Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dazzling in the lights of those we left behind

A.Wang Inspired Jacket:online,Modparade
Wolf tee:Online,see few post below
Inner black shorts:Mango
Shoes:Cotton On

Thanks my love for the photos!

Went bowling early this morning.
The place was already so so packed but good thing I booked
the lane in advance:)
We had so much fun and it's been awhile since we last bowled.

Play 3 rounds in total and I lost in all!
Won only 1 game of of the three.
Headed for for ice cream there after
and I got my favorite lemon ice cream.

Finally wore out my new jacket together with my wolf tank again.
Think I'll be wearing quite a lot of both items.
And me with the bike,not its not mine or my boyfriend's.
I just stood there for photo taking.

Forgive me if I've not been following up with some of your blogs.
Been trying my hardest to keep up to date with everyone.

Heading out again in a few minutes.
But wanted to blog 1st just in case I might not have time later.

Lastly,don't forget to enter the blog's giveaway !(see post below)

Edit:Ooops,I've added in on where all my clothes are from now:)


michelle_ said...

got ur first comment spot !
i lovveee that print tshirt dress u posted days ago .. it works great with the denim jacket .

hope u enjoy the bowling game !!

Faridah said...

You look awesommmmmme! I love this look. So so good. Your outfits have been so lovely lately. x

beckyxoxo said...

that tee again ! x) seems you had so much fun . it's been a long time for me not to play bowling . haha . have a nice weekend !

Annachiara said...

Hi darling!!!! Magnific photos... especially the last!!! I love your t-shirt... And i love your outfits always!!!! :-) Thanks for your sopported always on my blog... you're a treasure :-) Kiss kiss Any

lilylove said...

God, I love your tee!


Carmen said...

Gorgeous tee.


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit sweetheart!!! Love that jacket ;)))) I'm gonna get it soon too!!! Let's meet up and wear the same thing, LOL, kidding. Missed talking to you! Hope you're having tons of fun!

Love, Adela

zoe. xox said...

Great outfitt, i love the wolf tee!

Anonymous said...

You look so cool! That's a fantastic bowling outfit. You should get a bike - I think it would compliment your look! But always wear a helmet!
I really want to go bowling now - looks so much fun

Polly x

Annie said...

thanks so much for the comment on my blog!
i love yours!

and i love that outfit of yours! :)

i've followed and linked you :D

love annie, xx

simone! said...

Oh, that seems like such a lovely day. Your outfit is amazing, too.

Jacqueline said...

Love your wolf shirt! I love to bowl too =) ahhhhhhh, we should get together. You look so cute in these photos girly. Lemon ice cream too?! I love lemon flavored anything!

Michael said...

I love how casual yet chic your outfit is! The jacket pairing is simply adds a nice touch.

yiqin; said...

I want to go bowling soon! Bring me soon <3<3 Love that jacket!!! :D

Melissa~ said...

you look awesome!!!
Love your outfit, rally love it. That Tee is great!
I love bowling, I'm not good, but is so fun.
Thanks for visit my blog!

Victoria-H said...

thaaaanks.. haha yea I'm fascinated by people in the car, really !!
Oh how fun with bowling !! :D
And the wolf tee is soo cool !

Ash Fox said...

so cute! loving that tee!


SAUVAGE said...

I love bowling! and you look adorable in your shirt dress, it reminds me of Christopher Kane =]

Anonymous said...

Hello. :) I really like the title of this post. The photos are also great, it looks like you had fun. I have been wanting to go bowling for months but I can't get any free time!

F i K a said...

it seems like I missed a lot of your connection is just soo slow, so I can do much blogwalking :(..

anw, you know what? at first I thought you were wearing a long sleeve wolf tee & a vest jeans..hehehe...after I scroll down and read your previous post, I just realized that it's not a vest, but a was great!!
I like your outfit!! simple and seems so comfy to play bowling :D..hehehe

melly said...

Effortless combination! I love them together and I kinda like that you wore sneakers instead of a fancy shoe :]

Anonymous said...

bowling is sooo much fun! I love and miss it dearly havent done that in a while!

Love the icture you look like a biker girl! oih yeah! :)

dapper kid said...

Yay for bowling!! I haven't been in forever, so need to go some time. I am loving your jacket, it looks fabulous. Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

The Kollektive said...

Great look all around. =]

MELODEES said...

Ilooooveee this outfit!!! A hat would look great with this too!
ps check out my blog

rebecca said...

love your t shirt. its really pretty and haha about the motorbike. me and my friends always do that! so your definately not the only one! x

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

that shirt is the best.word.

Tenny said...

love bowling.i suck at it, but love bowling haha. and that's one awesome shirt

Big Daddy said...

Oh my gosh, so so sooo chic girl!! The wolf dress is beyond amazing and paired with that vest it is off the charts!
Ps. Bowling looks so fun, sorry you lost!

Ruta said...

i love this top and bowling is sooo much fun. i haven't been in forever.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

howling wolves are the best,

nice shirt dress!

jess s//

Valeriesoh said...

YESYES! hahahha. I said that I wanted to see more of the boyfriend and all i get in a picture of his back? heehee!!!! whenever I bowl, I feel my joint aching... not cool!!!!! arhhhhhhhhhhhh

Shirley Wijaya said...

love your shoes,i adore your style.. simple but very stylish :)

Dylana said...

The jacket looks amazing on!

Victoria-H said...

re: _Yes its like when theyre driving- or like waiting for the red light to turn green.. Haha, its so funny

Sher said...

hi dear, your new wolf tank is definitely worth wearing again hehe...nice pairing with the jacket!

So sorry if I have not been commenting much too, weekends are always so bz!

How fun, you went bowling! I haven't bowled in years:P

Oh, yes please wear your little hearts tights soon and make me jealous!

KAELA said...

Cute outfit!! xx

M. and O. said...

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In Bordeaux City, a really beautiful town where we live :)
Come on
See ya :) Xoxo

thischicksgotstyle said...

You look great :D

Chasing Cherries said...

Love your outfit! Your Wang inspired jacket is so nice, I want one too!! And i just LOVE your Wolf tee!! :D

bisou-joue said...

cute outfit love your t-shirt worn as dress !

un petit lapin said...

You look so cute! Is this tank modelled on the famous three howling wolves T-shirt?

thesydneygirl said...

hiiiiiiii valencia!!! :)
wow wow wow! you look gorgeous here.
look at those sexy legs!!!
atleast you won one game! i probably would lose all 3! hahaha
chat soon!
love you <3

Zhcsyra hp said...

whoa.,.lovely bowling :)))