Thursday, September 3, 2009

Surprises in life keep me going

Structured blazer:Marc Jacobs
YSL fitted tee:Online store

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*So sorry,but couldn't adjust this to the center. Urghh
(2 lovely tops,2 ribbon bows,a whole set of vintage earrings,nail stickers,MARK eyeshadow palette,eyeshadow samples and heart shaped post it notes)

Wanted to blog yesterday
but sudden appearance of my uncle with Mom's friends at the house.
And needed to rush to the post office to mail and collect packages.
Plus dinner with them,so didn't manage to post yesterday. Sorry !

Anyway,knowing I'll not have time tonight again.
Quickly snapped some shots before rushing out to work.
And my sister didn't want to help me,so hence blurry shots.

This blazer is really special to me.
Because it's by Marc Jacobs !!
I found it like how I found my vintage Valentino blazer.
Was so shocked when I was trying the jacket out and saw the label.

I knew I had to buy it !

And guessed what arrived at the mail for me.(Well,to be exact. its the post office)
It's my swap package :)Yayyyyy !

Erica and I decided to do a mystery swap with each other.
Picking 5 items from a list of things we liked and sending them off.
Both of us added extras to each other's packages.

And Erica,you're really sweet and thoughtful !
I'm speechless and really touched by all the things you've picked.
Loving every item in my package.
More to come girl !

Dinner date with my love tonight . heeee
Wonder what's for dinner :)


Nubiasnonsense said...

Mystery swap thats very cute! your blazer is awesome I would cherish it as well

thesydneygirl said...

where did you get
that YSL tee? me
wants one!!! :D :D x

Victoria-H said...

Thank youuu !! :D
Yea, well in a way I want to learn another language, since I already know english kinda well, but now I'm just doing it for the hours I need to have, and to get a "diploma" in it. :P

Looove the teeee

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Ohhh you HAVE to get a cat, I think everyone should own a cat. George is a Himalayan ;)

thesydneygirl said...

you're the best! xxx

Erica Leigh said...

yay!!! i'm so glad you liked everything! eeee i love everything you picked too. i just need to take pictures & blog about it.

we should definitely do another one soon! <3

also: i was super excited about the baggu bag because i've always wanted one, so that was perfect! haha.

Flashes of Style said...

loove your t-shirt! And all those bows are just great :)

jessie said...

quality thrifted scores give me such thrills. great find, you lucky :) i really like your style.

CANDY DOLL said...

This is so cool! Let's do a swap too hahahaha!


Love the tshirt. Want one. now.

linaa, said...

omgg complete jealousyyy!!!!!!
you look so pretty, and i LOVE blazerss ZOMGZOMG HOW EXCITING :D
ohh can i come with you on the dinnerrr dattteee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

i lvoe love love your hair. i think i said that beforee :S:S

Nerdic.. said...

Love the tee & bracelets.
X, fashion-nerdic.

Eden said...

i super loved that YSL tee first time i saw it. your style is just increds. btw, your topshop shoes are simply jawdropping.


Pierrot le Fou said...

looking fabulous as always!

mystery swap looks so fun! sending and recieving post is the best :)

zoe. xox said...

Love the blazer! Nice outfitt :)

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

Laetitia said...

Thank you!!!!!! Do not end already my vacations but I die of desire of going away again(afresh), the garment is of h*m your also you are incredible

beautifulnemo said...

how sweet of you to do that!
xx from madrid:)

Big Daddy said...

Oh the blazer has kind of a trench feel to it, definite wardrobe staple.

Miss Red said...

that's such a cool idea! i love the bangles and the tee. the blazer is really cute.

michellehendra said...

that red ribbon is uber cute! :)
the red is shocking and looks great with black flowers as the motive. LOL


Patty Ann said...

seriously wanting your ysl shirt
and the blazer is soooo sophisticated
and OMG mytsery swap sounds like soooooooooo much fun
way toooooo cuteeeee
are you from singapore???

Maggie said...

That is a cute gif you created, A gift swap? That is awesome, there is no better feeling than receiving stuff through mail!

Valencia Lia said...

Laetitia:You heading on a vacation to ?? Hahaha Thanks girl,you're always so sweet :)

beautifulnemo:Hey girl ! thanks for dropping by too <3 Adore your blog

Replied the rest of you on your blogs !

Maggie said...

Yeah, I wrote the letter. :) But just for you guys to read. It's not meant to be sent or anything just some thoughts. :)

Melissa~ said...

that marc jacobs blazer is awesome. is so cool when you find designer clothes on vintage stores.
Thanks for visit my blog!

Ruta said...

awww this is lovely. i love package exchanges. they are so fun.

ps. your ysl shirt is amazing.

Sher said...

Oh wow, I'm in love with your blazer!!! You look gorgeous,dear:)

Such a great idea to do a mystery exchange, I'd love to try it out someday! Lovely goodies, I'm eyeing the vintage earrings and the bows!!

Jenny said...

LOVE the blazer!

Erica Leigh said...

omg yessss you should visit!!! if you come to southern california, i'll take you to the city valencia so you can take pictures next to the signs or something equally weird/funny lol.

it's kind of boring where i live, but i'm near LA and we could do all the fun touristy things.

and most importantly, we could go SHOPPING!!! and take tons of pictures. i haven't met any bloggers in real life (yet) so that'd be really fun! :D

<3 <3 <3

Erica Leigh said...

oh, and i forgot to mention that i made those hair bows! so if you want any other colors, just let me know next time and i'll send you some more. <3

KAELA said...

Great tee! ...and yeah, I took the underwater photos with that camera! It's waterproof for 3 metres.. pretty fun!!!!
Love to see yours when you do some! :)

x kaela

ryder said...

ysl tee. blazer. you are dressed great!

irene said...

gorgeous style!
And love your Marc Jacobs blazer so much!


A Decadent Thing said...

hehehe both you and erica are too sweet! girl i'm so loving your j-j-j-jacket


Mara said...



Ash Fox said...

loving your ysl tee. looking good.