Friday, October 16, 2009

Van Y Sus Cositas Jewelry bracelet giveaway

No blog outfit today,but surely during the weekend.
So not to worry:)

Its time again for another giveaway~
Vanessa from Van Y Sus Cositas and I have teamed up together with this giveaway!
Thanks so much Vanessa for being so sweet and generous.

Her pieces are so delicate and so beautiful. A mix of rock with a feel of of elegance.

Here's a little more on her,how she got started and her beautiful Jewelry line:

My name is Vanessa and i am economist. I started to do jewelry since i was a child. I always liked jewels so it was a perfect way to customize what I didn't find on shops.

I started to take it seriously when my family and friends encouraged me to do an small business with it.
I have taken part in several designers fairs in Madrid and my next goal is to get a distribution chain with some boutiques.

I get inspiration from nature above all but also with some books and streetstyle.

One black lace bracelet with silver skull and butterfly is up for one fortunate reader.

Here's how you can enter:
Visit Van Y Sus Cositas and choose which item is your favorite and why. Also please remember to leave down your email address.

For extra entries,you can can:
-Follow both Van Y Sus Cositas and Roll Up Your Sleeve for an additional 1 entry
-Post the giveaway on your blog(linking back to the giveaway here) for an additional 2 entries

Winner will be chosen randomly.

Open to international readers. The winner will be drawn on 30/10/09.


Laura Gerencser said...

Oh my!! Her stuff is gorgeous!!! Love it all!

Big Daddy said...

Oh so pretty.
Ps. I love your plaid from the last post, i didn't get to comment fast enough!

rebecca said...

i love the butterfly necklace. its just really beautiful. my email is x

Jacqueline said...

I love the butterfly bracelet. It is very delicate and I like the detail on the chain!

beckyxoxo said...

i love the calaveras one . with the butterfly and ribbon . :) i've followed both blogs .

cassandra noƫlla said...

aw cute! woo!

Anonymous said...

I love the contrast of the pearl like metal beads with the hard crude edge of the human skull. That's the best kind of beauty.
Also, I think you have some great things going down with this blog, long messy hair, checks and wolf pront, you are so on my blog's "inspiration " list.
The Fashion Tape.

Ruta said...

i love that jewelry although the one with the skulls isn't really my type of thing.

Ash Fox said...

beautiful jewelry.


Style Bird said...

Love the jewelry.

Cris said...

UAL! One black lace bracelet with silver skull and butterfly IS BEATIFUL *_*

tks comment on my blog :)

kisses ;*

HoneyBunny said...

These are really lovely pieces:)
Love that pearl necklace with a butterfly as it's so elegant and sweet at the same time!:)

Becca said...

absolutely beautiful :)

Anonymous said...


Niviarsiaq said...

wow, that's some talent!
This jewelry is beyond beautiful!

Liya said...

didnt get to your last post fast enough! LOVED that outfit

Pj said...

Wow this stuff is gorgeous (:

KATIA said...

Cute jewelry :) I don't usually like skull pendants for myself but I like how they integrated them here :)

Melissa~ said...

I'll be honest, My favourite is the one taht you're giving. Is perfect. Mix one of my favourites things, butterflyes, and it has this skull for a rock touch. I love it!

hannahlizabeth said...

her jewelry is so rad! i love the mix of lace, butterflies and skulls. genius!

and i so agree with your make-up tip, even if it's just foundation and mascara xx

Anonymous said...

I love these ! :)
ps. I like your blog :)


Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Wow, very pretty indeed! I am always a sucker for jewelry, so definitely enter me in! If I have a chance, I'll post it on my blog, too! (THATS how much I love it!)

Thanks so much for stopping by! To answer your q, I got my bike at a random shop downtown!

Anonymous said...

Very precious things!

michelle_ said...

oh gosh love her jewelry so much ! very vintagy feell ..
thanks for the links :)

Britty said...

their sweet!
I want one!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Great stuff I will try to enter tomorrow

Faridah said...

My favourite by far is the one up for grabs, the lace and skull is so so cool! I also love rock n roll, with that cool skull.

F i K a said...

great jewelry!! love them all :), soo difficult to choose one!! I love butterfly bracelets..

I really want to win this giveaways!!

my email:

Charlene Ashley Dy said...

This is sooo pretty!!! I want it!

michelle_ said...

my favorite are the butterfly mariposas !
but everything else is gorgeous as well !!
hope I get to win :D

Ilse said...

omg didn't I join this yet? well here you go I both follow you and the maker of this gorgeous jewellery! <3 I really really like the ball bracelet with the skull bead! it caught my attention because of it's simplicity and the interesting way of beading (don't know how to word it lol)

well I'll put down my old email address in here
LOL DON'T LOOK AT THE EMO-NESS I was in a moody period at the time hahahaha

Missy said...

Love the bangles earrings.

For all things fashion:

daisymay said...

Love the butterfly ivory necklace! Its so pretty. I'm following both of you. Hope I win!! Thanks for such a cool giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love the little skull detailing. I have a thing for skulls. They are kind of creepy, but I like it! Ha Ha. I think I like the lace bracelet best, but I do like the bow skull pin that was made for you :) Following both of you doll!


Sooo L.A. said...

OMG I love it all!!! But by far one of my favorites is her "about lace bracelet" I love how delicate and precious it looks! I can definitely see myself styling it in with many many different looks!

crossing my fingers and hoping to win! hehe.

my email is