Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We'll glasp the moonlight under our pillows

Cardigan:American Eagle
Accessories:All mixed vintage/new

This is the brightest dress I have so far.
When I saw it online and when it arrived,the color was so different.
As in brightness of the red.
But after a whole day of with her,I love this dress so much now.

And my blog has a new and beautiful banner,thanks to Erica !
I'm really so happy,yeahhhh :)
Simple yet really so gorgeous.
Thanks so much girl,really so thankful for this.

Went out with the lovely Yi Qin from Qin at the disco.
Some of you would have already known who she is.
We actually go all the way back in Secondary school.
And we finally got to meet up after so long !

Had a long girl talk and lots of photo taking !
We found our new perfect white wall at a corner
for photos .
Used our own camera to take each other's photos.

So most of my photos are still with her.
Will upload the rest tomorrow.

And for the body harness you've all been asking .
Do check out Winnie's blogshop here.
She is the one that made me my chain ring and the harness.
Do support her and check her out !

edit:Don't forget to enter the blog giveaway here :)


Vestimentum said...

Lovely photographs!

Julls said...

Thank you ! I'll post about the giveaway in my new post !

Fashion Pix said...

I really like the pictures! And the dress you're wearing is so cute!

freyja björk said...

Great outfit !
the dress and jewelry everything looks really good :-]

CHICMUSE said...



A Decadent Thing said...

geeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw u both today omg hahaha. was shopping with my bbf, but was quite far away and i was a little shy so i daren't say hi haha.


i loved loved loved your red dress.

smokylash said...

Oww i love your dress, so blair , gossip girl ..
Kiss mel

Erica Leigh said...

ooo! one of my favorite outfits yet! the dress looks great on you (and it's red! such a nice color. like i said before, i need to buy more colors haha).

so cool that you got to meet up with yi qin (i like her blog a lot too!) and i think it's neat that you guys have actually known each other for a while. must be fun to meet other fashion bloggers (i have yet to do that, but i want to!).

will write more later! :)

love you!

Meg said...

You look great. I love t
your dress and belt!

Patty Ann said...

one of my favorite outfits
of yours
the belt
the dress
and the jacket
so cute!!!
what a fun meetup!
i want to do a meetup with another blogger!
and oh yeah, i know a different blogger winnie, but your winnie has a great little shop! that's so nice of her to give you the chain harness as a present!!! xxx

Sophia and Mary said...

that first outfit is great, love the belt and bow details! and those little pink shoes are so cute!

Sophie said...

Oh you have a lovely blog! I adore your banner and the dress you wore in this post is gorgeous, so cute with that wee bow and belt as well. I have to add you to my beautiful blogs list now (hope you don't mind!), so I can keep up to date with all your lovely posts.xo

Pierrot le Fou said...

so cute and so stylish! the red dress has made me envious!

Ness said...

This red dress is so pretty

Ilse said...

awwww you are too adorable x3 gsassh wai are you so adorable! i want the dress!

Martynique said...

lovely dress

Dylana said...

I love your cute little red dress! It's like a school girl dress, but so much more chic!

Anonymous said...

The new banner is just wicked!

Both of ya look cute, she looks like a pro photographer! :)

Eri said...

I love your outfit, especially the dress which is beautiful. Funny pictures of Yi Qin here, she's so cute I also visit her blog on a regular.
It looks like you girls had a good time together.
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

cool blog. love your pics!

Valencia Lia said...

Fashion Pix:Thanks so much girl :)

Chicmuse:Awww,girl you're always so sweet !

Smokylash:Blair?? You're too sweet . ohhhh looking forward to your upcoming post :))

Eden said...

beloved, you're looking so FAB! and can i say, very blair waldorf?! thats totally a compliment though. and qin us uber cute as well!

p.s. i DIYed that body harness too. really cool!


E said...

That red dress is gorgeous with that belt! Wonderful look!

Valencia Lia said...

Pierrot le Fou:Heeeee,I'm really loving the dress more and more ! heeee

llse:The dress is really pretty huh. I love it to death now <3

Dylana:Thanks so much girl ! Yeahhh i like that its not too much of a schoolgirl look

Victoria-H said...

Yea you HAVE to have a car here- I'm telling you, it is impossible to get around if you dont !
Sweetie, you look absolutly stunning in that red dress !!

Leproust Vintage said...

What a fun both look so beautiful!!

melly said...

I LOVE that dress on you :]

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Adorable dress! I love the little tie you added at the collar.

Shantee said...

ur red dress is so pretty! i really love the color :)
and the new header looks great!

oh, and abt the mesh heels, if u really want it i can go back to the store to check if they still have it. do let me know if ur serious abt it ya. :)

Sher said...

Eeek! I love your new header! It's so you:)

And wow, you look so gorgeous in that red vintage dress, can I steal it?

What a small world, that you actually know Qin, how awesome! I'm sure you girls catched up on a lot!! And perhaps come up with some blog collaboration or two:)

And thank you girl! I'm glad you're not bored looking at my travel pics cos I have so much fun posting them up and just sharing my experiences with you guys:)

Zhcsyra hp said...

wowowh .,.red dress is dangerous on me .,:DDD
cool yeeah,.

Faridah said...

I love these photos! Especially love the red dress outfit. Super cute! x

Alita Claudia said...

what a marvelous blog! mind exchange link ?

Justine-R said...

The pink shoes are so sweet! Love ur dress amazing!


elli said...

wow, this belt is from mango??looks so vintage and i never saw this one,i like this belt!!!
really really nice blog!!

valonia irene said...

yeah you're right! I'm the one in the extreme right hhe.and LOve your dress!fabulous red hhe :D
mind to exchange link anyway?

Velo said...

cool style, gurl. i love it =)
you look so vintage.
and i do love the pink shoes. =)
wanna exchange links?

F i K a said...

you great on the red dress!!!
love the belt!!

Hang Me Up! said...

Hello Darling,

GORGEOUS! Absolutely gorgeous!

You are a style icon for sure honey;)

The Hangers.

hannahlizabeth said...

ooh i do like your new layout, and red suits you soooo much with your dark hair - jealous!

ps. they did hurt haha but only for a while and totally worth it - i have another which hurt a lot less xx

Martynique said...


I love heels, although I'm terribly high in them and look at all the top ^^

Also, I am adding to my blog! :*

Michelle said...

That dress looks darling on you!

Liya said...


thesydneygirl said...

omgoodness!!! you know qin!!!! how awesome!!!!!! and you went to school together.

you look lovely!!! and i LOVE your new header! yay!


red said...

you are adorable. love the purple nails. <3