Sunday, September 27, 2009

Singing through those walls that are in no existence
Denim cutoffs:DIY
Bag:Baby baggu
Flip Flops:Havianas

Really so sorry for keep you all worried.
I'm feeling much better now and not sick anymore.
Wanted so badly to blog yesterday.
But the dumb laptop just died on me :(

Anyway,I've dated this post on yesterday's date.
So its much easier,and no confusion on the posts.

Went to the mini cars race again.
This time was less fun,the track was different from the week before.
And I brought my laptop to watch Rachel Zoe project and blog.
But it gave up on me.

I was rather bored yesterday.
So I just listen to my ipod the whole time and kept eating. heeee

I did the Alexander Wang braid yesterday!!
You can't really see from the photos as my hair is black.
But I'm loving braids so much now.
With those on the runway,excited to try different styles.

I was hesitating if I should blog this outfit.
As it rather casual and not too inspiring.
But just wanted to share with you all too when there are days I don't dress up.
Whichever side of me, the not so glam or ugly.

I won't hide it but to share with everyone.
I too am just a normal person.

Stay tuned for tonight's outfit post and update!!
I'll be heading down to the Hello Kitty launch I blogged awhile back
and to see some latest collection and over the knee boots :)

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thesydneygirl said...

you're so beautiful valencia! love your alexander wang braid!!! :D and love your 'normal' outfit! :) big hugs and kisses. love youuu lots! <3

Jocelynne said...

That shirt is soo awesome, and I love the way you did your hair :) I'm glad you're feeling better now! x

cassandra noƫlla said...

i think casual hang kick back outfits are the best. because you can make it look good with out even trying. so its like a statement. "i took 5 minutes to get ready and look amazing.. and you took an hour and dont even look as good as me.."

& what is the alexander wang braid? i want to braid my hair that way. show me a good photo of it! i never do my hair.. its always parted down the middle and flat.. i'm too busy for much else. but i want to try

i dig it.
and thank you! i made those pants! haah/
and i'm getting the d300s. s on the end. its the newer version! im sooo excited to get it. i love photos.oh man.

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad you are doing better! You know, with so many things and flu's and everything going on in the world it is just scary out there. lol

The casual look is soo cute!! Loved it!

Liya said...

glad to hear you're better girlie
and you look cuteeeeee
love love love that shirt.


Britty said...

i heart your short =]
you look nice i have to do the giveaway!

Dylana said...

That dessert looks so amazing! I ate those everyday when I was in Malaysia a few years ago! So yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

Zhcsyra hp said...

yaaay in love with that shirt <33
heyy hun would u be my freundscaft on my blog :))
i really appreciate it .,.

bissous xoxoxox

Talisa said...

ohh I love that shirt:)

Valeriesoh said...

aaaaa... you are from singapore! love it. my dad is half singaporean so it makes me a quarter.

elle singapore asked me to go over there in december to do some editorial reworking! yay! can't wait. but I heard there is no winters and winter is my fav season:(

Sophia and Mary said...

that shirt looks cute, would love to see a close up!

Anonymous said...

loving braids too for sure! cute tee ;)

Tink in My Closet said...

I love this casual down to eath outfit- you look super comfy and cute!

Love the braid, makes me crave long hair back!

Ilse said...

lovely outfit. glad you feel better :> btw that tiny post service from your previous post is so cute!!!

smokylash said...

i love your t-shirt !!


Amelia said...

I love that t-shirt! I've got to try out the braid trend :)

gleenn said...

glad you're feeling better now. just take it easy.

this post is cute and fun. :)

GEMA G. said...

thanks! lovely pictures...adorable outfit

Briar Dawson said...

love your outfit and your blog is rad :)

hannahlizabeth said...

ooh i can just see the wang braid! very cute with that outfit, gotta love havianas!


beckyxoxo said...

okay that outfit is casual , but still it looks great ! i love your tee ! haha . and i went to see mini cars race a while ago at the mall , i was just not interested . haha .
and glad to hear that you're much better now . i don't even know that you were sick , because of the bad internet connection here . so sorry !
wow hello kitty ! the cutest cat maybe . haha . can't wait for the photos and update . oh i adore knee high boots ! :D

Patty Ann said...

you are so cute
i love your poses
you are like a little girl!
and your smile is adorable!!!
awww and the little cars!!!

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Vestimentum said...

like the shirt!
the food doesn't look so deli .. :-O

Vestimentum said...

Well I am curious then to that food :-P
and that coffee shape they get this heart by the way they put the milk in the glass. :-P