Friday, September 4, 2009

Outfit PLUS Questions and Answers !

Plain tee:Cotton On
Shoes:Custom made

It's casual Friday ! Weekend is here :)
So stuck at home with nobody because Mom and sis went to Langkawi for holiday.
And I'm here,didn't go due to work.

Anyway,I love berets or hats .
Even though the weather is hot here,but doesnt stop me from wearing them.
Need to get more of those knitted berets.

Especially those handmade ones !
Big supporter of handmade products .

So here below is the long awaited Q&A sections.
Not that many questions but it alright .
Maybe more questions asked will lead to part 2 of this

if you could live inside a movie, what movie would it be?
It would have to be Breakfast at Tiffany's. Because I love Audrey Hepburn and love the era of fashion !

where do you work? and what do you work as (:
I work at an industrial company which manufactures mobile phone cover/body parts etc.
I'm working as an Receptionist at the front desk of the company. But don't quite like the job. Oops!

and who are your favorite designer?
i have too many faves ! I'll just name a few.
Alexander Mcqueen,Vivienne Westood,YSL,Chanel,Marc Jacobs,Alexander Wang,Thakoon,Bijules,Nicholas(local brand) etc. Plus all those vintage stores <3 style="font-weight: bold;">

which vintage shops do you shop at?
I shop at the local salvation army,thrift stores around town and local flea markets. Or on ebay too for vintage clothing !

where do you get inspiration for your outfits?
By pairing what I feel that right that day. heee Also daily everyday style from fashion bloggers,street style blogs,vintage books and photos,magazines and people just walking around.

what is your favorite item in your closet at the moment, and how often do you wear that piece?
That would have to be my vintage Valentino oversize blazer ! Would pair it out with a simple dress,jeans or just a top and leggings to finish it off :) Blazers always never fail to jazz up any outfit !

What is your next 'dream' item you'll be purchasing/or the item you are aiming to purchase next?
Those Sam Edelman Zoe boots !!!! It's actually aiming to purchase. I'm still not sure if I should really get it . Confused

Name 2 people that have influenced your dress sense/style throughout.
Jane Birkin and the Olsen sisters

What's your favourite food?
Laksa(local Singaporean dish),pasta,pizza,salads,ice cream(esp.sorbet and green tea),cupcakes and so much more !

What is your favourite book, or current book you are reading?
I'm still reading Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston. A book about your spiritual wellness and abit n becoming a vegan.It's been long,but slowly reading through it . No fave book at the moment.

Best birthday present ever yet.
My very first digital camera I got from my mom and aunties a few years back. But have since upgraded my camera !

If you could choose a country to live in, where and why?
Ireland !!! I love the vast scenery around everywhere and all those old houses that are still there. Ohhh,and it's close to London still :)

what is the highest heel you have or would wear?
I think the highest I have is 4inches. But I would wear up to 6inches !

do your friends know about your blog?
Hmmm,I don't think so. Except a close friend and many one or two more. Used to blog years back but stopped. Then I decided to blog again recently!

what are your favorite places to shop?
Ebay,Topshop,American Apparel,Forever 21,Modcloth and all the local thrift and vintage stores. I hardly shop offline except when thrifting !

DO you straighten your hairrr?
No,I only straighten my hair once back about 4-5years ago. And for now,if I blow dry my hair after shower,it will look quite straight.(Which I don't really like)
But If I just let my hait dry naturally,it have those loose wavy curls.

what is your favourite fashion trend?
Favourite trend for me now are all those shouldered tops/dresses/jackets !! And the sequins or beads sewn on your plain tights !

Feel free to ask anymore questions,fashin related or just random ones !
Might be doing part 2 if any more questions :)


style of olya baileys said...

love Alexander Mcqueen,Vivienne Westood,YSL,Chanel,Marc Jacobs,Alexander Wang too)

Valencia Lia said...

style of olya baileys:Woooo,we shar the same fave designers !

Big Daddy said...

I totally agree blazers jazz up any outfit. And i think the olsens are amazing!!

Victoria-H said...

Re: Hihi yeaa, thats the inside of the smoothie- yuuuummie ! :D
No, well the fire isnt close to were I live.. its just so freakin hot anyways haha..
have a greaat weeekend !! :D

Eva Internazionale said...

Loved reading this. :)

Jocelynne said...

Your answers are great :) I like your outfit, and the jump shot haha. Marc Jacobs is also one of my favourite designers! x

Anonymous said...

jane birkin is so cool! everyone seems to want the boots, but i think they looks a bit clunky. maybe if they were styled right... ireland is the only place i've been to out of the country. it is so gorgeous!!

Little Bo Peeep said...

I adore your outfit, it looks comfy :)

I agree i would choose Ireland as well, just because of the pretty scenery and those sexy accent haha.

dapper kid said...

Looove your beret and those shorts! Ooh and Ireland would be such a wonderful place to live...although I do love living in London. Oh and the project is on, the book is still here in the UK though being passed around. Hope you had a beautiful day dear :)

Patty Ann said...

OMG jumping pictures are the best!!!

i agree, blazers are the best, and it can't get better than valentino!
i've seen a lot of ppl talking about those sam edelmen! they're cute, but they look really heavy!!
i just got a new digi cam! it's pink :)
i LOVE ireland, omggggg i'm way into their accents, hahahahahaha i lived in england for a while and visited ireland and i def like irish accents better hahaha
6 inch heels!!! soooo tall! hot!

if you do another q&a: i want to know what your favorite outfit that you've worn is!!!

Patty Ann said...

RE: i love my converse! i love high tops converse, but they make my legs look short haha

i was asking where you live because i thot it would be fun to do a surprise swap too! i live in california, i don't know if that's too far away tho :(

Miss Pico Union said...

I love you support handmade pieces... you'd love my mum's pieces she makes... I think that will be be my next post... MY mother.

The Youth.

Erica Leigh said...

i LOVE audrey hepburn too! 'breakfast at tiffany's' is one of my favorite movies ever! :D

great Q&A! learned a lot about you. funny, because i don't think a lot of my friends know about my blog either! just a few. they're not as internet-obsessed as i am, so they probably wouldn't care to read it anyway! :P

love the outfit!! yay for slouchy berets from etsy haha. it's okay if it's hot outside when you wear them. when i wore mine yesterday my friend thought i was crazy because it's hot here too, but i didn't really mind. :)


Erica Leigh said...

oh yeah, and i would loooooove to visit! except, i really need a job so i could save up too. sad.

and i think it's cool how you buy a lot of vintage clothes. i want to start doing that more, but there aren't a lot of places around here that have any! although, i did drive around burbank (where my school is) yesterday and found lots of vintage/thrift stores, so i'm excited. i'll have to visit them next week.


Erica Leigh said...

omg it's my 3rd comment, but i keep forgetting all of the things i originally wanted to say haha.

it's about the shoes...

okay. that's all. for now.


Erica Leigh said...

ooo check the rates for the los angeles international airport! that's the closest intl. one. :D

i can't wait for the anna sui stuff at target! omg. i hope they're as pretty in person as they are in the pictures. i really like those last 2 dresses too! the one on the left is supposed to be jenny, but i really don't see it. the one on the right is blair and i want it soooo badly!

awww too bad about the pricey shoes. maybe you could find similar ones that are cheaper?

also, before i forget, elizabethjane ( asked me where you got the treasure chest necklace and i didn't know so i thought i'd ask! you could tell me or leave her a comment. whichever.


Erica Leigh said...

(that breakfast at tiffany's picture is the same exact one that i have on my laptop's desktop background!)

okay. didn't mean to take over your comments section.


Nubiasnonsense said...

Hey nice to read and feel like I know more about you.

You look so cute in that action pic

Flashes of Style said...

You look adorableee! I love your hat :)

Melissa~ said...

I love your hat.
You look so good!
Now I know more about you ^^


Little Clementine said...

I love your outfit and blog (:
I'm a pretty big fan of berets also

Anonymous said...

Love the last picture! It's always great to know more about you!

linaa, said...

-does a dance-
:D looking beautiful as usual, i really enjoyed readdding your Q&A's
zomg i lvoe berets! SOUL SISTER :D

Miss Red said...

just found your blog - it's great!

thesydneygirl said...

hey beautiful velencia! i love berets too! and i like that you are a big supporter of handmade products. that's a great quality :)

i like your answers to the questions!

big hug! have a great weekend! mwa

Amanda K said...

Those Sam Edelman Zoe boots do look awesome!!

Enjoy your weekend!

beautifulnemo said...

aw, I was living in Dublin for 2 months last summer:) I'll post about it soon I hope, I already posted a msg of Guinness Store House some time ago:) But Ireland has really wonderful sceneries:)

xx from madrid!

beautifulnemo said...

I forgot... thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog:)
I'm having a giveaway now, maybe you like it:)

Polished Sense said...

Love those photos and those Sam Edelman boots! Fabulous :D


CC said...

Love the shoes! Gorgeousness. Breakfast at Tiffany's is the most amazing movie ever.


yiqin; said...

You wear the hat really well :)

Shantee said...

i love berets and hats too! esp my fedora. i could wear it everyday lol and very interesting Q&A :)

Anonymous said...

yay for your really cute outfit! :D

myrrh goldframe said...

whatta nice jump shot! love it.. and of course i do love jane birin as well..

Carmen said...

I love the last picture. Lovely outfit.