Monday, September 28, 2009

Smiling breaks the slience through people

Oversized blazer:Valentino,vintage
White tee:Boyfriend's closet
Canvas shoes:Cotton
Harness/accessories:All random old and new

Tried these boots on at Pedder Red
Animal print hair tie,blue bangle,oversized bow mobile chain,a sunnies necklace,hair clip,DIY craft paperSneak peeks,more coming up tomorrow

I'm still keeping up with my blog visiting.
So sorry to all.
Didn't have enough time today at work.
But I will have to complete all the visiting by tomrrow before lunch.
Why so ?

Because I'm starting the take on of a 2nd job tomorrow.
Still in the same company,just that I taking on 2jobs at one time now.
So I'll have lesser free time like before.
Will have to work everything out and better time-planning.

I finally received my swap package from Charlene of Candykawaiilover!
A girl with amazing style and awesome blog.
Awwww,thanks so much girl for all the adorable items.
We agreed on animal theme and hence got the print scrunchie.

I love especially the huge bow that I got.
Which was actually a mobile chain.
So its hanging so beautifully on my phone now.
Thanks so much again Charlene:)

Here's a sneak peek of 2photos I took today on Hello Kitty.
Will do a full writeup on it tomorrow and also a outfit post of course.
Feel I got quite alot of thing to talk about today.
So the writeup will be tomorrow.

And also those over knee boots I tried on at Pedder Red.
Super super comfortable and I can run in them!
How I wish it was really mine. Ahhhh

Meantime,you can see the 1st writeup here.

Ohhh yes,do follow me here on twitter !!
Easier to follow my updates when I'm not able to update my blog
or just normal everyday updates :)


FashionJazz said...

Good luck with ur 2nd job and I luv ur blog! Looking forward to your outfit post and details tomorrow.

Jasna- Chictopia

Sher said...

You always look great in a blazer! And I'm so glad you're up and about now!

Oh can't wait for the Hello Kitty post tomorrow, you look so adorable in the last pic:)

Shantee said...

hey dear, i've got bad news for u :( i asked the SA and she said they were out of size 39. the last pair was a size 37 :S

im not sure if u have this brand in Sg, but its called Elements. sound familiar? lol

btw, awesome Valentino blazer :)

yiqin; said...

Ah we are both so in lvoe wit the boots eh? Hahaha

Sara said...




Julls said...

ha ! we have the same outfits (well,almost)

hello kitty,kello kitty addiction !

Panda said...

Hey :)

Its a bit late, but thanks so so much for your lovely comment, i really appreciate it. Oh, and that outfits is GORGEOUS. Totally jealous. hehe.

Panda xx

Cute pics!

Panda said...

Hey :)

Its a bit late, but thanks so so much for your lovely comment, i really appreciate it. Oh, and that outfits is GORGEOUS. Totally jealous. hehe.

Panda xx

Cute pics!

Ilse said...

ahh, the Valentino blazer! <3 lovely lovely. you should buy those boots, they look great on you! I'm looking for a pair like that as well!! and about the harness necklaces.. I sell them through my blog and I'll put them up asap on eBay! I'll update about it on my blog.

Talisa said...

wohha amazing outfit,my dear!!! Loove your overknees!!

Clara said...

i love your blazer and boots.
great look.


rebecca said...

those boots look gorgeous! i want a pair! x

Jony said...

You look gorgeous in your blazer, lovely! You should definitely buy those boots, I think overknee boots can be worn with almost everything. Can't wait for the weather to get colder.

LACY said...

i always enjoy coming to your blog, you have such a fresh and new sense of style! btw I need those over the knee boots!! :)

Anonymous said...

Time management and organization is the key to success. At first you'll be worn out, but you'll get through it, goodluck and keep us updated on how things go along.

Eggy said...

wherever did you find that vintage valentino blazer??? i love it. this is a really cute blog, hopefully next summer i will get to visit singapore!

Liya said...

omg did you say that thats a....VINTAGE VALENTINO BLAZER??????
my head just exploded


katie d said...

the detail on that blazer is amazing!!! I'm in love. And those knee high boots are kind of to die for.


Victoria-H said...

The hot tub was at my friends place actually.. I wish I had one in my backyard hehe.. would've been sooo nice ! =)
Cool, looks like fun ! and u look great as usual !

lisa + cathy said...

i'm so jealous that you thrifted a versace blazer! i cant find any nicely constructed blazers in Melbourne! its not fairrrrr. The thigh high boots look so comfortable, no wonder you can run in them. are they heels?

lisa + cathy said...

valentino blazer*******

Patty Ann said...

omggg this is so cute
i dont know what my fav part is
the jacket
and the over the knee shoes
are sooooo reaking amazing!!!

omggg and I'm a huge fan of hello kitty
my whole room is hello kitty!!!
sorry i haven't been online much, my excuse is that i've been trying to find this LA thing for you. I couldn't find it though :( it's a crop top shirt that says i love la on it. a lot like the i heart ny ones, so many people wear it here, but i don't know where they buy them!!! ahhh sorry, but i'm sending you the package tmrw when the post office is open!!! i hope you like it!

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Marcia B. said...

ooo i love hello kitty, can't wait to see your posts tommorow! xxx

Sophia and Mary said...

love the details in your jacket!!

Valencia Lia said...

Maggie:Awww,thanks so much girl ! Always really looking out and care for mee<3

Replied the rest of you on your blogs <3 <3

Melissa~ said...

Loooove your valentino blazer!!
HK!! I love it!
And cool gifts.
Thanks for visit my blog dear!

Rachel C. said...

love your blazer. you look great!

thanks for entering my giveaway!


thesydneygirl said...

hiii beautiful!!! how are your two jobs going? :P

oh yay swap package!!! you got such lovely gifts!!!

i dont have twitter at work.. ill have to add you when i get home.

valentino vintage blazer? are you kidding me you lucky lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you look gorgeous as always. hope you're having a wonderful day!!!



Delectable Swank said...

I adore the boyfriend blazer, it looks awesome on you! Hope you have a fantastic week darling!

Nora said...

i love that coat! its perfect :)

hannahlizabeth said...

omg you should totally go and buy those boots they are faaaab!

love hello kitty, she totally saw bows coming before luella!


ANN said...

I love your blazer & boots! They fit you so perfectly
I just gave you an award/tag :)

Zhcsyra hp said...

love ur boots :))

bissous xoxo,.

Caroline Robianto said...

gotta love pedder red!!

Jony said...

Also many thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

You can also order new look online, i don't know if they ship to you?? You should check their online shop:

Thanks for following me, I am also following your amazing blog girl!

Amelia said...

Cool blazer! I love the grid pattern.

Vestimentum said...

Love your blazer!
and ofcourse I love Hello Kitty!

Linie Nguyen said...

I came across ur blog & just wanna drop by & say hi D

I luv ur style, it's exactly how I wanna look like this autumn X

Nice 2 know ya btw X

copyproof said...

I was just visited becky's blog when I saw yours. Then decided to visit. :) no regret at all. ur blog is AWESOME. love love love it!

Alita Claudia said...

thanks for dropping by. love your outfit esp the bracelets, yea i love it!

Isaure. said...

I'm glad you like my shoes, and my knee boots are not topshop the brand is all saints ;)

thanks to add me in your links I'm gonna do the same!!

kisses <3

Eva Internazionale said...

Good luck with your second job. Don't neglect the blog though. :)

sam. said...

i love how you switched from canvas shoes to over the knee boots. same outfit, 2 completely different looks!!

thesydneygirl said...

you look so sexy in those topshop leggings!!!! and your hair looks so beautiful and long!!!!

wow! you took lots of wonderful photos to share with us.

i especially love the designer inspired shoes at pedder red! and i prefer buying good quality shoes, so that sounds like a great shop.

great post lovely!!!! big hugs!

love you lots and lots!!! mwaaaaa


L. said...

I love the high leather boots !