Friday, October 2, 2009

Funny feeling in between my bones

I still have my bangs ! Just that at home,I push it to the side when the weather's warm

Last minute notice.
That I need to work overtime today and I'm not sure what time I'll end.
Urghhhh,its the weekend!
and this has to spoil all the fun:(

So I'm blogging from work right now.
You all will still have something to read still.

There would not be an outfit post for today.
I'm afraid I don't have the time.
But I'll be doing up tags and awards from you all.
Thanks so much for the awards,I'll do a bit at a time.
Kinda slow with such things,bear with me. heeee

More exciting post up tomorrow !

Thanks so much to Becky from Try to be stylish and Julls from Place de la Concorde. Both of you are just too sweet:)

The award has some rules, they are:
1. We're not allowed to change the banner of the award, the word, the color, and the signature. But, we can resize it.
2. Tell who gave you the award.
3. Choose 10 female bloggers who haven't received the award yet

-Patty from AlphaBetaChic
-Erica from Sweetsandhearts
-Sher from Beneaththecrystalstars
-Valerie from Marley&me
-E from Districtofchic

I always break the tag others rule. heee

2nd tag from the lovely Anniespandex and Moonstruck ! Thanks so much girls for letting me on into this too.

Answer these questions with one word and then hand the award over to others.

Where's your cell phone: desk

Your hair: smelling good

Your mother:a mother who loves me

Your father:funny

Favorite Food:Kimchi

Dream last night: blank dream!

Favorite drink: Bubblegum(from topshop's party)

What room are you: office

Hobby: daydreaming

Fear: death

Where were you last night: Topshop fashion party

Something that you aren't: defeated

Muffins: cute cupcakes

Wish list item: good career

Where did you grow up: Singapore

What are you wearing:Threadless shirt

Your pets: A Pomeranian

Friends: makes me laugh

Something you're not wearing: glasses

Favorite store: Vintage stores

Favorite color: Mint green

Last time you laughed: just awhile ago

Your best friend: Boyfriend

Place you go to over and over: Thailand

Person who emails you regularly: spam!!

Favorite place to eat: Subway's

I tag everyone out there who reads my blog. Anyone who's interested tooo

Lastly,two pieces of good news I'll like to share!

Exciting 5 Day blogging event
across two blogs, to raise
awareness of the importance of regular cervical smear testing, starts Monday the 5th of October.
Hosted by
Lauren of Laurens Loves and Sharon of My Passport to Style.Exciting guest
bloggers,giveaways, interviews and much more.Please support this event by joining us over the 5 days
and leaving your feedback, you can also support us by spreading the word through Twitter, Friends
Connect, Facebook and your Blogs of course!

And also,
the 2 winners announced tomorrow for my 1st blog giveaway!
You still have time to enter though. till I wake up tomorrow morning.
And a 2nd giveaway real soon<3>


Amanda said...

thank you so much for your comment!
Nice vlog! (L)

FabBlab said...

You, my friend, look ultra freakin adorable. Just sayin'. :)

HoneyBunny said...

You look so lovely:)

Kristiana V said...

where do you work? or what is your profession? :)

Shantee said...

ok fingers crossed for tmr! hahaha

cassandra noëlla said...

haha i feel like not a whole lot of my bloggers know much about me . so i'll start kinda givin more info .
my rings never come off they are all sterling silver & i designed 2 of them. i'll take photos of them when i get my camera.. :)
and i dont get what the awards are for? and why you have to answer the questions? ?!

Den Lille Motespire said...

Haha, maybe? She's def a knitter alright!

:)Thanks 4 stopping by my blog.

Sher said...

Hey girl, thanks for passing on the lovely award!

Aww, overtime sucks especially if it's last minute notice!! I hope things get easier at work for you!

Lol at ppl who emails you regularly:P Oh you must show us pics of your pet!!

Style Bird said...

You are so pretty! I love the Topshop pics below too!

jessie said...

and i'd feel silly doing a video diy tutorial :P
i think i just googled bleaching jeans...haha.

hannahlizabeth said...

aw cute pics! blogging from work - must try this next week. glad to hear you had fun at the party.

ps. i am HOPEFULLY going to the states in nov if all goes well with my visa! not to study though - to work, shop and party. wayyyyy excited.


troisieme said...

Hi! Love your blog!
Check out my fashion brand
thank you! :)

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Your bangs are adorable! I love having mine covering the left side of my forehead, lol.

Hope time flies for you and you get out of work soon! =)


Amanda K said...

Fun Tag!! I'm going to do it later..

Jacqueline said...

You are so pretty!

Tink in My Closet said...

Your so adorable.. Love your randome facts:) What time did you end up getting out of work you poor thing?

cassandra noëlla said...

at a farmers market in huntington beach there is a man who makes amazing rings. he has a brilliant selection of stones and gems. i am a stone & gem junkie.
the two that i wear from him .. one is lapis & the other is an abalone from off the coast of australia so its green not the normal opal ish kind. its brilliant. i have two other rings that i don't wear anymore. once i get my camera i am going to photograph them and post them on my etsy. so keep an eye out.

but he lets you design the ring if you pick out which kind of stone or stones you'd like .. so i did. its great. i am due for a new ring from him. i just get so addicted and then fall in love with certain ones that keeping my other ones just isn't fair because other people need to wear them since i dont anymore!

this is such a huge comment. haha dang

CC said...

Vintage stores are my favorite too!
And I adore your hair. :)


Sophie said...

Congratulations on all the awards, you deserve them! Loved your answers to the questions as well. xo

Barbro Andersen said...

You are so freakin' cute :D I tend to break the rules of tags too :P

Patty Ann said...

congrats on the awards!!!
yay thanks soooo much for tagging me!! these are always so much fun!!! i wish i could tag you back again!
ahhh sorry i haven't been around, i haven't been near my computer the past few days, i feel like i've missed so much on your blog!!