Thursday, September 24, 2009

With your hands over mine,the heart is pure like a child

Blue tee:Forever21
Bandage skirt:Topshop
Body Harness:Custom made,get yours here
Rings,accessories:All vintage/new

More photos from yesterday
Wore out my body harness today and I'm a happy girl !
Got off from work and my younger sister helped to take photos:)

Thanks Valerie !
the pictures turn out awesome.
She is one good photographer in the making.

Added a few more photos from yesterday.

The evening sunlight was so perfect for today's shoot .
Should start doing this more often.
People walking pass keep wondering what was going on.
And some just stopped and watched.

Took out my bandage skirt to wear after so long.
This piece is the one that got me hooked on the onwards
purchasing of bandage dresses and anything bandage.

I think I'm starting to fall sick.
The lack of water each day and maybe sleep.
But that won't stop me from blogging.

Ohhh,I'm still finding a way to do the eyeliner video.
Because I don't have a video cam and my camera can't do videos.
So this will have to wait but it'll be soon:)

Meantime,don't forget to enter blog's 1st giveaway here. 2 winners in all!


Vestimentum said...

Nice photo's! Love the skirt ! said...

I am not really feeling the red dress to be honest but I like the pictures..
Funny how the bodyharness can funk up your whole outfit, I love it!

Do you have blogloving? Im gonna follow you either way.. follow me back babe!

mom & son said...

beautiful outfits!
but the blue outfit is the one i love the
most! since i'm one big fan of blue!

freyja björk said...

the blue tee ! :-]

great outfit. t-shirt,skirt,necklase,ring,shoes everthing ! I want it all

Isaure. said...

lov lov the necklace


Marcia B. said...

love the necklacwe!

CANDY DOLL said...

I want your body chain! Pure awesome!!!

fashionblogger said...

this is a lovely red dress!

yiqin; said...

I love the body harness! Looking very pretty in the photos :)

Big Daddy said...

Wow girl you look so polished, this is one my fav outfits you have ever worn.
Ps. That harness is killing it, so amazing!!

dapper kid said...

Love that harness and your shoes look so fabulous. Ooh and that red dress is beautiful. Eek hope you feel better soon dear! Oh and hump day is what you call Wednesday because it's the middle of the working week, once you're over the hump of Wednesday it's all easy downhill walking until the weekend :) Hope you're having a beautiful day.

lady rock said...

I love the black skirt *.*

Eva Internazionale said...

Love the chain!

Maggie said...

Those are killer heels! I don't think my legs can bare to walk on them. lol

cassandra noëlla said...

what kind of camera do you have? i am a photographers assistant.. a model.. and a photographer.. so i know a lot about photography & i'm alwaaaays interested in knowin other peoples tools! haha

and that body harness is SWEET. i must own one.

drink water and sleep duh! don't get sick. if you drink hot water with some squeezes of lemon in it it will help you to not get sick. i'm a doctor you can trust me haha

& thanks.. i love my cat. shes so cute & shes my best friend. :)

Carol said...

Love your body harness, it´s so cute!!!


KATIA said...

Beautiful outfits, I love lovelove that neckless thing! You look beautiful :) Ah, I hope you fight the sickness before it comes!!

Barbro Andersen said...

You have such beautiful hair, sweetheart! Thank you for your comments - always!

thesydneygirl said...

aww your sis is so nice to take photos for you!!! you look gorgeous! love the body harness once again! the bandage skirt is great! mwa mwa mwa

Zhcsyra hp said...

woowh love ur blue blouse nd that necklace,.
love two close up pictrs are awesome <3

bissous xoxox

Diary of a Young Designer said...

You suddenly remind me of a teacher in some manga with that cute red dress, lol, too cute! I personally love your first outfit, it's daring and has personality.


Sophia and Mary said...

awesome harness!! looks badass!

thanks for the love, & no we don't have candy machines in our apt, those photos were taken at a really yummy mexican restaurant .

wednesday is hump day, like the middle of the week, like yay! it's almost over!

Britty said...

i love your black skirt and the dress is so cute it reminds me of little red ridinghood vintage haha

wish i was there to hang w/ you guys!

Dylana said...

You have the cutest bangs ever!

Melissa~ said...

I love your red dress, is so lovely.
And I need a tee like yours. Your sister is very good with the camera :)

Kisses Valencia!!

Sher said...

Wow! Your sister is getting better and better, these pictures & you look so gorgeous and yay for outdoor shots! I wished I have someone to take outdoor shots for me but my siblings will just look at me weirdly if I ask!

Love the bandage look, though I don't think I'll ever be able to pull it off! You do it so perfectly:)

And yea, if we get to meet up, I'm sure we can think of something interesting to collaborate on, though I have no ideas at the moment haha:P

Hope you don't fall sick, girl, remember to drink lotsa water:)

ak said...

love love love the harness..whole outfit is great

Erica Leigh said...

yay, you got to wear your new harness! looks great with the bandage skirt. your photos keep getting better and better! and i like the shots outside. makes me want to take pictures outside too (except it's waaay too hot right now).

hehe, i bought 2 pairs of boots + a dress + eyeliner + foundation + lots of materials (but if it's for my shop, i don't feel as bad) + random things here and there. ack! it's probably time for my own shopping ban...

but i still want to get a bunch of things! this is what happens when you're a bit of a shopaholic. :P

aww i wish i could skype but i don't have a webcam! and the microphone on my laptop sucks sad. but yesss we will chat on gmail more (when our schedules match up, at least!).

haha you should totally write music! or at the very least, poetry. i like your titles a lot! they're very creative.

la-la-looove! <3

Erica Leigh said...

oh, and i hope you feel better soon! getting sick is not fun at all. :(

Valencia Lia said...

Isaure:Girl,you so sweet !! Looking forward to your next post :)

Maggie:you should wear heels,they always so fun !
Ohhh those are the same pair I've been wearing in most of my outfits <3

Carol:Thanks so much !

Katia:Thanks girl,you're always so sweet with your comments. Beautiful girl you too

Dylana:Thanks ! I think you have to most beautiful hair :)

Sarah said...

Ooo i love the vintage dress so much! You look so cute in that!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Both are great outfits. Love the red dress especially! xx

gleenn said...

love the blue outfit, so lady. but i like the way you carried the red one, so young and girly.

P.S> I added you to my blogroll. hope you can linked me back. thanks :)

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Love the chain body harness! It's awesome. I made a hand one not too long ago. I really love both your outfits here!

SCISI said...

cute skirt i love the zip detailing in the back an i love the harness:)xx

Malu said...

wow, you have a great style:D
I love your blog!

Freja said...

i love the small details that make your outfit so stunning, like the neckless! beautiful.

Tink in My Closet said...

Body chains are awesome... You wear them so well!! The short hemline is super hot too!

mango said...

lovin the chain necklace

Isaure. said...

gosh I saw this necklace on Rumi Neely where did you find it ??

Karen-Elise said...

love love love. :)