Saturday, May 22, 2010

No one knows what goes on in one's mind

Black one piece:American Apparel
Shorts:Cotton On
Accessories:All random
Hair bow:Gift from Erica
Shoes:Bought from Valerie

I feel all girly today,but it's part of being a girl. I tend not to be over girly all the time,just feels odd and people keep looking at you. Whichever the case,I feel comfortable in what I'm wearing. 

I don't have much to write on today,but I can't wait to enjoy my next week as I'm taking quite a few days off from work and well deserved rest for me is good! What can I say? Make the most out of your remaining weekend!



I love those shorts, the bow, and the red shoes. Amazing outfit! You look great Valencia =) x

Sarah said...

You know.. I always wonder.. you eat so much... but WHERE DOES IT ALL GO!?! >_< haha...

princesspolitico said...

even though you don't like girly outfits, this one is a fantastic mix between traditional and edgy. LOVE your accessories!


Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

O, I've posted about simple skinny and back to childhood

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Melissa said...

great photos! i love your accessories!

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

o MY !!

the red heels and the navy/blue shorts are such a good combination

amazing outfit <3

Anonymous said...

The shorts are super cute! love the outfit.

Anonymous said...

cute short.need to find at cotton on now.hehe:)

oh.i love ur accessories^_^


Carol said...

Cute short!!


F i K a said...

the hair clip bow make you look girly and it's great!! I like it..

cute shorts!! :)

daisymay said...

Love those shorts!! So cute!! And your hair bow!!

Vennica Patricia said...

lovee ur accessorizee!! im an accessorize freakk!

secret of life

Dylana Suarez said...

Your shorts . . . I love them so much. I am obsessed with dots right now!

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micol zanzuri said...

i love this look!

camerafilmroll said...

Loving the girly bow!

Sydney Lawyers said...

great outfit your red heels high light everything

Family Lawyers Melbourne said...

i love your blog and your cute outfits always