Monday, October 12, 2009

Tapping of feets on the dance floor in the moonlight

Slouchy knitted top:Topshop
Wet look leggings:Supre
Accessories:Old and new all mixed
Necklace:can't remember from where
Sunglasses:Online store

Was really feeling the 80s vibe today.
So with my side high ponytail and my red lippie
Not forgetting my shades too.

Its starting to make a comeback and I love it!
The past eras are re-living themselves again:)

My sister took my photos for me today.Thanks so much !
And we decided to try turn off all the lights and take photos with the flash.
Loved how it all came out.
She said it had that cobrasnake feel to it.

But I don't know,I can't be compared to him.
He is really so so awesome in taking photos
and all the details.

Had to stay back after work today
to pack uniforms for the workers,urghhhh.
Hope I don't screw up in distributing them tomorrow.

And I've yet to finish all my blog hopping.
Please do bear with me,I'll visit all as fast as I can.
Ohhhh yes,can anyone help me with my blog layout ?!

I do need something new and I'm such a geek to putting bigger photos here.
Help help I need help !

Lastly,I've got an award from my lovely friend,Joelyne from The Sydney Girl.
Thanks so much,you're always so so sweet !

I'm really bad at tagging other people at this.
So I'll tag all who reads my blog !


Sophie said...

Wow, this outfit it amazing. I'm loving the 80s vibe and it does really suit you! The red lipstick and sunglasses look so well as do your wet look leggings! And congratulations on your award, Your blog is fabulous!xo

KATIA said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't even recognize you! I love this look though, a lot. You just look so cool. Sorry to hear you had to stay long after work :s that must suck.. anyways, happy monday :)

Jowy said...

Loving ya slouchy knit!!

One Love,

Big Daddy said...

OH la la, that sweater is pure amazing-ness, and the side pony is so killer!
Ps. Where did you get that nail polish, i am in need of that color badly!!

Jacqueline said...

Love this outfit! I like your sweater and how you paired it with the wet look leggings. I was thinking of doing something like that. The knit with the leggings is so hot! Your sunglasses are cute too. That was nice of your sister to take your photos =)

J'Adore Fashion said...

love the whole outfit! cute nail polish!!! :) xx

Kelly & Tracy said...

I love your sunglasses! What a great outfit!

zoe. xox said...

Gorgeous! Great outfitt, i love the 80's vibee.

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

You look so good in the 80's garb! Is your shirt sorta sheer? Even if it isn't I still love it...sooo cute! I wish I could pull off red lips as good as you have here, the color just doesn't really work for me. Again, props to sis!

Talisa said...

Love your outfit!!! Everything looks awesome!!

Martynique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martynique said...

Red glasses are wonderful! It is a pity that these do not fit me

How do I look at these shoes are wooooow, wants a new high heels!

Can make pictures with < img src="..."> then will be normal size. Larger look better :D

F i K a said...

gorgeous!! love your red lips!! hihi
honestly I never put red color on my lip..hihihi

and,,you shoes are greaaaat!! love it :D

anw, about the necklace name..I really really hope you can order it..but I just do not understand yet about the payment system :(..I'm still learning about it, many people said that western union is the easiest way ..hope I'll understand it so I can shipping abroad and you can order the necklace ;)..hihihi

simone! said...

The styling here is just so amazing, I love love love it! That sweater guarantees that I'll love your outfit, and everything else just bring it to the next level. Ah-mazing.

Julia said...

Really cool outfit, I love the colour of your nails!

Dylana said...

I love that slouchy sweater! You can make your pics bigger by using a photo hosting site like photobucket or tinypic. tinypic is free and works great. upload pics, resize them large, and paste the html code onto blogspot and you are done!

dy said...

cute outfit! i love your nail polish color. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi cutie!!! What a fab outfit! You remind me of the 80s indeed! I love those red sunnies -- they remind me of Ray Ban which I totally need to get :P How are you today?

Love always, Adela

Pierrot le Fou said...

looking very VERY good

Frank&Rémy said...

you look stunning dear! I love thoser red lips matched with the red shades. LOVE IT!!!

have a wonderful week dear!


Julls said...

Love the pony tale and the outfit ^^
And congrats for the award !

Shantee said...

love the slouchy top and red lippie!! yummm :D

Patty Ann said...

LOVE this outfit
its so rocker chic!!!
and i like the red glasses best
so so cute
sorry i've been so MIA, i missed so much on your blog!!! gosh you are amazing at keeping up your blog!!! but you're like the first blog i check ALL the time!!!

kirstyb said...

love the jumper xoxoxox

Melissa~ said...

80's rock!!
I fell in love with your sunglasses! they're so cool!
and of course nyour outfit looks awesome! the ponytail work very good on you!

Luck in your work!
Kisses Valencia!
Thanks for visit my blog!

Elisabeth Lacunza said...

lovelovelove that style of yours!

Faridah said...

You look super cute! Go you for revisiting the 80s and looking smokin'! x

Faridah said...

Your best bet for bigger photos is to upload them using photobucket or imageshack through the URL section of the image uploader. That way you can upload them at their true size or at least bigger. You'll have to tweak your profile to work with bigger photos if it starts stretching things out of proportion. Your best bet is to google "how to upload bigger photos on blogger" and there are tonnes of step-by-step instructions around. Good luck! x

Liya said...

wish there was a topshop heeeeeeeere

use photobucket! its the bombbbb

cassandra noëlla said...

oh meow. i love the shoes and glasses.
you need layout help? im your lady ..

Claradevi said...

oh god you're gorgeous!!
i love everything - and not to forget how I adore the white top - so darling!
do you need some tips for making your photos larger? I know how to do. Email me if you interested :))

Nora said...

love your sweater! and the shoes. great look overall :)

Katie said...

Loving this outfit!

SAUVAGE said...

adorable! and I love the seafoam-green nail polish =]

Anonymous said...


Rachel C. said...

LOVE your ponytail!


Miri said...

You do have the 80's vibe! Topshop=love

Zhcsyra hp said...

whooa.,lovely this style,.
je adore that red glasses,big shirt ,nice leggings and fabulous shoes <33

Einnie said...

love the red and hair

hannahlizabeth said...

this outfit is so hot - and you look way different with sunnies! digging the 80s look.


Little Bo Peeep said...

Omg this is a fantastic outfits, you look great! I adore that sweater, it looks so comfy and the details are great <3

natalie said...


vilken biopremiär ska du gå på i vinter?
gå in på min blogg och klicka en gång, det är allt som krävs! ;)

Marmelindela said...

I really love this 80's look. your glasses with the ponytail and red lips, it looks so good!

I got the shoes in a Dutch store called Sacha, I don't think they sell them anywhere else :(. They're quite cool aren't they? You can even remove the little bows and put on another thingy.

michelle_ said...

yes . my teacher said fashion is like a cycle. it keeps repeating itself every some years !
loving the way you matched those red pouts with the red ray bans..
and the slouchy sweater is uber cool !

Clara said...

amazing look.
i love your sunglasses.

nv said...

those cage/cut out pumps are amazing !

thesydneygirl said...

you're welcome lovely!!! wow you look so sexy in these photos!!! that top is gorgeous! love how you did your hair! <3
big hugs
love uuu xxx