Sunday, October 11, 2009

No escape loop through these walls

Oversized tee:YSL,online store
Shoes:Cotton OnHuge grass field downstairs my home

simple black and white outfit that I love to match ~
My oversized YSL always comes in handy in such times.
As you can see on my face,I'm so tired after a long day.

Today,saw a huge huge motor gang with all their huge bikes.
So so many of them and it was really kinda cool!
So rare sight for here.

And I'm so so happy today !
Went shopping for awhile while my boyfriend was racing his mini cars.
Finally finally found my heart sheer tights from Topshop !!!
Been searching for it for so long and got myself a pair of plain sheer tights too.

The weekend is over so so fast and a week of work starts tomorrow.
Worse of all,I need to stay back after work to pack uniforms for the staffs.
Urghhh,but I'm still be blogging tomorrow with an outfit post.

Its just the start of my shopping purchases.
More arriving these weeks !
More more exciting outfits tooooo.


Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Yes, I love the B+W combo, too! You can't really go wrong with that! And I love those tights! Too adorable.

Can't wait to see all your purchases! Haha, very exciting!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I always love your comments :)

Julls said...

I love this outfit !
I think I'm gonna DIY a YSL tee,cuz it's awesome !

And the tights are so cute, can't wait to see you wearing them !

yiqin; said...

Lovely YSL shirt!!

Charlene Ashley Dy said...

Love the shirt, sweetie! :)

Claradevi said...

You're just too gorgeous! It's simple outfit but you make them went so well together! I esp. love the way you add the tights over it... So comfy! And beautiful!

I want to thank you for always being so kind and supportive. It means a lot... Things are overwhelming and sometimes soul-consuming lately, but a person like you could really turned my pain to happiness. Even most of my close friends never said such words. You are really an angel.

Loooove yoou valencia, really!

theTrendyDwarf said...

I am in love with that YSL tee shirt!! Vintage must always be mixed in with any outfit! You style yourself amazingly! I swear that if I do not become a designer, then I will definitely become a stylist! I pay attention to every detail(even the unimportant ones) so much! Motor gangs are always so much fun!
check out my trendy blog!

zoe. xox said...

Love your YSL top! And them tights are soo cutee<3 (:

F i K a said...

you'll never go wrong with black and white!! nice outfit...simple but still fashionable :)..

can't wait to see you wear the heart sheer tights :D..

Sophie said...

Oh i love the vest with your oversized t shirt! Looks lovely, simple yet stunning. Lovely new tights as well, love the cute heart ones. xo

Jocelynne said...

ahhh I love the heart tights soo much! I've been looking all over for them as well, too be we don't have a topshop here! I've seen them at american apparel, but they're way overpriced. I also love you YSL shirt! xx

lara said...

Hey love your tshirt!!!great otfit!!!

Martynique said...

omgs! you have an amazing blouse. and the tights at heart are beautiful !!

Kelsey Kaysen said...

check out my blog if you have the chance

Jacqueline said...

Love your vest! the tights you got look adorable. i want some!


Emma said...

YSL!! I really wish I lived near a topshop those tights are so cool!


Eri said...

Love your Tshirt too, it looks fab!

Shantee said...

ooo i love ur YSL tee! and that heart shaped tights is adorable :)
btw, i hope u dun mind me asking, how old r u?
lol i've read a few times that ur working now? i always thought u were still studying! lol

KAELA said...

cute look girl! x

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! I want those heart leggings too!!! Which Topshop did you go to, hunny? Hee hee! I've got so many things to get but I need to exercise self-control ;) How has your weekend been? I hope all is well on your side! Have a blessed week ahead!

Love, Adela

beautifulnemo said...

Oh Valencia, I've been looking for that tights for ages!!!! Since I saw them this summer on the net, I've been asking at TopShop in Madrid but they only have them in pink :( Firstly the girl there told me they didn't have them, and it was because they haven't received them yet!!!!! And then I went and grey ones were finished and they only had the pink ones! I can't believe it, I've asked like 5 times already. :-S
What a lucky girl you are:)

Melissa~ said...

I saw that thight in a blog, they are so gorgeous!
I want a pair too!
I love that YSL t-shirt, is perfect.

Good luck on this week!

Kisses, thanks for visit my blog always!

simone! said...

Thanks loads for following - this outfit is just amazing.

Maria Confer said...

Adorable outfit!! Love all the photos around your town.

So want your tights.

Britty said...

you look street chic!
bikers their always fun to look at i love them i see all the time too
i love the tight and glad you had a great weekend!

oriwa said...

nawww am i the only blogger out there lacking a super cute bf? ha but seriously those tights are wayyy cute!

x oriwa editorial

Taylor Sterling said...

super cute tights

Sher said...

Eeek,girl! I've been wanting those hearts tights ever since I saw them! I've asked my bf to buy them in the UK, hopefully he finds it:)

I agree with you, weekends always end so fast!! And it's Monday again, I'm definitely having the monday blues! You sound really bz, I really don't know where you find the time to do all the blogging! I find it so difficult to update at least once in 2 days but you do it daily!! I dunno how you do it:P

Sure, hope we get to meet up...Dec is quite a bz month for me lol, my bf is coming back, yippee!!

Love ya, girl:)

Serg Riva said...

enjoying your blog...

Londyn said...

Have fun doing more shopping! LOVE those tights - adorable.

FashionJazz said...

So luv ur tights and ur tee!! Looking forward to seeing more of ur new purchases!! Hope u have a fantastic Monday : ) xxx

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Valencia so sorry we cant magic the vintage fair over your way, I know how much you would appreciate it!Nice to see you again! Loving yout T, you so know how to work it! Sharon xxooo

Tink in My Closet said...

Love your black and white combo!! Oh i so want the heart tights from topshop.. if only topshop would open here in Sydney!
The lipstick shade in my last post is Nude Delight- Rimmel. It's such a fab colour and the lisptick is smooth and conditioning and super cheap!!

michelle_ said...

i also have a handy dandy oversize tshirt . it's always chic for jeans leggings and everything . it's also white in color :)

cant wait to see u wearing those heart tights :)

Glisters & Blisters

Amanda said...

thank you so much for the comment!

I love your t-shirt! :D

Eden said...

yes beloved, i made that top myself! used leather strips to do the panels.. and ooh, the ysl shirt never fails.. fab!


beckyxoxo said...

you look great with black and white combination ! love the YSL tee and vest :) oh i totally envy you ! i want those tights ! haha .

have a nice day !

yoli said...

I love those tights!

Anika said...

that YSL tee never gets're tempting me to try and purchase it...hmmmm, bad :)

Looking forward to the tights!

Vestimentum said...

love the YSL shirt!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

Great YSL tee. I love oversized simple tees sometimes, so comfy and cute. I usually will just steal something from my boyfriends closet! lol. LOVE LOVE those jealous!

Patty Ann said...

omggg you have the ysl shirt!!!
the way you have paired it
with the leggings
and sneaks!!
so cute!!!
catching up on all your posts!!!

thesydneygirl said...

love those stockings~!!!! x