Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Foot imprints on my shadow makes the soul at ease

Dress:vintage,ohsofickle at fareast
Belt:vintage,mom's old belt
Accessories:All random
T-strap heels:Clarks

Its blurry,sorry ! Taken with my mobile phone

Today's big event for me was to watch the September Issue.
Ohhhh,its a must watch for everyone!
Anne Wintour is so amazing in what she does.
And she is not described as a high priest,but POPE !
That's one high calling:)

Headed with Yiqin to watch the movie.
We headed first for some lovely mango ice with mango ice cream.
My recommendation.
Yummy yum,mango is my favorite fruit !

Then headed outside for photos and people were really staring
when we took photos along the roadside.
But its fine,I'll keep posing.
It was sushi thereafter to sneak into the cinema as food. Shhhh

Worn this dress before way way early in this blog.
But I took it out today and I love polka dots.
It's starting to make a comeback.

Those Hell Kitty pins are what Denise gave me
Thanks girl !
I'm going to add them to my outfits soon.

Agenda for tomorrow:
Topshop party with Christopher Kane's collection at ION Orchard!
Stay tuned!

And don't forget to enter,last 2 days till end of giveaway !!


Martynique said...

i love tight jeans and leggings

cool shoes!

Jacqueline said...

I love the polka dots on you!


yiqin; said...

AH I love love love your dress. Hang out more <3

Anonymous said...

you gt invited to the party??!!! awesomeness!

Talisa said...

Great Outfit!!

kpeach said...

v charming polka dots!

Julls said...

LOVE the outfit !

Annachiara said...

i love it...maGNIFIC

Linie Nguyen said...

Polka dots seem 2 fit ya gal X

& about da party u'll attend 2morrow? I think it's just awesome X

Patty Ann said...

what a great dress
its such an amazing vintage style
and i love how you used the belt
because it emphasizes the waist!!!
and it goes perfectly with the shoes,
its a very vintage look!
which i LOVE!

Hang Me Up! said...


I just realised how gorgeous your hair looks! How did you manage to keep it so healthy and fine?

And.. Polka dots look so good on you too!


dapper kid said...

That dress is so cute and I love your shoes! Yay for September Issue, I watched it the other night and loved it. Ooh and yum at the mango. Hope you're having a lovely day :)

Ilse said...

lol, ALL of my Asian friends love mango like crazy. hahaha.
love the dress on youuu

Sophie said...

This outfit is gorgeous! Love the poka dot dress so cute! The mango ice cream looks yummy!xo

WhynotJustine? said...

Lovely dress & u are so pretty as always


joanne said...

Christopher kane's collection came out in London a week ago.
If i am not wrong. hahahah

Maria Confer said...

Your t-straps and polka dot dress are so lovely. Very classic.

Sophie Carmo said...

The dress is very beautiful, i love it!And the last photo is very nice!Xoxo

Marcia B. said...

You girls look so cute!

lara said...

Hey i love your dress!!amazing blog!!

mom & son said...

i'm an avid fan of polka dot.
so, i'm two thumbs up on your dress!

beautifulnemo said...

I love when you girls meet =)

The dress is amazing:) You look so pretty.

xx from Madrid!

Maggie said...

Definetly this is one of my favorite dresses!

thesydneygirl said...

ohh yayyy! topshop party tonight wooohoooo!

you look GORGEOUS in that dress - like a princess =) i know i always say i love your hair, but - I JUST REALLY LOVE IT.

i'm glad you enjoyed the september issue! i must watch it then!!!

big hugs and kisses lovely!


<3 u

melissa said...

Enjoy the Topshop party!!!
I love your dress and I'm so jelaous because you saw "the september issue". I want to see it!


cassandra noƫlla said...

that food looks soooo good.
and i love hellokitty.
i am guilty of having a lot of stationary and stickers of chococat.. hahaha

Mara said...

i wish i saw The September Issue too! i'm jealous.

Style Bird said...

I am in love with this dress..great shoes too!

Eggy said...

aww thanks so much for the comment. and if i ever go to singapore, i know who to hit up! i almost thought you were yiqin, i had no idea you two know each other so i would get really i know!

katie d said...

reaaaaally cute outfit, and I love the shoes!!


Erica Leigh said...

omg, so sorry i've abandoned blogs for a while!! ahhh. i feel so behind.

you girls are adorable! and all the hello kitty stuff in the last post...i NEED it all! haha! i've never seen so much awesome hello kitty things in my life!

i wish we had a pedder red here. so many cute shoes (not that i really need any).

looooove the polka-dot dress (and you, of course!). so sorry everything's been crazy this week. we will definitely have the make-up swap soooooon.


Zhcsyra hp said...

je adore ur nice shoes nd ur dress is such a great vintage :)))

bissous xoxox,.

Liya said...

that mango ice cream....DROOL

and you look too cute
have i ever mentioned i think your hair is fabbbbbbb???


KAELA said...

Sweet dress!! x

Valencia Lia said...

Anonymous:Hi there ! Would you be going to the event too??

Replied all the rest of you already on your blogs :)

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Love your dress! Polka dots never looked better. I loved the September Issue, how good was it?! It made me laugh as well, which I didn't expect. Topshop party sounds awesome, have fun, can't wait to here about it!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That polka dot dress is adorable!

hannahlizabeth said...

mango is yummmmmm.

that dress looks so cute with the belt and shoes - gorgeous!


beckyxoxo said...

argh you update your blog so often , i missed everything ! haha . i love that dress , so cute ! and i envy your for watching the september issue ! it doesn't play here . uuggggghhhhh ! i bet it's so good ! haha .

btw you got an award from me ! you can grab it on my blog :) and i've linked you dear !

Sher said...

Polka dots are one of my loves! I adore that dress on you, it's the perfect cut and length!!

You look really pretty here:)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Love the dress and the simplicity of your outfit in general.

Carol said...

Gorgeous dress!!!

A** said...

That dress is fantastic! It suits you!



Everyone loves fashion said...

the dress is absolutely stunning :)


You're beautiful!

Faridah said...

These are very cute photographs! The pokadots are gorgeous. x

Karen-Elise said...

love your look! i adore the dress <3