Monday, September 14, 2009

I'll drive away in a taxi,never come back again

Biker Jacket:unknown brand,gift from sister
Grey inner top:Topshop
Lace bra:American Apparel

Been tweeting about the sudden change happening at work.
Okay so here's what really happened.
This girl from another department doing admin is resigning.

So the normal thing is to hire another person.
But the company is so stingy !
No intentions what so ever to do so.
That's why throwing me into it for now till who know when:(

And I have to still take on the front desk job.
Meaning 2 jobs at one time. That's crazy !
And no pay increment .
No wonder the other girl is leaving.

So sorry about the rant,but just wanted to share what happened.

Okay,on to happier things now.
Decided to go for a biker chic look today.
Well,guessed the look turned out not too bad.

Sister bought this biker jacket back from me early this year.
When she went for an exchange program to UK with the school.
Thanks girl and I love this jacket so so much :)

Wore it also with my new AA floral lace bra.
Starting to love wireless bras now.
So much more comfortable.

Ohhhh,and I made 2 bracelets with the scraps I got from AA.
So simple to make and I love how it turned out.
Did the grey/pink one longer so it could turn 2 rounds.


myrrh goldframe said...

i this. My fave style. Being lil messy and boyish. I love you, Val! <3

Anonymous said...

I want a jacket like that *-*
I love it!! ^^
thanks for your comment


Sher said...

You're rocking that biker jacket like no one's business, girl!

Hmm, your work situation sounds kinda sucky, hope everything will turn out better for you soon though:)

thanks for the kind comments, dear! I wish I could publish a book of poems, that would be so wonderful:)

smokylash said...

I love your jacket, very cool :)

Kathy said...

Love that biker and those bracelets! (that strawberry color is one of my favs!)
Thank you for passing by and leaving such a nice comment!

dapper kid said...

Love that biker jacket, and the diy bracelets are wonderful. Hope you're having a fabulous day dear :)

Patty Ann said...

I really like this outfit. It's really now: the leather jacket, exposed bra, leggings. Those shoes looks really fierce, the heel is like "rawr".

I was wondering how you come up with your blog post titles?? It sounds like they come from a song?
Also, hope work gets better!!! And i like the bracelets. They have sort of a hippie/boho vibe.

yiqin; said...

Very nice jacket!! :)

michelle_ said...

what an awesome style you've got. nice lace bra by the way. very sexily edgy without being slutty !

I've already linked your blog. look forward seeing more from you .

katrina said...

Rockin' outfit!!
real badass, love your jacket!:)



Runaway Gallery said...

those shoes!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Love your biker jacket! I love wireless bras too! So comfy and perfect under everything! xoxoxo

Ilse said...

love your outfit girl, looking gooodddd

Dylana said...

I am in love with your leather jacket! It is fab!

Faridah said...

Love this look. The biker jacket looks rad on you. x

Britty said...

This outfit is pretty sweet!
i love the bracelet their so colorful. i love your leggings

STARR said...

The jacket looks really good on you. Good luck with the workload. At least you have a job :)

vitaMinn style said...

Sorry to hear about you being so swamped at work; doing 2 jobs and getting 1 pay. Not to worry, I am a firm believer that good work does not go unnoticed. Just do your best and the boss (if s/he's a good boss) will surely notice.

Love the outfit, so rocker chic! =)

Melissa~ said...

I love the brecelets that you made!! very cool!
I love your shoes and your jacket.
Great outfit!


Leproust Vintage said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!

Your style is incredible!

CHICMUSE said...



Valencia Lia said...

Kathy:Yeahhh,thanks girl ! I love the grey/strawberry bracelet too.

Fashion Cappuccino:Thanks alot girl ! Love love wireless bras now,really comfortable <3

llse:Girl,you always such a sweetheart. Thanks !

plastiqgurl said...

we have the same work situation! lol. guess this is what happens in most companies now.

Anonymous said...

the bracelets are really cool. i love the biker jacket. i have one, but it's not half as cool as yours. and the lace bra is really pretty. it adds such a sweet but still edgy touch to the outfit.

Erica Leigh said...

ooo i like the bracelets! make one for me please?? i'll make you a bracelet too or something next time we swap (and yesss, we should do a makeup swap too!!).

sorry about the work drama. :( are you going to keep working there or look for a new job? sucks that they're making you take over or whatever.

at least you look cute (yay!). looooove the biker jacket. i want to get a pleather biker jacket (among other things) soon. it's almost jacket weather here and i'm excited!

la-la-looove!! <3

E said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I'm adding you to my links, as well :-)

Claire said...

that bracelet idea is genius.
<3 C

jessicaleighlalou said...

Cute bracelet and jacket! I love this outfit. :)

beckyxoxo said...

love this look ! you look so cool dear . and awesome jacket ! haha . i want those bracelets ! x)

oh yes i think blackberry is fun to use . you can go online whenever you want . oops but it's a lil bit expensive too . haha .

ANN said...

I really like your biker jacket & the bracelets you made!

hannahlizabeth said...

wow i would be righly pissed if that happened to me at work! that's why we have employment tribunals etc here :S poor you :(

at least you look cute! i love all your bracelets together.


Valencia Lia said...

hannahlizabeth:Yeahhh my work situation is sucky ! Urghhhh

Mila said...

Ohhhhh this is an amazing outfit!!!!Love the jacket

bloo. said...

hi ,
this t-shirt from the last post is a new one :)
it's not the same like from post with jacket :)


KAELA said...

Lovely look! .. added you to my blog roll!

x kaela

linaa, said...

omgg valenciaa my sweetheart :D
i was pleased to see you and your sexy bra
no embarassment intended !
:D i like this outfit, your style is developing so well!!
you're too cool!

Valencia Lia said...

bloo:Ohhhh,thanks for clearing it up. heeee If not,I've would have got mixed up !

Kaela:Awwww,thanks for adding me back too <3

Sarah said...

Hahah Stingy company.... It's the norm. I'm suppose to just be designing, but now I'm at expert at Excel and Word. Oh well... What to do right?! blahhh... haha

You look so hawt by the way!

Tink in My Closet said...

Work changes suck! Hope it gets better for you!! Love this biker jacket too!

hannah + landon said...

lovely braids, adorable girl!

Me, Martina said...

Love it!! You rock, girl!! I also love the messy room!! Great!