymous said...

I love your hair sweetheart!!! And your lipstick color in your previous entry! TOTALLY NEED TO HAVE IT! Where can I get it? ;))) I can't wait to meet up with you, you gorgeous girl!

Love, Adela

cassandra noƫlla said...

what to do when you have the flu -
my friend, you know i am a practitioner yes? i am studying to be a naturopathic doctor.
so ,drink hot water with lemon juice in it .. sounds simple but trust me this will make you feel 10x better.
another thing to do.. find some Nettle Tea and drink that , 2 cups a day if you can.

eat right.. diet is a major role in getting sick and getting better. you should at least eat right for right now.. then you can eat however you wanna after youre not sick.

and breathe.. lots of air. you need a lot of air.

report back to me in the morning. hahaha!

misscindee said...

aww im sick too. its not fun esp cos i hate being unproductive. i hope u feel better soon =) I LOOOVE your previous outfit post and how you tied everything together. i swear all my comments to you are sounding so repetitive...(i love your outfit...) lol* but its so true. u always amaze me with how creative you pull things together. who takes your outfit pics? mine never turn out good. i think thats why i never post them. lol

Delmy said...

just saw your interview on chicisimo. You are adorable and I love your accent.

Anonymous said...

Many hugs to you my good friend!! We shall be waiting for you recovery! :)

Victoria-H said...

re: yea it's a dr awing by me ^^
and noo you don't have to loose weight- you look great ! although- exercising is good anyways... go out running- I love that ! :P

Noble Beeyotch said...

Hope you get well soon dear!

The YSL rouge is such a favorite of mine!....and it has the longest staying-power of all the lipsticks i have ever used!

E said...

I really want a good tinted moisturizer and I love anything reflective.

michelle_ said...

hey !
sorry , but what did u mean about the exchange you mentioned in the tweet ? didnt quite get it :( hahah

ohh i know where u can get laura mercier products in Sg . go to takashimaya . and u know the elevator near Chanel ?? go down that elevator once and there's some makeup shop near the elevator . they sell a complete range of laura mercier products 1
hope this helps :D

hope u're feeling better now :)

michelle_ said...

oh forgot to mention .
i didnt buy those vintage sunnies . cus most of them were too small for me so that it hurt alot when i wore them . :(

Ruta said...

aww feel better. i need to get some new makeup

Nora said...

i've been thinking about lip stains and i think they are the way to go..sees to last forever!

Patty Ann said...

i use nars!! i love it, and the case is sooooo cute!!!

xtinagirl said...

I want more makeupppp!! AHHHH!