Friday, October 23, 2009

Telling yourself that eye is not in the prize

I was abit on the lazy side today.
So I didn't take an outfit post,but a vlog !!
Really hope you all enjoy:)
I did a video of what I carry in my bag on a daily basis.

Realised that the sound goes faster then my mouth.
And I don't know how to fix that.
So it doesn't really match,but the vlog still works fine.

If you all want to do this too,I want to see yours too!
Let me know.

More outfits during the weekend and I'll be replying to all your blog awards.
I'm always so so slow on this,my apologies:)

Have a great weekend everyone ~


Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Love the video! Your eye make up is SO perfect! I thought I'd say that. And I love your bag! It's stunning!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jacqueline said...

awwwwww, you are so cute! I love your hair and your voice =) Your accent is awesome too! wooohooo. love the vlog!


Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous! And I LOVE your hair!!

Great accesories!

cassandra noëlla said...

ah i wish i had audio on my computer. my paps needs to make it work.. poo.
i should do a vlog soon , once i figure out how to use my video on my camera.

cassandra noëlla said...

i wanna do a thing on the contents of my purse. i dont know how interesting it would be. yours looks FUN. im boorrrrinnng

cassandra noëlla said...

i love your headband in the previous post.
i just custom ordered one from an etsy site... i will do a post on it later when i get it in the mail. but it reminds me of yours.

daisymay said...

Love the vlog, its very fun! and my god you carry lots of stuff no wonder you need such a big bag!

Natalie said...

thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog. ur comments are my fave! hehe. i love ur blog as well! u have fantastic style. and i'm going to be in singapore in january/february. i cannot WAIT!! :)


Kristin said...

The contents of my bag aren't very exciting. Most days it's a diaper bag. Ah ha

Nubiasnonsense said...

Cool Stuff, Your hair is so pretty. I love the video sweets xox

Maria Confer said...

Valencia Lia...You are the cutest person ever!!

I once drew the contents of my bag!

Now, I need to figure out how to do a vlog.

Jocelynne said...

I love your accent, and that bag is absolutely amaaaaazing. I was actually going to film a vlog for tomorrow, so I guess I will do this tag! :) x

oriwa said...

I wish the sound worked at work here!!!

I will watch it soon!


EE I love accents haha

Yuka said...

i have no sound on this comp. but i saw the vid! cool idea!

Dylana said...

I LOVE your accent so much! It reminds me of my family in Malaysia, who I will be visiting come January for a month! And this time, my dad is coming, so I am super excited! I cannot way. And we are going to be visiting Singapore, too! I first visited Singapore 4 years ago, and it was so beautiful! Cannot wait to head back there again!

Britty said...

you have a cute voice lol I like the bag
I think you should do a blog daily outfit and video sometime whatever you want to do.

Annie said...

similar to my bag :D

love annie <3.

Liya said...

haha omigosh you are so cute!
i defs carry the same stuff...and your wallet is WAY cooler than mine.
and i ALWAYS have so many tissue packets on me


The Everyday Minimalist said...

I LOVE your video :)

This is totally awesome.

Ilse said...

aww I loved this post haha cute vid!! but sadly I couldn't hear you that clearly, the volume wasn't that high :< so I put my ear on my laptop (my sis came in and was like wtfff are you doing LOL)
I like the idea of making videos but please don't throw out your outfit pictures they're the best!!! ^^

beautifulnemo said...

you are so lovely!!!!!!

yiqin; said...



Hi there, thanks a lot for commenting back! Today there will be more pictures of Jimmy Choo vs. H&M, so stay tuned, hope to see you there! ;)
By the way, your post is awesome, love the pictures! ^^

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Anonymous said...

love your hair!
great week to you!

Ilse said...





She's Dressing Up said...

Oooh I love your purse... And hair! =]

kurarin said...

you are so adorable, i want to keep you :P i love steamboat btw and that gorgeous bag (so artsy and roomy!)

i've noticed the vlogging trend and i seriously love it. i never paid much attention to some of the bloggers until they started vlogging and showing so much more of their personality. i find karen from wheredidyougetthat especially endearing.

C.Chico said...

ooo i've been wanting to do a post on what's in my bag. but keep forgetting.

i'm loving the vlog too!!

michellehendra said...

great video :)


Talisa said...

I love your video,you seem so nice and sweet just adorable:)

MELODEES said...

Hey girl, you are the cutest! Love your blog doll xxx Melodee

FashionJazz said...

I totally luved this!! U have such a stunning accent and wow, u are so pretty- U have amazing features! I would luv to do something like this, will let u know : ) xxxx

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

oh my gosh, your stunning Valencia. It's so neat to see bloggers on video, makes you feel like a face to face meeting! unfortunately my b/f is watching football on high volume and I can't hear it right now, but I shall come back later.
The bag is sooooooo freakin cute!

A Decadent Thing said...

new hillsongs cddd i waant hahah AND OMG v, we're qt alike.

the photo on my school id is horrible cos my face looks stretched too. i ALWAYS carry vaseline with me too. HAHAHA. its like my anal obsession. anw your bf and you are so sweet i swear.

Mamushka Marie said...

oh how gorgeous! i looooove the white lace crop top sooo much, that's it, i have to find one for myself. hehe
so beautiful!

Faridah said...

I loved this post. I found it very interesting. I love seeing what people carry around with them. Your makeup looks so good!!