Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wish I was a hippie PLUS Hello Kitty fans hands up !

Plaid top:dad's old tee,Ralph Lauen
Boots:Doc Martens
Accessories:All random
Red lippie:Mac's russian red
Annie Claire Knitted Hello Kitty Plush Bagaboo Bee Hello Kitty Baby Pram 3 beautiful Hello Kitty shirts from American ApparelRepetto Hello Kitty Ballet flatsHello Kitty Watch Crystallized Hello Kitty clutch How cuteee ! Hello Kitty is winking at youHaivanas Hello Kitty Flip Flops Look at those mini front bowsYiqin and myselfI wanna bring you homeeeLovely collection of shoes @ Pedder RedBag is made from sheep's furMini gold studded sling bag
I only got 2 photos up for today's outfit.
Hippie edgy look.
And with my red lippie again!

Wanted to make more space for the photos on the Hello Kitty things.
Had so much fun yesterday and thanks so much Denise for bringing us around.
You're really so sweet and really friendly :)

The Hello Kitty official launch was already over.
But we still managed to get down to On Pedder and snap photos of all those beautiful items.
For you all fans out there,I believe after reading the end of this post.
I know you'll be screaming and going bonkers!

A few things I didn't get to see until yesterday!
Like the all over crystallized mini clutch and the watch.
So beautiful up close and are my favorite picks:)

After that,we headed up one floor to Pedder Red.
Pedder Red is a store that brings in many runway inspired items.
But they are all made of good quality leather or animal skin.

Got to try on those pair of over the knee boots as well!
Really so so comfortable and gorgeous:)
Denise too had a go at wearing them and she fell in love with them too.

And she was really sweet to give me a set of Hello Kitty pins.
Which I forgot to snap a photo of.
So sorry,will upload it tomorrow.

On Pedder
Shop 02-12 P/Q Takashimaya Shopping Centre 391 Orchard Road
T. 65 6835 1307

Pedder Red
#03-04 T Takashimaya Shopping Centre
T. 65 6735 5735

A shoutout to Denise from Media Flair Media Flair Communications once again!

All Hello Kitty Images used in this post are not allowed to be used elsewhere without permission.Thanks !


fashionblogger said...

That shirt works really well with the rest of the outfit!

Julls said...


thingsIlove said...

Amazing shoes!

lisa + cathy said...

that headband does some amazing wonders! i like the shirt. your outfit today looks like boho meets britain :D how do you do this?
*GASP, GASP* everything hello kitty is just so cute, i think my friend would die in shop like that.
and i think you def buy those thigh high boots

Julls said...

you are more then welcome !

Maria Confer said...

I adore your dad's old plaid shirt and pretty much all things Ralph Lauren. Your outfit is lovely.

Wow, how bad do I want all of those Hello Kitty things!!! So fun.

P.S. I added you to my links and became a follower. ;)


TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Thanks for your lovely comment :) I never knew there were so many Hello Kitty products out there! I love your outfit!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your blog. You are so cute. Let me know if you want to exchange blog roll links! Add me to yours, let me know and I will add you to mine. I love HELLO KITTY!


Victoria-H said...

Thanks hihi =)
Yeaa concerts r the best !! ;D You guys look great too ! seems like a day filled with fun !

Annachiara said...

i love this hello kitty shop...and the photo with the clutch is magnific...wow... you're blog is favolous :-) sorry for my english but i'm italian and i don't speack english... :-)

Dylana said...

Love your plaid shirt! And all the Hello Kitty stuff looks amazing and so o cute and SPARKLY! I miss all this kind of stuff. I haven't seen a Sanrio store around in ages.

Violet said...

ugh i could die over all of the hello kitty stuff

Vi from Cali

sam. said...

i am in love with the hk repetto flats!

Freja said...

you're welcome!!

hihi i'm relly glad you do :) it's an anguish-list. i tried to organize my worries, and it worked. but i fell pretty stressed up after i realized i have so many testa coming up :( but it will be ok in a while i hope! :D

Malu said...

thanks for your sweet comment! :D

I LOVE the hello kitty purse!


FabBlab said...

You look fab! And looks like you had an amazing time, too!

Style Bird said...

I love your outfits..I love the plaid shirt! Your hair is PERFECT!

Blue is in Fashion said...

I like the black HK tees :)

dapper kid said...

Loving that shirt and yay for Doc Martens :) Ahhh all that Hello Kitty stuff is so cool. Hope you're having a beautiful day dear.

Becca said...

hello kitty everywhere, but i love the shoes and u look great :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! The Hello kitty madness! Love the watch and purse!

Talisa said...

OHH Love your Outfit,the red lips,the shoes!! A dream!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Haha, the Hello Kitty is so cute!

Bianca and Isabella said...

helloo kittyyy....:)

ohh ahah the wrist band says "whip it" you know that movie coming out with ellen page...yuppss:))

Flashes of Style said...

You look absolutely gorgeous dear, and oh my gosh i looove hello kitty!!

Liya said...

you look supah fly girlieeeee

lovin the red lipstick

thanks for the sweet comment!

just love your blog


Jacqueline said...

Awww, thank you so much for the add! I added you under 'Lovely Links' =) I really appreciate it! You are too sweet.



CharmaineLi said...

hello kitty reminds me of my childhood so baaad. lol. cute headband!

Big Daddy said...

Ah your so nice in your comments girl!! Plus the red lips are amazeeeeing on you. Love your eye makeup in that one picture, you should do a tutorial on how to do that!

Victoria-H said...

thanks sweetie <3

Well before I came to my hostfamily in Cali all the au pairs from around the world met at a univeristy for 4 days in New York, where we had some classes about american culture and stuff... so thats the "Au pair School" :P

Annie said...

Your outfit is way cool - I love the nineties grungy vibe. I just bought a pair of Doc Martens a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with them. They're maybe the best shoes I've ever owned! Your lipstick is awesome as well.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

yay, I wore plaid today too! love your photos, there is a pair of tan strappy shoes you photographed that I am in love with!

E said...

You are tempting me with those shoes!! i haven' heard of this brand before - dangerous!!

Valeriesoh said...

hahhah THat's too cute! I love that red lipstick. I am a pedder red VIP. I spend way too much money in there!

keep doing what you love! elle is great but I am used to working at luxury things so... what do you want to do?

Nubiasnonsense said...

I love your plaid top and hippie band, I love Hello Kitty aswell you look great

Meg said...

I love your outfits. And Hello Kitty!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I want to go shopping with you guys! :)

Zhcsyra hp said...

geez.,..i want all the stuff,.the shoes are make me craazyy :DD

FashionJazz said...

So luv Hello Kitty and ur headband and shirt go so well together!! Im luving the shoes as well,wow!!

Have a fantastic day!


UnoCosa said...

what a fun way to wear plaid shirt, love it! xoxo

Sher said...

I'm loving the plaids that are all over the blogosphere! You wear it perfectly with a hippie accent, how fun!! I have a thing for plaids too:)

Ah, your red lippie is gorgeous! MAC really have the best shades, I need to shop there more often!!

Oh and hello to hello kitty~!! So cute and adorable, I die!!!!

Wow, Pedder Red has some really awesome shoes!! So did you get any of them??

Amelia said...

I love the plaid! Those hello kitty ballet flats are so cute :)

WildFlower said...

Thank u so much for all your awesome comments x I like the ballet flats too! And the photos of all the other shoes are gorgeous....looks like a real fun day, your outfits always rock x

Linie Nguyen said...

I think I'm gonna fall in luv wit those flats, so cute X

U look great in red lipstick gal. I'm also finding a nice one that suits me well D

Vestimentum said...

OMG I love the Hello Kitty Clutch! I want it! Very cute!!

_nina_malvada_ said...

nice outfits girls!

like the hello kitty flats

Is This Real Life? said...

Love your outfit! Your plaid shirt rocks!

Annie Spandex said...

The boots!!! The strappy booties! Your friend's skirt!

By the way, I tagged you with the one-word tag since you liked it ;)

Freja said...

thank you, i'll try my best :))

ohh great outfits btw and i'm glad you did! im thinking of maybe make a translation to all my blogposts.. what do you think?

and thank you for all your lovely comments!

LAYNE said...

I love love love Hello kitty. I want the flats and the sunglasses.
I wish i could go shopping with u!

I love ur blog. I'm going to bookmark it

Patty Ann said...

wow i totally just loved that post!!!
i want the clutch!!! and the sunglass case!
and this is def one my favorite outfits of yours!!!!!!!!!!


michelle_ said...

i'd die to have to have those hello kitty havaianas!sadly they arent available here (or maybe not yet)..

Tink in My Closet said...

Oh i so want those bows for my havianas!!

alexababyface said...

I love everything, Hello kitty is the best!
check out my blog, and leave comments,it's about fashion and daily life..bla bla;xoxo