Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parading around in sequined hotpants and my coat

Plaid shirt:dad's old tee,vintage Ralph Lauren
Wolf tank:online store,strayedheart
Backpack:online store,pandaswithpistols
Leggings:Random store in town
Boots:Doc Martens

Wore out my new wolf tank today !
And went ahead with a 80s/90s grunge look:)
I felt I look kind of boyish in a way.
But I guessed it all turned out well.

I'm going to wear my wolf tank out more often now.
Just can't stop looking at it,so beautiful.
Forgetful me,I didn't bring my camera out again.
Thanks so much to Yiqin for helping me with the photos today.

We headed to Crystal Jade for dinner and it was sure yummy.
Handmade noodles,pork buns,dumpings etc.
And it wasn't expensive at all:)

Gosh,I went shopping again there after!
Topshop was having huge sales up to 50% off,plus being a member.
I had additional 15% off this top that I bought which I adore !
Its an blue acid wash oversized pullover.
What a steal for it!

I'll be wearing it soon to show it to you all.
Going to tell you all where I got all my recent purchases from in my previous post.
Quite a number of you have been asking so I'll share with you all.

One shouldered
Alexander Wang Inspired

Lastly,thank you once again to my now 89 followers!
You all and everyone who reads and comments are the reason
I'm so excited to blog each day:)
And giveaway post coming up tomorrow.


Maria Confer said...

I seriously LOVE your dad's old shirt. Every time you wear it, I sigh with longing!! I must search ebay!!

Love your wolf tank! It's awesome. So jealous that you have topshop so close by. That soup looks delicious!

Jacqueline said...

I am in love with your wolf tank! It looks so good on you. I wish we had a Topshop here, but we don't so if I buy something and have to return it I have to ship it all the way to the UK. blah! Congrats on getting such a great snag on Topshop. I cannot wait to see the pullover you got! I love your dad's plaid shirt. I must say it looks pretty damn awesome!


michelle_ said...

the wolf tshirt reminds me of christopher kane's gorrila dress .
love the flannel shirt over it .. it makes everything look much more interesting !

Annachiara said...

oh,favolous darling!!!! i love this outfit....i love your outfits always...The shirt is fantastic...the t-shirt idem...
:-) i love it!!!! you're gorgeous!!! :-)

Cris said...

muito bonito o seu look :)
estou seguindo o seu blog :)

beeeijos ;*

Taylor Sterling said...

digging the flannel on you!! xx

Ness said...

i love your old shirt it's just amazing!

MELODEES said...

You really need to stop posting these pictures of food on you blog, I get hungry everytime I pass it!! lol lol

rebecca said...

cant wait for the giveaway!
and i love that shirt! very jealous! x

Sophie Carmo said...

Very beautiful, the shirt is perfect and I love the ring!Muaksss

Talisa said...

I love your outfit, the shirt nd the t are great!! Also I love your hair, I´m a big fan of fringe:)


You look very cool!

amazing look!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a big bowl of soup!

dapper kid said...

I loooove your shirt and that wolf tank is awesome! Ooh and yummy sounding food. Hope you're having a lovely day :)

Jony said...

I love your outfit: the shirt and the wolf tank, definitely amazing!
I am def following you!

joanne said...

i like your shirt!
I saw a similar shirt selling on threadless a few months back but was so lazy to make a purchase.
i kind regret it now=(

thesydneygirl said...

hey beautiful!!! such a lovely outfit! i'm glad yiqin was able to take some photos of you.

the wolf tank is awesome. would love a more detailed pic of it too... i'm sure we'll see it again on you.

just got into work. eating.... GUESS! haha you're my psychic girl lol

mwa hope you had a nice night... chat soon X

simone! said...

God, this is fantastic. I can't muster up much emotion right about now, but really, you look fabulous.

E said...

I love the plaid shirt with this :-)

Melissa~ said...

I love your grunge look! That tee is perfect.
And OMG that ring, is huge! I love huge rings.
Thanks for visit my blog dear!

bryna said...

love that shirt!

Stacy said...

i adore your wolf tank; it's vintage without being the "oh... a wolf tank.. great?" type haha you know? yours is awesome!

Victoria-H said...

thank u sweetie ! Yea I hope so too :)

Looking great as always ! and what yuo're eating looks good ;)

Mouthwash said...

what a fun outfit! I love the plaid!

You can totally have the mickey ears - I'm selling them on Etsy for $15! You can see my shop here



Zhcsyra hp said...

cool style anyway :))

Jony said...

Thanks for your sweet comment back..omg i didn't saw your big ring that one is definitely amazing!!

Carol said...

Love the plaid shirt!!!


Julls said...

the shirt is so cute !!
And the wolf tee ^^

Valeriesoh said...

darling!!! cant wait for you to receive my package!!! whooooohoooo.... I think we should be the fashion power girls!!! ahhaha. waht do you think??? yes we should!!

Yofany said...

tell me if you already post about htat giveaway! lol. anywya, linking you back!

beckyxoxo said...

wow finally you wore that wolf top ! super cool ! haha . and topshop is giving us a very few discount here . :( by the way can't wait for your giveaway ! oh i love crystal jade .

FashionGK said...

Love the shirt!

Nicha said...

I like your grungy 90's look. You pull it off effortlessly.

FabBlab said...

You look great and as if you're having a ton of fun ;)

Amanda K said...

Cute plaid shirt!

Owl and the Grapes said...

AHmazing wolf top.

Faridah said...

I love the grunge look on you! You have the perfect hair cut to make it look modern and fresh. Love the plaid shirt and that wolf shirt.

I get my rings from all over the place but mainly from ebay, sportsgirl and diva :D x

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love the outfit--grunge done right! The wolf tee is too cool.