Monday, May 3, 2010

The days where the beautiful sun sets is no longer here

Short sleeve cardigan:vintage,thrifted
Dress:flea market find
Accessories:All random

Wearing all black is normally a no no issue with me,so I try to add colors into each outfit I put on. Sometimes I feel all black makes me look emo and I don't want that. In the end,I picked out my navy cardigan against my all time favorite little black dress. To add to my ever growing of canvas bags,I got another one from Baggu last night from my sister as an early birthday present. Just the one I wanted,thanks so much!

Still in the midst of packing up my room,it's taking forever! To be honest,I've been pretty lazy. Anyhow,looking forward to this Thursday! I'm super excited~

P.S For those who've asked,yes my camera charger is still missing!!!



sis valencia, do you work there?
that shop looks simply cool :)


shatirah said...

i like the outfit :D


daisymay said...

Like the outfit, cute cardigan. That rail behind you looks very interesting, I wanna see what the striped thing is, fancy showing it, lol!


I love the navy against black. You look gorgeous! x

Carmen said...

I love the necklace, its so cute!


Tabitha said...

i love the buttons on that cardigan! and the bag is lovely! i might just buy one for myself :)

AMANTHA said...

Hello there!Did you buy the Baggu bag online or is there a retail shop in Singapore?

Valencia Lia said...

Amantha:Yup,I got my baggu bag in Singapore. Some shop in Cineleisure. But I'm not too sure exactly what shop because I wasn't the one who bought it:)

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

love all the necklaces, so cute!!

I make some changes on my blog, please relink me or link me if you haven't!


Elizabeth said...

cute outfit.

projectvee said...

i dont usually wear all black either, but you look great in this! the accessories make it fun :)

alyssa said...

ahh i love how giant your bag is! =D

AMANTHA said...

Alrighty!Thanks alot Babe :)