Sunday, September 6, 2009

Freeze stay still and say Cheeese !

Those of you who have been asking
about how some of my photos are Polaroid ones
or those really cute photobooth pictures.

Okay,you'll all in for a treat as I'm sharing with you all.

First up,its my perfect Polaroid photo maker!
As you know,having to buy the film for Polaroid nowadays are not cheap.
So you could take photos using anything and transform it to this !!

Do try it ! It's really fun:)

Next up,your very own personal photobooth.
Its called laphotocabine.
No have to feel embarrassed about taking photos outside
where people can see you but with this.

You're free to take how many photos you want without paying a cent.
Even though this site is in french but it's easy to use and understand.

Telecharger means download and save,while Imprimer means print.

Last but not least. Another blog award !
So sorry for taking so long to put this up.

Lovely Nubia from Nubiasnonsense gave me the Lemonade Stand Award. Thanks alot girl!

I have to pass it down to 12 other bloggers but I would love to award anyone who reads my blog:)

Ohhh,I love blog giveaways !!
And the lovely beautifulnemo from kirei girl da madrid is having her very first giveaway !
She is one girl who always taking alot of beautiful photos and she herself has amazing style and looks stunning !

She would be giving away 3 different T-shirts from Domingo Ayala Collection for Women'secret.
And it's opened internationally to all reader anywhere and everywhere. So do check it out and her blog out.


linaa, said...

omg valencia sweetheart!
iloveyouuu :D you are so ncie to me and i always am happy reading the comments you give me.
thanks for the site, i favourited it, ill use it :D THANKS BABEEEEE.
ooo and one more thing, can you please tell me more about package swaps?

Little Bo Peeep said...

The polaroid thing sounds cool! Will try it soon! :D

jessie said...

oh this is a treat, indeed. ha and no it wasn't a blogger meet up..what is that, actually? :S
i just asked some bloggers that i knew. in facccct, if you'd like to send me any goof offs i'd be happy to add them to the post with a link to your site.

beckyxoxo said...

wow thanks for the webs you recommend ! will check them soon ! and congrats for the award :D

thesydneygirl said...

hii pretty girl! i will check out her giveaway now!!! that polaroid thing is cool! hope you are having a good weekend. mwaa

camerafilmroll said...

I love your jacket!

Talisa said...

I love your amazing jacket!!

Sher said...

Oh I love poladroid too! They're so cool, and I just found out about laphotocabine earlier this week, have yet to try it out:)

you look great in all the pics!!

Eri said...

Cool! I 've tried a different polaroid program, it was great but the images were huge!

I shall try this one. Thanks so much for sharing and see you soon.

Shantee said...

thanks for sharing :) will definitely try the site out one day!

Jenny said...

Ooo, I'm definitely going to be using that polaroid maker! Thanks!

HoneyBunny said...

Love the polaroid effect on those pics! Thanks for sharing that program!:*

kirstyb said...

great post i love polaroids xoxox

Samantha said...

gorgeous, yes yes i love poladroid
<3333 peace&love

KATIA said...

Ouh, cool sites! I'll check them out :)

Valencia Lia said...

Jessie:Yea,will email you goof off photos soon girl !! And cool to have a meet-up on blogger you know <3

Eri:you should try this program instead ! It's really fun too <3

Honeybunny:Glad you liked those ! Do go try them out !

Britty said...

this is awesome!
love your jacket!

Marcia B. said...

awesome post & blog! I will be using these for sure, especially la photo cabine ahhaa it's so cute! Merci pour le commentaire. xoxo

CHICMUSE said...

I love the blazer and the polaroids!


katie d said...

i love poladroid because they "develop" on your screen. I think thats so funny :)


ellevictoire said...

LAWVE poladroid. its so awesome :)
but sometimes it looks a bit too fake for me :S

Lost in the 60's said...

This is amazing! Thanks so much, I'm downloading Poladroid right now! You have yourself a great blog here ;) I'll be visiting *

Patty Ann said...

i think you just got me addicted to poladroid and laphotocabine. you totally found my weakness!!!
i'm insanely obsessd with photobooth and polaroid pictures,
have u ever done pirakura?????
obsessesd with pirakura where you can draw funny stuff and cute things on tiny tiny little picture stickers

dont be surprised if all my pictures end up being polaroids from now on!!!

Hang Me Up! said...

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Just want to say that you have awesome outfits and wacky style! Love your sense of mix & match, your personally taste and most of all the way you out on an entire outfit!

Will continue reading for sure!
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a frock a day said...

Oh, PhotoCabine is such a cool site! Thanks for posting about it. Will try it out too. :)

Nicole Then said...

hey thanks for sharing the photobooth thing!! i had so much fun. can't wait to use it with my friends. haha

oh and i've linked u :) exchange links? yay