Monday, September 7, 2009

Somali pirates,Captain Hook or Wonderwoman ??

Vest:thrifted,only 3 bucks !
Blue tee:Forever21
Matte/wet look leggings:Supre
Sunnies:online store

Simple yet functional outfit today.
I got up this morning and a heavy feeling of Monday Blues.
So lost what to wear today.

And finally decided on this.
Matte/wet look leggings are always a life-saver !
Next to normal black leggings.

Mom and sister ot back from their holiday today.
This is funny,they didn't get back anything for me.
But bought something for my boyfriend !!
What?!! But I'm not saying its unfair or I'm jealous.

Happy Mom got him something.
Ohhhh so there's just a lot of food left for me or everyone in the house.

Suprise Suprise !
Tomorrow will be yet another new video !
This time,it's a proper vlog and you can heard me talking:))

But I'm not sure if my accent will sound funny.
As if you've heard Sngaporeans speak,it's way different from people out there.

Stay tuned !


thesydneygirl said...

heyyyyyyy valencia!!! omg! can't wait for your vlog!!!! :D :D :D yayayay! i'm sure your accent is very cute :P

love your outfit!

will reply to your email tomorrow! you're the sweetest BIG HUG <3


yiqin; said...

The vest looks great on you :D

Patty Ann said...

hahhahahaa that's so funny your mom got smtg for your bf!

today is monday, but it's labor day so we have the day off in the US.

i can't wait for your vlog!!! when did you post a vlog last??? i want to see the first one! what is the topic? is it a q&a vlog?

i've never seen somali pirates, but i think your outfit is most like wonderwoman! and i am still loving thsoe shoes! fierce fierce fierce!

and i will email you about a package swap soon!


Anonymous said...

I really like your outfit :)

Simpli-c-t said...

love the look....x

Victoria-H said...

Yeeey I'm sooo excited for the Killers Woooo :D
Oh loovelove this one ! and those websites are great !

KATIA said...

I very much like this outfit, and with the sunglaces = Golden! That's really funny about them getting something for your boyfriend and not you, sounds like something my mum would do too! haha :)

Melissa~ said...

So funny youir mom :)
I love your outfit, because I love blue.
Thanks for visit my blog!!

Ilse said...


totally gonna follow you, lovely blog and lovely outfit! oh and you have a funny mom. similiar to mine actually, haha!

SCISI said...

so cool i love the flash of red with the blue and black:)xx

Anonymous said...

i love liquid leggings! i haven't decided whether or not i will go out in public while wearing them as pants...ireland is so fun tho. save your money and go. it is so gorgeous EVERYWHERE. and i didn't get the shoes. i've been looking for some gold doc martens tho...

Sophia and Mary said...

you're such a good comfortable. love the looks really chic

Eva Internazionale said...

I've never heard a Singaporean speak. Can't wait!
+ love your red sunnies.

oriwa said...

How exciting! V log! It's always so fun to see your favourite bloggers speak. It makes it all so much more personal!

Anonymous said...

love the outfit! =]

Barbro Andersen said...

Haha, your mom is funny! And you look great!

Oh, no, I cannot afford them. Maybe if they go on sale, but I would have to think about it then. I have so many cravings, I do not know where to start :p

ANN said...

Very cute outfit, blue & black is one of my favorite color combinations haha

Sher said...

aww your mom is so cute! at least they got something for the bf lol:P

loving your red sunnies, they look so cute on you! wow, v-log! Can't wait to see:)

Talisa said...

great outfit, love the leather leggings on you!!

Kathy said...

nice tee! love the bright blue!
haha have you really print the collages? Tomorrow I'm posting the last part if you want to pass by..

beba, said...

Love the sunglasess-tee colour contrast!

Peace and love!

Carmen said...

I ♥ your outfit.

Especially your glasses, they are awesome.


Miss said...

love the leggings and shoes!

Erica Leigh said...

aww you're so sweet! <3

hehe, yeah it was fun hanging out with my friends. but karaoke terrifies me! ack. we always used to do it at family parties and stuff, but now i hate singing in front of other people. awkward!

i reeeeally love your leggings + vest! now i'm wondering why i don't own a vest yet. i feel like i need one now. ;D

and the sunglasses are really cute! my friend got me a pair like that, but the lenses have hearts printed on them and they're a little silly so i haven't worn them yet hehe.

omg very excited for your vlog! gonna watch...NOW! <3